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Zyrtec and Cold Meds.

My son {will be 4 in March} started taking zyrtec this year for his allergies. It has worked so well. He use to get so congested and have to have breathing treatments for weezing. My question is, at night he is coughing alot and I want to know what other mommas do to help with this. I use vicks baby rub and a humidafier {spelling??}. I called the doctor and asked what I could give with the zyrtec to help the draining from this throat at night to help with the coughing, they said the rules have changed and no one under 4 can take cold meds. He has took med. sense he was 7 months old because of the coughing, runny nose, and weezing. Plus he will be 4 in a few months and weighs 55lbs. What would ya'll do to help your child at night, or know of meds that are safe to take with zyrtec? {If course I will check it out before I would just use it}! Thanks

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I already saw this response, but for a nagging, nighttime cough, Vicks Vapor rub on the feet with socks works every time for my kids and me. Probably silly, but it really works.

I give my 3 year old robitussin, just like I always have...I did it for my 8 year old, and I will do it for my 8 month old. It depends on whether you are comfortable with it or not, but, let me just say they changed the rules because of RARE cases of people not following directions and using as it is supposed to be used. They didn't change ingredients or anything. If you're not comfortable with a full dose, just give a partial dose. Also, I have PERSCRIBED cough suppressant for my 3 year old, from the last time he was sick...so don't let them feed you that info that they CAN'T give you anything. If you're not comfortable with over the counter, get a second opinion from another doctor or allergist. Good luck!

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If he is wheezing does he have asthma? do you have a nebulizer for the times when he is wheezing? If you do have one I would try giving a nebulizer treatment with just saline before going to bed. Are his allergies indoor or outdoor allergens? It could be if they are outdoor allergens they are on his hair and skin, if he is going to bed without bathing then he is breathing all that junk all night. This can happen with indoor allergens as well. I woke up this am coughing and wheezing, I do have asthma and was pulling old gross carpet out of a house we are rehabbing. It was cold last night and I did not shampoo my hair before I went to bed, only showered. As soon as the heat kicks on I will wash my hair and launder my pillowcase as well. If your son has an allergy to dust mites you should invest in covers for the mattress and pillows. It might seem expensive at first but if it makes him feel better that is priceless, not to mention that you won't need to go to the drs. office-save$$ there and on medications. If you have any Q's please email me and I will do what I can to help you. Good Luck

Hi, J.. My son is now 9 and has been on Zyrtec since he was 2. For the coughing at night I keep a vaporizer constantly going in his room to add moisture to the air. The vaporizer steam helps to provide the moisture the air needs to supply it when the air is breathed into the air passages. Since I have kept the vaporizer constantly going, spring through winter, all year round, my son does not cough anymore unless he catches a cold which is not often. Thanks be to the Lord. I hope this helps with your son as I know it has worked great with my son.

I agree with you that Zyrtec is awesome. My daughter used to take it when she was younger and she is allergic to dog and cat dander, when she took Zyrtec she had no problems at all with her year round allergies or other allergies. Good luck with the vaporizer.


Sometimes honey and warm water helps. Good luck


Try local honey. Even our pediatrician suggests it. The honey will help sooth his throat and reduce coughing. You won't have to worry about drug interactions or over medicating. Local honey is also said to help with local allergens. It really helped my daugher with her coughing fits. You also don't have any problems with them taking it.

Hope this helps.


my son was the same way. he had a cronic cough. even with cough meds. the dr. finally put him on just singulsr everyday at bed time. they come in chewables(he loved the taste). the cough went away.. now if he gets stoped up i give him over the counter bynadryl. the cheepest kind. oh, he does have allergs that cause it. not to food. good luck. R. u.

p.s. he is 10 now and no longer having to take singular. still some benadryl. zyrtec did nothing for my son.

Hi J.,
In addition to what you are already doing, you could try elevating one end of the mattress and let him drink some warm apple juice at bed time (of course before brushing teeth!!). I don't know about that meds. Hope it helps!

Why don't you try natural remedies instead of Zyrtec? You could see what happens after a few days.

The humidifier is very good and that should help. I've also given my kids tea with honey, and chicken broth. Both of these have helped. You could also try tea with lemon.

What is your son allergic to? Are you positive there's not something in his room that's bothering him? Allergens such as pollen can be on his clothes or even in his hair. Also, you may want to try unscented soap and shampoo, and wash his clothes in unscented detergent. That could help.

I think that if you tackle the cause of his allergies (and there could be more than one trigger) that will do more good than treating your son with medicine. I speak from experience because I have allergies, too.

Hi J., I have a 5 year old son, I give him childrens sudafed for drying up the drainage and for his cough liquid albuteral (prescription ) or breathing treatments. We have tried delysum but the breathing treatments work best. I would consult with your peditrician about any meds to find the best combo for your son.Also I had a friend recently took her daughter off zertec because of behavior and sleep changes , it might be worth it to look into the side effects . Some children do not get any and hopefully your son won't, but I have heard a lot of children do suffer from , anger and rage, aggressiveness, mood swings and trouble seeping when on zertec. good luck

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