Yeast Infection in Third Trimester

Updated on May 28, 2009
P.L. asks from Garland, TX
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Has anyone experienced a really bad yeast infection in their third trimester? Before I got pregnant this time I had a really bad yeast infection that cured with the one day monistat that I used twice. This time I am unsure though because I am in my 33rd week of pregnancy and dont want to do anything to trigger premature labor. I have to move from now until then and have 7 weeks to get packed and 6 before my mother flies down to help me out. I have used Monistat one day but I am on the 5th day of having used it and the itching wont subside. Its not internal itching just external. I have used the home remedies like vinegar diluted with water but it doesn't seem to help. I have an appt in two weeks and work a full time job as well as a part time job so the days I take off are very minimal. Any suggestions?

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So What Happened?

I did go to the doc in the box and he didn't want to touch me, he was afraid he would break my water bag so he told me to go to Parkland as well. I went home after getting my daughter and picked up some plain yogurt. IT did help but the very next day, after work I went to Parkland. They were clueless said that it didn't look that bad at all and told me to use the 7 day over the counter Monistat. Go figure. 4 days later I still have minimal itching but now that my memory is coming back a little bit I beleive that I have had this before due to hormonal changes and a combination of laundry detergent and soap that I was using. I do have my regular appointment Friday as well as a sono so I get to see my baby via sonogram one more time before he arrives. Yippee Thank you moms.

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Honestly, stress may be the trigger. As can a diet that is high in carbs and processed foods. So, you might want to modify your diet - increase protein and cutback or eliminate altogether processed foods. You might also want to consider that you may have had latent Herpes that has been triggered due to the stress. I would go to the doctor now and get tested. If you do have active herpes, you will need a c-section. I'm not trying to scare you, but the majority of the adult US population has been exposed to genital herpes and are asymptomatic,

Also, I learned the hard way with my first child that stress at this time isn't good for you and it's also not good for your baby - I was trying to get a project at work finished and working long hours. In the end, I had high blood pressure and had to be induced - my son had a very difficult delivery - cord around his neck and he was in ICU for a while.

So, with my 2nd son, I just took it easy the last trimester and worked with my boss and a reduced work day schedule and doing some work at home. You might talk to your doctor about going on leave early. It will cut into your (paid) time off after the baby, but in my experience this small financial setback is so worthwhile in the bigger picture. My second son was an extremely healthy baby. Also, a stressed mama can have difficulty with breastfeeding and it actually impacts the quality/make-up of the breast milk. Stress is actually one of the biggest contributors to poor health.

I would also suggest you ask your mother to come down earlier to help out if at all possible and let her help with the moving or enlist help from friends.

I realize you're likely a very independent person, but now is really the time to be asking for help. You're going to also need lots of it after the baby is born, so lining up support from friends now is really, really important.

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*hugs!* how miserable you must feel!?!

anyway, i could not *not* respond with a head's up on some things that can exacerbate a yeast infection - so you can keep clear in the future (especially while breastfeeding your new little one...)
at the first sign of any itch/irritation 'down below' (or increased redness on your nipple/s):

1) stay away from sugar (granulated/powdered sugars, fruit sugars, dairy sugars, floured items (bread, tortillas, crackers, etc.) -- pretending you're both diabetic and allergic to fruit and gluten can help

2) wear all-cotton undergarments and keep everything you wear loose-fitting, cool, and clean

3) minimize stress & maximize sleep -- let the house go for a few days (you know, those 'if-it's-not-a-true-safety-hazard-then-i-don't-care kind of days!); nap when the baby naps (if your daughter naps too, of course) and definitely go to bed as early as you can

4) several times a day, take a pinch of sodium ascorbate (buffered, powdered, more bioavailable form of vitamin c suitable for therapeutic dosing)

HTH & take care, mama!!

edited to add after reading further: and yes! probiotic supplements by all means!!



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You need to call the doctor. If it is an infection, possible bacterial due to hormonal changes, they need to treat it asap to prevent premature labor. I had this two times with my second pregnancy in my last trimester. I never get yeast infections or anything, but I did during this time and was relieved I went can be serious if not treated properly.



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It might not be a yeast infection. It could be a bacterial infection. They have those at home kits at the store to see what it is. Then you will know whether to use stuff for a yeast or bacterial infection. No matter what though you will need to at least contact your Dr. If it is a yeast infection you need to find out what they recomend and if it is a bacterial infection you have to have a perscription for it. Hope this helps.


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Congrats on your second and my heart goes out to you for going it alone. Not sure I would be strong enough to do that. Blessings to you.

I agree with the suggestion to get to your doctor. You would regret overlooking a possible danger, but being cautious always helps.

Then, take a probiotic supplement. I use one from Whole Foods that has 8 strains of healthy bacteria that are present in your intestines already. Stress, diet changes, lack of sleep, too much splenda - all reduce healthy bacteria that keep yeast infection at bay. May take a few days, but you are restoring the balance of good bacteria to yeast bacteria. You can avoid most yeast infections through balance. A supplement gives you such a higher dose than a good quality yogurt, but that may be more comfortable for you as a long term solution. (I do better without dairy, so a powder that I can add to a shake or other drinks works better for me)

My 3 yr old has a daily probiotic along with her vitamin/mineral supplement. She had 3 yeast infections in less than 2 months and went through a kidney study. She has not had a single problem in 5 months now!

My 9 month old takes one because of all the antibiotics he has had to take with 5 double ear infections since december. He used to poop only once every 5 days, and now is very regular and happier!

I use a probiotic because I am naturally constipated thanks to my thyroid quitting (radiation with cancer 8 yrs ago) and through taking iron for anemia. Helps SOOO much for me, too.

Can seem pricey, $15-35, in the refrigerated area of the supplement section, but the jars last approx 2 months.




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at least call the nurse bc any infection this late can trigger labor which would be bad at this point, trust me you don't want to have your little one in the NICU if at all preventable



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I have been told that using plain yogart works great.You really should call your Dr. he should be able to direct you and you want need to see him for this.



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Hi P., I'm sorry you are going through this. I use to have problems like yours. I found that bubble baths in
Dreft work wonders. Not sure why really but if you can was your babies clothes in it why not.
When my girls were little the were always alergic to bubble bath & would use Dreft. You can also put a teaspoon full or a little less in 8 oz. of water put it in a spray bottle or a squirt bottle & use through the day. Very soothing. I think you have recieved some wonderful advice from others. Just thought I'd share mine.Take care & congratulations on the new baby. Get well girl. God Bless You...


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Stop using the vaginal insert treatments, while there is nothing medically dangerous about them, you are too late in your pregnancy and it could cause preterm labor to begin, don't do it. And do not wait until your appt in two weeks either, that is way too long and the infection could spread. You need to call your doctor and have them call in a prescription for you. There is a one day pill that you can take to cure a yeast infection. You only take one pill one time and the infection is gone within 3 days. Your doctor will call it in for you without you having to go in for an appt. Please, do not try any other home remedies. They can be extremely dangerous. The pill is on the $4 list at most pharmacies, so there is no reason not to get it. It is cheaper than the Monistat, more effective and quicker! Call first thing this morning and get it. You won't have to go to the doctor for it, you won't have to pay much, it is super fast and it is perfectly safe for you and baby! It is called Diflucan, there is a generic form available at the pharmacies...$4....GO NOW!

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