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YoBaby Yogurt at What Age?

Hi moms,

How old were your babies when you were able to give them yogurt? I gave my 7-month-old 2 spoonfulls yesterday and no adverse reaction so far. If there was an adverse reaction, what would it be?

Thanks for your help.

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Thanks to everyone who responded. Well I gave him 2 spoonfuls and so far no problem. I will give him more tomorrow and continue to hope he has no reaction to it.

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My son is just a bit older. He was on antibiotic and the doc said to give him activia, so I don't see a problem. I think you are wise when intoducing new foods to keep an eye on them for adverse reactions. But all should be well. Good luck

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Reactions to fruit, dairy and most other food usually start with a rash on the face or body. I can’t remember exactly when I started my daughter on yogurt (8 months maybe) but it is still one of her favorites. We only used the yo baby brand a couple of times when we were on road trips. I found that it was a lot cheaper to buy a big container of whole milk plain yogurt and mix in my own flavors. Her favorite to this day is yogurt with applesauce and a little nutmeg.

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I can only agree with Allison - yogurt can be a great thing for infants and toddlers. My son sometimes eats ONLY yogurt and nothing else - therefore it puts me at ease.
One thing about yogurt & cheese:
Lactose is broken down with the culturing of the yogurt or cheese and milk proteins are either semi-removed or limited. The culturing makes yogurt and cheese easier to digest. Many people with lactose intolerance often are able to eat cheese and/or yogurt without trouble. The same is often true for some people with a milk protein (either to the casein or the whey) allergy.
I agree with Allison: any kind of rash can point to food allergies. Especially around the mouth and the anus (for fruits). My ped told me to single out food if I think my son reacts to a food item. I started my son late w/ 1 year but I know other moms had great success starting between 6 and 8 months.

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Check the sugar content of some of those sweetened yogurts. Some of them really pack a ton of sugar into a very small container.

I think now's fine.

Just please dont overdo it with any one food/food group. Make sure they get a variety of foods. I strongly suspect there is a correlation with all of a sudden starting to have daily milk or peanut butter when they've turned one/it has been ascertained that there is no allergy. Overdoing it can CAUSE an allergy/intolerance.

So, yogurt a few times a week, cheese on the other days, cheerios, fruits, etc etc. Variety and moderation in all things!

the rule of thumb is give one food for 4 days and if no reaction (rash on bum, mouth or diarrhea) then no allergy. I would look at other yogurt brands though. YoBaby has a ton of sugar! Kids don't need that sweet. They will like something only sweetened a little. We buy plain organic yogurt and mix in a spoonful of jam or a little honey. It won't be as sweet as your liking, but they don't know any differently :-)

I just chatted with our doctor about this on monday. I've been giving my 9mon old yogurt, cottage cheese and cream cheese for about 2-3 weeks. She loves it! Our doc reaffirmed what I had read online; which is that these types of dairy items are okay (if they've already started with other solid foods first) As a rule if it's the first time I give Addi anything I make sure that it's the only new thing she eats that day. Try a little yogurt in the rice cereal, it's one of our fav's! Have fun! Meal time is one of my fav parts of the day. :)

I'd like to suggest that you give your baby plain yogurt. Flavored yogurt has a lot of sugar in it. I gave my children plain, unflavored yogurt for several years. They were used to the taste and seemed to like the sourness as babies.

We started around 6-7 months on all three babies - they were fine and really enjoyed the yogurt.

I started YoBaby at about 6 months. You will know if they have a reaction it will be a rash all over their face or all over their diaper area. The thing with new foods at that age is to start them with orange veggies then green and so on then fruit. Yogurt, purreid brown rice, and oatmeal are all good too. Just make sure that you give the baby the same thing for 3-5 days ( I just did 3 days) to make sure that they are not allergic. If you start something else too soon you might not know what they are allergic to. Good Luck!

Honestly I think it depends on the child. I gave my twins Baby Yo at 8 months and they both starting vomiting within an hour. I felt horrible. I stayed away from diary until they turned 1. Which at that time they had no reaction and they love diary.

Good Luck

We started feeding our baby yogurt by 8 mos or so, I don't think there's much concern about timing. One thing to consider is sugar content: even YoBaby has lots of it. I fed our baby plain yogurt instead, and she loved it (still does)! You can always add applesauce or pureed fruit if you want a fruit flavor without the added sugar, or cereal if you want it thicker.

We started YoBaby at 6 months on the advice of our Pediatrician! Pedi said that depending on the type of food, the reaction you see may be pretty instantaneous or take 30 plus minutes to show. The most dangerous is swelling around the mouth and throat with difficulty breathing. You'll see this right away! Other signs might be rashes and hives. Not as serious and may take a little longer to show.


7 Months is about when we started yoghurt.
I wanted to add that sometimes allergy symptoms don't show up with the first exposure to a food - it can take a handful of exposures. Gassiness and diarrhea can also be a sign. So stay on the lookout for a bit. Also, once my son got a taste for Yo Baby he would not eat plain yoghurt with fruit mixed in. So, if you want to go the homemade route switch over asap!

We started probably around 6 or 7 mo with yogurt. He is 18 mo now and it is a mainstay of his diet! I think I recall reading that some suggest waiting on cow milk until 1 because of allergies. I didn't follow that as I eat yogurt almost daily and he liked to eat what I was eating.

my son was 9 months which based on what the hospital paperwork says is about the right age. However he didn't take to solids very well so it's been slow. Keep in mind that yobaby is very high in sugar. Better to buy plain yogurt and sweeten it with 100% fruit preserves.

If ever there is a question about when to add something new or different to a baby's diet consider asking the child's pediatrition. There are foods (ie peanut butter) that should not be given before age 2. I also assume that your 7 month is already past breast milk/formula and has been introduced to cereals and/or solids. Aside from that word of caution, my daughter gave her 1 year old YoBaby yogurt when the baby had an ear infection and had to take antibiotics. You might start with the vanilla and banana flavored package which are very mild and likely familiar flavors. As a precaution, try a little and see if there are any adverse reactions before making it a mainstay in the diet.

I was told not to start yogurt until 9 months. Their digestive system is suppose to handle it better. the only issue I had with my daughter was when i got a flor that had cerel mixed in with it. She threw it up but she was fine with all the others.

My son is just a bit older. He was on antibiotic and the doc said to give him activia, so I don't see a problem. I think you are wise when intoducing new foods to keep an eye on them for adverse reactions. But all should be well. Good luck

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