Do As I Say, Not As I Do: Parenting Hypocrite Moment

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Throwing my own temper tantrum; I have them pretty regularly! Then I look over and see my 2 year old looking at me like I'm an idiot!

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  • Magda L commented

    I have those... I try to have them not in the view of my girls, but sometimes it doesn't work that way :?

  • Naomi M commented

    We have to learn to stop taking our emotions so seriously. These are passing states of mental reactions that weaken and hurt us. We can become emotionally objective and teach our kids to deal w/reality rather react - if not us then who?

  • Sharon P commented

    I'm guilty of this. Praying for control of my emotions and quickly walking into another room when I'm at the boiling point helps. If they see me venting in another room at least it's teaching them that I'm trying to do it privately!

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  • Marly commented

    Its hard to explain however, tell your child that your just upset and you have nobody to talk to about it like he/she does when they see you. You should try and vent maybe in another room or else your child will follow you. Children learn by what they see

  • WonderMom commented

    My oldest daugher always tells me to get out of my feeling when they feel i'm throwing a temper tantrum; and then they laugh at me. oh how silly i must look.

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Sadly, I am a smoker. Nothing is harder than trying to look your kids in the eye and tell them why smoking is bad and that they shouldn't do hold that thought mommy has to go smoke...duh???

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  • Naomi M commented

    You can stop - you have to value life over addictions. To see addiction is a choice to be weak -lazy, an excuse to feel bad about yourself hurt your kids for the rest of their lives. This way you get to feel lousy when they grow up to be addicts too.

  • Sharon P commented

    Daddy smokes and the girls know why it's bad. It's sad to see them worrying about him dying from lung cancer possibly one day. It is such a stress-releasing crutch and engrained habit (addiction) that he can't seem to stop. I hope they never choose it.

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    i am also a smoker and it is really hard to tell your kids that something is bad for you then turn around and do it yourself.

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    Before my husband quit smoking he always left the house, porch, yard, car or where ever he was before he lit up and he NEVER smoked in the house. That way, our boys never saw him with a cigarette. Thankfully he just celebrated 8 years as an ex-smoker.

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  • Erin D commented

    I concur - there's also that violent moment: I preach non-violence and no getting angry, but in traffic, I threaten to cut peope's throats.

  • Clilo11 commented

    I really do feel for you


I caught myself swatting my toddler's hand because he was hitting. Yeah - we changed that method real quick. We now have a, "if you hit, you sit" rule.

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I tell my daughter she can not have multiple snacks and then I turn around and have a few. Hey, I know I will still eat my lunch and dinner if I have snacks and I know she won't.

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  • Marly commented

    You know that but your child doesn't. They learn from you yourself. If you need to snack then perhaps you could go to another room. Children lead by example and they feel you are being mean, they don't understand that you can still eat your meals.

  • Mai voted

Why can't we be hypocrites? Don't we want better for our kids than ourselves? Yes, u shouldn't be smoking, but it doesn't mean u'd let ur kids smoke if u aren't going to quit? You'd lie to a friend if she asked if she was fat, but u don't let ur kids lie

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    They will do what you do or react to what you do. You loose credibility and teach them to hurt themselves also that they don't have the ability to control themselves. You are doing exactly what you want regardless of the consequences and so will they.

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  • Jessica H commented

    well fact of life most of the time if your child sees you doing something or hear you say something you shouldn't they are going to do it because they want to be just like mom and dad! usually when you tell a kid not to do it they go and do it!

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We're doing renos our kitchen and our roof is plaster board. My Hubby said to my duaghter only stand on the rafters (she was helping him out) not the actual roof, then what did he do!? He stepped on the roof and fell straight through!

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Mine is cussing, I over heard my daughter using the words too!! Yikes! So Im practicing to not cuss. :/

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"Don't touch things in the store!" as I inspect each item before I pick one. Even in the toy aisle, I tend to hit some the 'try me' toys... then expect her NOT to touch. :P I have started allowing her to push the buttons when I want to see what a toy does

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