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"Your Baby Can Read" - Surprise,AZ

I was curious to hear the opinion of those who have actually used the "Your Baby Can Read" program.

What can I do next?

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I used this program for my 5 year old and it works! I still have my set- I will sell for $30 (Paid $60)if you are interested. Good Luck!

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I used this program for my 5 year old and it works! I still have my set- I will sell for $30 (Paid $60)if you are interested. Good Luck!

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Hi. I have bought this learning system for toddlers and young children a few years ago. I am happy to say that my now 6 year old who is in 1st Grade is reading almost a year and a half above her actual grade level. I started helping her read at age 3 and I feel this program accelerated her reading level.

I would recommend this learning system/program to any parent. Also, they are never too young to watch the DVD's as repetition is what really helps them.

I hope this helps.


I have the whole entire program with flash cards and everything. I have been showing her the intro video either once or twice a day for almost a month. She has been doing some of the things in the video--like clapping her hands when I tell her to, waving on cue, and puts her arms up when I say to. It's pretty cool. Being a first time mom, I don't really think of these things to tell her so it has really helped me.
The video isn't nearly as entertaining as a Baby Einstein, but it probably does teach her a lot more than Baby E. It's also how you interact with your baby too--taking every opportunity to tell her what you're doing. BUT, having her see the words I'm sure will help her get a head start in reading. They say that by the time a baby is 5 years old their brain is nearly 90% developed. ??? I guess so. It does take up a lot of time and it's hard to remember to show it that often, but the videos don't last that long and I'm sure they are doing her good. I'd take the offer from the mom who will sell you hers at half price. I guess why I don't sound very enthused about it is because we bought everything and paid a lot of money--over $200--my husband bought on a whim...don't spend that much money. Buy what you can and if you really will use them and feel they are helping then you can always go online and order more. I'm glad we have them.

My children are well past the "Your Baby Can Read" stage, but I am familiar with the videos and the concept. Videos, flashcards and repetition are great for teaching kids the phonetics of reading it will not instill a love of reading. I'm afraid there are no shortcuts for that. If you want your kids to be avid readers, good spellers and have strong comprehension skills READ TO THEM. Have a variety of books and read to them regularly. We read to our kids beginning at 6 months of age and they are all great readers. We read to them each night before bed until they were well on their way to solo reading (around grade 2). Even after the second grade, we kept reading to them (complete with character voices and sprinkled with "what's going to happen next?" questions). Then they started reading to each other. Reading out loud even became a family Christmas tradition as we pull out our dusty, dog-eared and ancient copy of "A Christmas Carol" and take turns reading.

The second part of teaching your kids to enjoy reading is if they see you doing it. Turn off the TV and immerse yourself in a good book, your kids will follow suit. I just don't think that videos and CDs about reading are a substitute for direct reading activities with the parents. How can they learn to cherish the printed word through the TV? That approach seems counter-intuitive, but that's just my opinion.....

I also have a 3 year old (turning 3 today :) and a 13 month old. We have been using the program for a little under a month. My 3 year old picked up the first set of words fast! My 13 month old has not shown any indication so far that he's reading, but he sure does love it!

I am currently using the program baby can read. I have just finished the starter video and book. You show the video 2 times a day for 30 days and then go to the next video/book, but what I understand is that I will still be showing the starter video 2 times a week. i think it is pretty good and my daughter sits threw it pretty good. My daughter is almost 2 and this video was the start of her watching any kind of stuff on the TV.

I just ordered it and am so excited for it to arrive!! Sorry I can't tell anything about it yet, though.

it works . if you have the time and dedication to do it it works. i have been doing this with my 18 month grandson for 3 months and henow recognizes words everywhere. he is more attentive when we read books to him and even points out some words. but then again anything works if you want it to. and about teaching your kids to read early, that is only going to help them in the future, they are very inquisitive at this age and there is nothing wrong with teaching them new things. my youngest son was reading chapter books at age 3 and has always loved reading. he graduated last year from high school and got numerous academic and athletic scholarships and i know it was from ehlping him read and advance at an early age. he skipped 3rd grade and would have skipped other grades but we kept him back because we wanted him to be with his age group socially as much as possible but he did take all honors classes in high school and also had 24 college credits when he graduated.

I haven't with this program but why do you want your BABY to read?

Not that I'm knocking reading at all, but wondering why you want to get them reading before 4-5 years old?

My son is a 6 1/2 year old 1st grader and SO into reading the Magic Tree House series (which I think is a 3rd-4th grade level?). It's great to have him read so well and love it so much but there *are* disadvantages too. I can't type emails to his teachers, grandparents, or on here without him coming up and reading over my shoulders and asking about what I'm saying about him LOL!!

I would think it is more important to get your child to learn and grow in all ways (best accomplished by you spending time and talking with them while doing things together). Read books together. Eventually step up to pointing to the words as you read, then going on to giving them one word that appears often in the book to read while you read all the others (for example the name Max or the word zoo which are different and unique enough to be picked out. I would read the book then stop at "his" word and sometimes I'd forget and he'd holler that was HIS word to read. This I didn't do until he was 4 or so though. 5 year old he started reading his birthday cards and reading took off that year.

He is at the top of his class in reading both in Kinder and this year's 1st grade. Not so fun being the only reader in your reading group (if the teacher sorts by reading abilities) or being bored with the group reading (if the teacher keeps the class together). Don't push your baby so far ahead. Do a variety of things, like signing (Signing Time videos are so effective!) and playing and all that.

Sorry I'm rambling here. Please dont think this is criticism, I'm just sharing my experience and curious about why you want your baby to read.

We have the set of DVDs and we have a 3.5 year old boy and a 22mo. boy. Our oldest just never took to the dvds. He has always loved the Baby Einsteins collections, but the Your Baby Can Read he never did. My youngest seems ok with it, but his older brother has such an impact on him that he usually follows him. We have decided to try again as soon as my youngest turns 2. Good luck

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