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Q: A Good Breakfast Quiche Recipe    —Royse City, TX

"I have about 11 people mainly girls that stayed over for a sleepover. I need a quick easy quiche recipe to make for ..."

Q: Anyone Have a Great Stuffing Recipe?    —Mansfield, TX

"Hey Mamas, I've got a work potluck to go to for Thanksgiving and they've asked me to bring stuffing. The problem is,..."

Q: Black-Eye Pea Recipe    —Flower Mound, TX

"Does anyone have a good Black-eye pea recipe? My husband and I really don't care for them but I know we need to eat ..."

Q: Brewer's yeast/Lacation Booster    —Fort Worth, TX

"A mom gave me a receipe for lactation cookies that called for Brewer's yeast in them and not only are they yummy but ..."

Q: Cafe Mocha    —Fort Worth, TX

"I love my cafe mochas! I usually get them from Starbucks but also like them from It's a Grind. Anyways, now that I ..."

Q: Can Banana Pudding Be Made the Day Before with Fresh Bananas?    —Austin, TX

"I am going to make a huge banana pudding for tomorrow afternoon. I usually make it the morning of the event, but I wi..."

Q: Christmas Eve Ideas    —Smithfield, VA

"Over the past 14 years, my husband and I have hosted Christmas at our house a few times. We have never been able to ..."

Q: Dip Recipes    —Landing, NJ

"Hi everyone, My kids love to dip raw vegetables, especially carrots. I am very happy with this since I can't get th..."

Q: Feeding a Picky 4 Year Old    —Phoenix, AZ

"My 4 year old son is the pickiest eater. IF the food does not look appetizing he will refuse to eat, I was told don't..."

Q: Gluten Free Breakfast Ideas    —Austin, TX

"Hello moms! My mother-in-law is coming to celebrate Christmas with us this weekend and I want to make her a special ..."

Q: Good Transportable Meals to New Mom    —Plano, TX

"I have offered to bring some meals to a friend of mine, and I was wondering if any of you all had some good recipes/c..."

Q: Great Dinner Recipes    —Dallas, TX

"I feel like I cook the same thing EVERY week. I was wondering if anyone knew of any great dinner recipes or a web si..."

Q: Have an Awesome Recipe for Enchiladas? Please Share!    —Lake Dallas, TX

"We are going to Florida to be with my husbands family for Christmas, so we're having my family over on the 20th to ex..."

Q: Homemade Mac 'N' Cheese Recipe    —Plano, TX

"I need a homemade mac 'n' cheese recipe! Really cheesy, yummy! Big enough for a casserole size dish. I know you moms ..."

Q: Homemade Spaghetti Sauce    —Flower Mound, TX

"Does anyone have a good homemade spahetti sauce recipe? I don't mind if it is a long process. I just want something..."

Q: Hosting Thanksgiving    —Norfolk, VA

"Hello! This year I am hosting Thanksgiving, its my first year EVER to do this and I need some help. I have a few frie..."

Q: How Do You Prepare Your Pot Roast?    —Fort Worth, TX

"...and what kind of roast do you get? I always prepare mine in the crockpot. I use regular seasonings, Allegro mar..."

Q: How to Make Brown Rice Taste Good?    —San Antonio, TX

"I know brown rice is so much better for you. But, I hate the taste. Any suggestions on how to make it taste good?"

Q: Husband Having Friends over and I Need Your Help Please.    —Fort Worth, TX

"My husband wants to have friends over Friday night for dinner. It's just another couple that he works with and thier ..."

Q: I Need a GREAT Christmas Dinner Recipe!    —Lewisville, TX

"I'm hosting Christmas dinner for my parents, my in laws, and my sister and her boyfriend :) I'm trying to find a gre..."

Q: Ice Pack for Lunch    —Allen, TX

"Hi everyone Thanks for being so resourceful!! I was wondering if anyone knows where I can purchase a small ice pack..."

Q: Ideas on Birthday Treats for Kids with Nut and Egg Allergies    —Plano, TX

"I want to make some treats for my lil girl's Birthday. There is a child that is allergic to nuts and eggs so I neede..."

