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My daughter has turned 1 year old a few weeks ago. She is drinking milk like a champ. I was wondering if I could start giving her yogurt. Is there yogurt for babies & toddlers? Or Can i give her the yogurt i eat?

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Thanks for the advice. I will get her some this weekend.

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I used to give my daughter (10 years ago) the kids yogurt by dannon.

Stoneyfield farms YoBaby yogurts are good and full fat. Whole fat yogurts are good for the little ones

As you've read, there is yogurt "designed" / marketed for children. But, as long as your daughter is eating an otherwise well-balanced diet, she can eat what you eat. I agree to avoid the stuff with high fructose corn syrup.

Try Greek style yogurt--you can get it plain or sweetened with cane sugar/honey (pomegranate). The best part? It is super thick and creamy...stays on the spoon better for little ones to feed themselves.

check the section of the store where you buy your yogurt. My daughter always bought my grandbabies when they were little and still does DanAnimals I think that is what it is called. They now have Scooby Doo and Diego, and Dora yogurt. All kinds out there for kiddos.

Of course she can have yogurt. There is some yogurt out there designed for little ones like yo baby and stoneyfield for babies that has cereal, fruit, and yogurt. That's what I used to buy when my daughter was younger but now she is 20 mo. and she eats regular yogurt like the rest of our family.

They make yogurt for kids. It's called Danimals.

Any yogurt is fine. My DD has been eating yogurt since the age of one.
Some advice, when I first started her on yogurt, I learned not to feed her yogurt with big chunks of fruit in it. I think its hard for them to swallow it sometimes. I either would get yogurt w/out fruit or carefully pick around the fruit while feeding.
I know Yoplait will put HUGE chunks of fruit in their yogurt. just didnt want you kiddo to choke.

M. :)

Any whole milk yogurt is fine, but Stonyfield Farms makes baby yougurt that comes in smaller containers and has DHA in it. You can get it at most stores, definately Whole Foods...

Give her plain, full fat (whole milk) yogurt. Don't spoil her natural, unblemished palette with sweetened, "fruit" added, or artificially flavored or colored stuff. There are plenty of options at most stores (Horizon, Brown Cow, Stoneyfield Farms). Don't be fooled by those marketed to "babies and toddlers" as being better for them...many of those types of foods are full of additives your baby does not need. You can add your own fresh fruit to it as she likes (mushy bananas and peaches are a great place to start).

My baby is 18 months old & has been on regular yogurt since he wss about 9 months old. I was buying the 4 oz yogurt juice bottles for him & thought they were over priced. I started buying the big containers of yoplait creamy peach, the creamy strawberry, & strawberry banana & Walmart brand vanilla. I mix his 1/4 yogurt with his milk (sometimes more)in his bottles. He is spoiled to it & LOVES it! I think its perfectly fine to feed your baby yogurt. Its good for them, especially helps heal diaper rashes, & after they been on antibiotics, it put the good antibodies back in their body that the antibiotic takes out.
Have a great weekend!

There is a yogart for babies it is called Yo-Baby yogart. It also has cereal in it. My son loved it! It comes in a 6 pack for about 3 dollars. I am not sure if there is too much difference between that kind and the regular yogart besides cereal though.

Hope this helps!



First, I tell all my friends to get the book called Super Baby Food. It is amazing and I wish I had it with my first child! Next, my son is not a year old yet, and I give him plain yogurt, but do not give him milk yet. Yogurt is great. However, I am careful about the kinds of yogurt. Really I am careful about all foods. Even the stuff labeled "baby" foods often have high fructose sugars added in. I give my son (and older daughter) plain yogurt (full fat for the baby) and I add 100% pure maple syrup to sweeten it. Sometimes I will add berries or other natural ways to sweeten it. My son has been eating natural foods for so long that he will happily eat it plain with nothing added. My daughter was eating sugar filled baby foods before I realized how much "baby" labels were just a way to charge extra money, so she now wants sweet foods a lot more than I would like. I hope this helps!

Babies and toddlers need the whole milk yogurt, not yogurt made with low fat milk. (They need the high fat concentration for their brain development.) Most of the yogurt prominently displayed at the grocery store is low fat yogurt. But there is whole milk yogurt there too (besides the Yo-Baby brand) if you look for it.... Although, the small containers of Yo-Baby are quite convenient with the smaller appetites of wee ones.

Additionally, my two cents would be to try and introduce a yogurt that is not made with high fructose corn syrup. Natural sugar is better.

Babies can usually have yogurt before milk so I think that you can give yogurt now. BEWARE of the sugar content in the different brands and flavors....there's as much as 12 grams difference in sugar content between different flavors. The baby yogurt that they sell is VERY high in sugar but does use the recommended whole milk for babies. You can give her the same yogurt you eat IF you eat at least 2% milk-fat yogurt as she needs the fat and calories. If the sugar content is too high, you may as well be giving her ice cream.....look at the sugar content compared to the calcium content and find the flavors with the most calcium and least sugar....usually the lower sugar flavors are plain (its ideal to start her on plain so she won't get a sweet tooth so young), lemon, vanilla and coffee. I dont think the coffee flavor has caffeine and if it doesn't, no problem with trying that flavor on her either.

Good luck.

There is some yogurt called Yo Baby! It is about $3 for 6 containers. My son LOVES them!!! I wouldn't do the adult yogurt. It has caused a few stomach problems for my son when he has had it (it cleans him out and gives him some very runny, nasty diapers!). Hope this helps!!

Yogurt is a great food to feed a one year old- but beware of the high sugar content. Your best bet to avoid the sugar is to get plain yogurt and then add your own fresh or canned fruit to it, then you can also control the size of the fruit pieces as well.

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