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Q: 10 Year Old Son Peeing in His Bed in the Middle of the Night    —Shelton, CT

"We just moved about 25 miles away into a smaller home and have been in and out of a motel as work is being done in th..."

Q: Advice on What to Do About My Daughter's Father    —Hazelwood, MO

"My daughter's father is rather unpredictable. He has never met her. He is from New Orleans, but last I heard, he wa..."

Q: Am I the Only One?    —Orlando, FL

"I'm exhausted, I barley recognize my self, and feel alone... Am I the only one? I'm not sure if I'm just overwhelmed ..."

Q: Feeling Sad    —Harrison Township, MI

"Hi. My daughter is almost one year old and has just started establishing a relationship with her father about 1month ..."

Q: Grandma Advice    —Hyattsville, MD

"Hi all, I am a mom and grandmom. My problem concerns my oldest daughter (mother of my oldest granddaughter), she liv..."

Q: H    —Rowlett, TX

"TIA for any advice!"

Q: Hard Time with Being Single    —Centralia, WA

"So Today I became a single mom. I was wondering if anyone has any helpful words on how to deal with being alone throu..."

Q: Having Trouble Being a Single Mom    —Clinton, OK

"i guess what i need is reassurance even though you dont know me but i have three daughters my oldest is 12 and she sf..."

Q: Help Getting My Kids to Sleep in Their Own Bed    —Grandview, TX

"I am a single mom and I have always allowed my children to sleep with me, probably for me as well as them. Now they a..."

Q: Hitting Child    —Jupiter, FL

"I'm in need of advice on my 22 month old son who hits only at me, noone else. He is not talking yet (with the except..."

Q: How Do I Explain the Absence of Their Father?    —Elgin, IL

"Can someone give me a bit of insight on how they explained to their children that their father will not be around? My..."

Q: How to Deal with Separation and Husband Who Still Want to Do Thing All Together    —West Chester, PA

"Hi I have been separated since August. My husband and I were together 8 years. Although some of that time he was aci..."

Q: How to Get a Tweleve Year Old Girl to Keep Her Room Clean?    —Washington, DC

"I have done all I know to try and get my daughter to keep her room clean, I need some suggestions so I wont just thow..."

Q: Is the Yelling and Screming All the Time Normal????    —Bradenton, FL

"All my kids just yell and scream all the time. Telling on eachother every 5 sec. I ask then to do something or not do..."

Q: My 2 Year Old Sleeps with Me!    —Gainesville, TX

"First of all, I like sleeping with my daughter for the time being. She has been doing so for several months now. It s..."

Q: My 8 Year Old Her Step Dad, and Her Biological Absentee Father, Please Help!    —Houston, TX

"my daughter is 8 years old now, until recently, at age 7 she met her bilogical dad and his mom. The last time she sa..."

Q: My Daughter and Her "Dada"    —Concord, CA

"Im recently single and my 14 month old daughter doesnt seem happy until her father comes to pick her up. I try to kee..."

Q: My Six Year Old Is Driving Me Bonkers.    —Albuquerque, NM

"I am a single mom of two beautiful girls. I am having a really hard time with my 6 almost 7 year old. She is acting l..."

Q: Need Help with New Transition    —La Mesa, CA

"I need help... I have a 2 and half y/o son and currently his father and I are divorcing. My son is very intituve and ..."

Q: OK Is It Just Me, Please Tell Me I Am Not Alone    —Clearwater, FL

"Ever since I had my baby it seems like everything takes longer or your more stressed. I am not talking about waking u..."

Q: Potty Training    —Minneapolis, MN

"So I have a 2 1/2 yr. old son named Grant... He is my first and my only. The potty training thing isn't working out f..."

Q: Rebellious Teens    —Abilene, TX

"Hi Ladies, I have a 15 and a 13 years old sons. I recently gave birth to my now 3 month old son. My 15 year old has A..."

Q: Right Decision? Moving Forward or Wait on Kindergarden    —Stockton, CA

"How is kindergarden , for those who have chldren in kindergarden? Would you rather have let them stay an extra year ..."

Q: Seeking Advice from Moms Who Have Ended Relationships While Still Pregnant.    —Chicago, IL

"Hey mamas, I just had it out with my son's father and we are expecting our second in August. It has been an continuo..."

Q: Seeking Advice on How to Deal with a Very Dishonest, Hurtful Ex    —Westerville, OH

"I have just reached a very tough place in my 1st year as a single parent. My ex-husband and I have shared parenting,..."

Q: Seeking Help with a 19 Month Girl    —Grand Prairie, TX

"i have a 19 month old girl and we just movied back to texas because my husband was betting us and now she likes to hi..."

Q: Seeking SINGLE Mothers in Los Angeles or Valley Area    —Studio City, CA

"Would like to speak with SINGLE mothers who chose to have children on their own - either naturally or through adoption."

Q: Single Mom Starting to Date    —Rowlett, TX

"I am a single mom of two wonderful boys 11 and 7. Their dad and I have the best divorce ever and are great friends. I..."

Q: Single Mother in Need of Help    —Hallandale, FL

"My step-mother works in the school system and one of the Mother's of one of her students is in a disparate situation:..."

Q: Single Parent Dating    —Glenview, IL

"I have recently started dating again! i am having a great time doing so. I have been seeing the same guy for 2 month..."

Q: Sleeping Habits    —Makawao, HI

"I have a 14 month old son and he will not sleep through the night. Ive tried everything from playing music to singing..."

Q: To Bed with Bottle    —Mission, KS

"I share a room with my baby & I get very tired during the nights he would not sleep well so I started giving him a bo..."

Q: What Age Is a Good Age to Let Ur Child Go to a Sleep Over?    —Sunland, CA

"I have a five yr. old girl who goes to summer camp during the week. Last week of camp they are doing a sleep over. My..."

Q: What Do I Tell My Son About His Dad!?!?    —Bryan, TX

"I have 2 children. A 4 year old son and a 2 year old daughter. My ex husband and I split up and divorced two years ag..."

Q: Word My Son like to Use    —Springfield, MO

"My son likes to use phrases like I don't like you and your not my friend. He says it to everyone including his babysi..."

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