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Youth Soccer Parents - Your Suggestions Please!

What do your little soccer stars like for their mid-"game" snack? I and my 4 year old are new to this, and we'd like to bring something that both the kids and parents will approve of. Oranges and melon seem too sticky, and I don't want "junk." We were thinking maybe granola bars or oatmeal cookies, but would like some more creative suggestions. No one has mentioned allergies, so I think we're ok there... Any help is appreciated!

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Grapes are always a hit - and less messy than oranges!!
Oranges are messier - but if you bring some baby wipes so the kids can wipe their hands afterwards - they are always a big hit too.

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Think fruit.... quick energy for thirsty and tired kids. Mom approved. Bananas, Apple wedges(dip in lemon juice to keep them from discoloring) and oranges cut into quarters..... should do the trick.L.

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Goldfish crackers and small bottled water work great! The kids won't get sticky fingers and like juice boxes, water isn't loaded with sugar.
Hope this helps!

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I was a coach for YEARS, and when I first started, we were told to have oranges at half time. You need it to be a fast picker upper, so I found it easiest to have it cut up in a big bowl, and they just chowed down, ususally only enough time for two slices before it was time to get back out on the field. After the game, whatever floats your boat. You want to stay away from heavy snacks, or dairy during the game. The kids are running non stop and you don't want to upset stomaches. As far as messy hands go, its part of what they enjoy. Have fun with it, they will love whatever you bring.

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My girlfriend does apple slices and cheese. You can get a crinkle cutter and make the cheese into 'french fry' shapes. Kids love it.

And I would stay away from juice or gatorade or anything like that. LOADED with sugar. Water is the best to hydrate.

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Over the years we've always tried to take apples and bananas because most kids like one or the other and it's easy, but we've also taken cereal bars. I'm sure as long as it's something healthy everyone will be happy with your choice.

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you could make little jello fruit cups and supply the spoons, or instead of having fruit slices where they get dirty cut the fruit up in bite sized pieces, place them in a cup with forks.
You could also do 1/2 of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a baggy, a little protein to keep them going that isn't messy, and it's a different snack then normal. If you supply drinks to I would highly suggest plain water, juice boxes etc... are just dye, sugar water and a very small amount of fruit juice.
I am with you, I would totally stay away from junk food, good choice

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We have given:
Apple juice, and goldfish crackers
Orange juice and fruit snacks
Milk and Rice Krispy treats
Homemade muffins

Hope that gives you a start! :-)


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i have been a soccer mom for a number of yrs now and i always bring granola bars and some kind of juice boxes to the games or even bananas are good,even fruit snacks are good too...

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My kids are now past the snack stage, which I found ridiculous. However we also did a cereal snack mix and Gogurts. If it is hot the "tube" frozen popsicles worked well. I just think it's amazing that society thinks that after 20-30 minutes of a sport our kids need a treat. Is that a healthy "reward" system?

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