Q: In Search of the BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe    —O Fallon, IL

"Hello fellow moms! I am in search of a chocolate chip cookie recipe. The type I am looking for are the ones that com..."

Q: Indoor or Outdoor Grill Suggestions?    —Garland, TX

"Hi Moms, I wanted to start grilling my meat and fish, but we dont have a grill. Any suggestions on a cheap indoor/ou..."

Q: Kid Friendly Meals    —Dallas, TX

"I'm taking a meal to a family that just had a recent addition. There are already 3 kids in the family, and I'm not s..."

Q: Kids Lunches    —Carrollton, TX

"So I have a few questions...I know this has been asked but mine is a bit tricky. My daughter goes to school from 9:30..."

Q: Leftovers!    —Dallas, TX

"I know this is miniscule compared to what some moms ask, but does anyone know what I can make with left over pot roas..."

Q: Looking for a Dinner Recipe for Friends    —Plano, TX

"I'm inviting another family over for dinner. I'm vegeterian so I never cook meals with meat. But now that my son is..."

Q: Looking for Pampered Chef Consultant in Frisco    —Frisco, TX

"I am looking to buy some things from Pampered Chef. Is there anyone in Frisco selling it?"

Q: Looking for Soup/salad Noodles in Fun Shapes    —Hayward, CA

"Hello fellow mommies! I was wondering if any of you knew where I can find soup/salad noodles in cool shapes (abc's, s..."

Q: Lunch Idea's for My 3 Year Old    —Irvine, CA

"My son is starting preschool and i am looking for some great lunch idea's for his day at preschool. I have a few in m..."

Q: Meal Ideas    —Santa Rosa, CA


Q: Meal Planning Ideas    —Euless, TX

"I'm trying to plan healthy whole foods for my family dinners. I'm getting a bit bored with my selections and wondere..."

Q: Meal Suggestions for 15 Month Old    —Plainfield, IL

"Can anyone give me some suggestions on what to feed my son. I feel like I feed him the same things. Some of the thing..."

Q: Menu Planner/Organizer    —Barrington, IL

"Hi, I am looking for a good, free, menu planning/meal shopping organizing site. Our family eats very healthy, so I d..."

Q: Need Freezer Meal Ideas    —San Francisco, CA

"Hello mamas! I am looking for meal ideas that I can make ahead of time and freeze for future use. I would like to s..."

Q: Need Helpful Hint for Stuck Coringware    —Frisco, TX

"I hope this doesn't sound stupid. My husband is the cook of the family. I've got 2 pieces of Corningware nestled toge..."

Q: Need Ideas for Fast, Easy and Cheap Side Item    —Olathe, KS

"We have a pool party/BBQ this Saturday and I need a good idea for a side item to take to the party. It needs to be fa..."

Q: Need Recipe for Plums    —Long Beach, CA

"i have an abundance of plums that are just a bit too over-ripe to eat on their own. any suggestions or recipes as to..."

Q: Need Recipes for 7 Month Old Baby    —Daly City, CA

"Anyone have any ideas on homemade food for baby, i need recipe ideas please."

Q: Need Snack Ideas for a Get Together    —Arlington, TX

"hi moms... im having a get together tomorrow for like 10-15 women and need some ideas on quick ,easy,cheap finger foo..."

Q: Peanut Butter Cookies and Others    —Albany, OR

"I have a cupboard full of peanut butter! There is soooo much! I need an awesome pb cookie recipe (preferrably by toni..."

Q: Place Where You Can Go and Make Meals to Freeze    —Grand Prairie, TX

"Hey ladies! I have heard of a place where you can go and make meals to freeze, do you know the name?"

Q: Puree for Infant - Cook Ripe Pairs 1St?    —Petaluma, CA

"Is it necessary to steam pears before pureeing for baby? Made a batch a few weeks ago w/o cooking it and baby loved ..."

Q: Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes Needed in H-E-B!    —Bedford, TX

"Hi everyone! I am looking for new recipes, my family and I are tired of the same old dinners every night. I would l..."

