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Yellow Eyes - One Month Old!

Hi Mamas! My baby Hannah turned one month old yesterday! In the hospital, they pulled her blood for jaundice but it wasn't a high enough score to treat her. Then they continued to monitor and check her jaundice level with the forehead thing. At the one week assessment center apt., they checked again and she was way below any risk level. Hence - she was never treated with the lights or anything BUT... she very obviously is jaundiced! Her eyes are so yellow and her face has a yellow tone to it. Her face is a completely different color than her body or feet. They told us the jaundice leaves through the head so if we see it in the eyes, it is on its way out. OK - that is what the lady told us at the one week check when her eyes were yellow! When will this go away? We've been putting her in the sun (my mom's old school recommendation) and she is pooping plenty... shouldn't it be gone by now? Thanks in advance for any advice, experience or similar situations!

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The day after I posted this, I called the lactation consultant and the doctor. We went in to pediatrician and he said that yes - she looked too yellow. He thought it was probably breast milk jaundice and wanted to do a lab test. Her blood test came back at 11.3 so the doc said the general recommendation is to give formula for one or two feedings to give the liver time to recover. I asked how much it would change the billi ruben level and he said it may take her to a 9 by Monday (this was Friday). I decided it wasn't worth it because I haven't supplemented at all and don't plan to. Everything is supposed to clear up by 8 weeks. Thank you for all your help!

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my son had jaundice and i was told that the jaundice goes up gradually. so when he was tested at the hopital he never had it, at the two week appt is when it was noticed and 5 days later he was extremely yellow. he had to be put under the billi lights for 3 days and night straight luckily i found an in home service, but it cleared up. i'm not sure the sun really works like people say. i would get in touch with the pediatrition and ask them what they think. it could potentially go away, but better safe then sorry. best of luck

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Call the pediatrician. It's impossible for any of us to tell you not to worry based upon not knowing how serious it is or not. Pediatricians expect first-time parents, especially those with newborns, to call and ask questions about things like this. Believe me, it's better to call and have them tell you simple instructions than to have to rush her to the ER a week from now.

Sunlight is helpful, but you really should have your pediatrician assess and make recommendations on how long, how frequently and if there's other intervention necessary.

Good luck.

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Yes they can still have jaundice at 1 month old and it makes the eyes yellow. My gut instinct as a mom would be to take her to the ped to get it checked out , that is what they are there for , yes it could still be a low level and on it's way out , but it could not , so I would call and take her in.

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My daughter was also jaundiced. She never got the bili light or anything. They would check her levels and they would be under the risk also. I kept exposing her as much as possible to sunlight. It finally went away when she was closer to 2 months old. I guess it takes longer when you don't use artificial items. She is currently a very healthy 28 month old toddler that is really driving me crazy. :)

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Yes, she most likely still has jaundice. Our twins had it for several weeks after they were cleared to come home. Keep getting her some good sunlight, if even just for 10-15 mins a few times a day by a window. Make sure she eats/drinks plenty. She's allowed to have water as well as her breast milk/formula. The more you can keep her system flushed/functioning, most likely the quicker this can all be done with. Praying for you :)

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You need to talk with your pediatrician about this. Sounds like she needs treatment but only the doctor can say. One of my friends had to take her little one in for light treatments when he was around a month in age. It's possible that the reason for her mild jaundice did not go away and the jaundice is still present.

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Your baby needs to see the doctor right away.
Our baby ended up in the hospital for 4 days in the NICU..

We tried the sun treatment (MIL suggested) it was not enough..

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I would bring her into the Pediatrician for a check just to make sure. Def sounds like jaundice, but they should really see her to decide if they are concerned she will need treatment or if she is where they would expect her to be in terms of clearance of the jaundice. The sun can be a home help so you are already doing what you can be doing at home with out approval of the pediatrician. I would be careful about giving a baby that age anything but formula or breast milk, giving a baby water can cause water intoxication. If that is something you would consider doing make sure to at least call and run it by the pediatrician first. Good luck!

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