Q: Quick, Delicious Food That a 1 Yr Old Would Enjoy?    —Houston, TX

"Quick, delicious food that a 1 yr old would enjoy? Any ideas?"

Q: Recipe Software Suggestions    —Plano, TX

"Do any of you use or have recommendations for a recipe software for storing your recipes? I used Mastercook years ag..."

Q: Recipe Using Mushrooms    —Augusta, GA

"Our family does not generally eat mushrooms. I bought some for a pizza for my husband but have a lot left over and I ..."

Q: Recipes Needed for Son's Bday Cookout    —Arlington, TX

"Hey ladies! I am having a party for about 40-60 people for my son's 2nd birthday. We are grilling ribs, k-bobs (chx ..."

Q: Ripe Bananas    —Fort Worth, TX

"anyone have an idea of what to do with 3 ripe, near overly ripe bananas? we're burned out on banana bread and not mu..."

Q: Sanitizing    —Fairfield, CA

"How often would you recommend sanitizing bottles for a newborn?"

Q: Saving Dinner...    —Bedford, TX

"I went to lunch with a missionary friend who was in town yesterday, and my husband had "daddy duty". He's an awesome ..."

Q: Seeking Ideas for Kid Friendly Entree for a Passover Dinner.    —Menlo Park, CA

"Hi, I'm going to a Passover potluck and have signed up to bring the kid friendly entree. There are some rules about ..."

Q: Seeking Private Cooking Lessons Not in My Home    —Flower Mound, TX

"I appreciate any help you can give. I need to find someone who gives private cooking lessons in another location bes..."

Q: Seeking Website Address for Recipe    —Arlington, TX

"Could someone please share the website address- you can put all that you have in your pantry or refrigerator on hand,..."

Q: Snacks to Take on a Long Drive    —Fort Worth, TX

"Hello moms, I was wondering if any of you have great idea for snacks to take on long trips. Good trail mix recipes..."

Q: Sneaking Veggies into Food    —Linden, CA

"I am trying to find good recipes or good ways to sneak vegetables into my sons food. He is always constipated and hi..."

Q: Sun Butter in Cookies    —Zelienople, PA

"I was wondering if anyone knows if you can substitute Sunbutter in place of peanut butter in recipes. My son has a p..."

Q: Super Bowl Food    —Petaluma, CA

"I just got a call from my aunt inviting me to her super bowl party. Once I said yes she said, "what can you bring?" ..."

Q: Sweet Tea    —Frisco, TX

"Hi there! I was just wondering if any of you had a REALLY good Sweet Tea recipe? I have got some off the internet a..."

Q: Warm Milk    —Fort Worth, TX

"Ok this may sound weird but I have never made warm milk and the doctor told me to make my son some to help relax befo..."

Q: Websites/Books For Feeding Toddlers?    —Xenia, OH

"I'm looking for fun food ideas for my 2 year old. Website and book suggestions are appriciated!"

Q: What Next?    —Desoto, TX

"Hey moms, My family and I are really trying to change our eating habits. I need some healthy new meal ideas (meat..."

Q: What to Do with 20 Leftover Limes?    —Grapevine, TX

"I had a party last weekend and now I have a bag of 20 limes in my kitchen. I don't know what to do with them - hate ..."

Q: Who Has the BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe?    —Mesquite, TX

"I have been on a long time search for the BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe. Surely of all you Moms out there ONE of..."

Q: Why Does My Baby like Store Bought Food over My Homemade Food?    —San Clemente, CA

"I've been using my Vitamix blender to make my own fresh baby food for my 7 month old. This is a commercial grade blen..."

Q: Why Is My Son Not Eating What I Give Him    —Huntington Beach, CA

"Ok... so my son is two (as of last week) and for months now... he has decided he does not like the foods that I give ..."

Q: Would Love Some Suggestions!    —Menifee, CA

"When my kiddos were first toddlers and trying new foods I made a point to serve all veggies etc to them without dips/..."

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