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Yeast Infection - Tucson, AZ

About two years ago is when I first started having problems with yeast infections. For the longest time I had itching all over down there, but not inside, so I didn't even think it was a yeast infection. My doctor wasn't sure what it was, but said to try the over the counter yeast infection medication. That seemed to work, but never permanently. This was going on when I was pregnant, and after my son was born he had thrush...I assume he got the yeast from me. The itching always comes back, in a few days, or a week, or a couple of months. At one time they prescribed fluconizol(sp), but it didn't make any difference in the long run...still came back eventually. The itching is usually mild as I treat it before it gets bad, but very annoying because it happens so often. It is nothing like a typical yeast infection, little or no itching inside, just all over the skin down there and around my bottom. Anyone else had anything like this? Any suggestions on how to treat it or get rid of it for good? I use the monistat 7 cream...which as I said helps but never solves the problem for good.

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Everyone has given good advice. I used to have this problem and only use free and clear soaps and I use oatmeal soap to wash down there. I don't wear underwear unless I'm on my moon time and use reusable cotton pads that you wash. Also JASON makes a witch vera that is aloe vera and witch hazel which cools, numbs and heals. I love it and use it for many things. Hope you feel better!

Hello E.
I have had the same problem in the past. I decided that maybe i just had sensitive skin even down there. I started washing my underwear alone without any soaps just hot water! that seemed to help. I have even tried some sensitive skin detergent that seems to be ok! Also I learned from my doctor that you shouldnt stay in a wet bathing suits any longer then when you are done swimming!! Good luck I hope this helps!

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Hi E.!.

I had the same thing happen about 2 months ago. I tried 2 different kinds of yeast infection medicine. Did the 3 day one (cream). Didnt work. Then I did the monistat 7 day ( cream) didnt work, Then I went to doctor and he gave me a pill for yeast infections. Worked a little but still didnt clear up everything. Still had the incredible itching all over like your saying. It was horrible. So went back to the doctor and perscribed doxycline 100 mg. 2 x a day for a week. All Gone I am finally better. He said they drew blood and showed an infection. But still couldnt tell me what kind. But all I know its finally gone. I hope this helps.


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Hi E.,
I am sure this will help you. But, It's hard to do. You need to cut out everything white in your diet. Yeast thrives on sugar! There is 5 different kinds of sugar. Carbohydrates are sugars too. Lactose is a sugar and that is found in milk. Galactose is a sugar that is found in pasta and breads, sucrose is table sugar. That is in almost everything. Chocolate, candy, etc. read labels. Fructose is a sugar and is found in fruit. But, I wouldn't cut that one out. The safe way to cut out sugar is to stay away from anything white. When evr you feel an infection coming on, try this diet for a week. You should definatley notice a difference.
Hope this is helpful,
Blessings to you and your family,

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See if you can get some Diflucan treatment from your doc--it's a pill you swallow instead of cream. Also, Oregano Oli pills form Sprouts have always wiped it out for me and stay away from sugar!!! :) Good luck.

Everyone has given good advice. I used to have this problem and only use free and clear soaps and I use oatmeal soap to wash down there. I don't wear underwear unless I'm on my moon time and use reusable cotton pads that you wash. Also JASON makes a witch vera that is aloe vera and witch hazel which cools, numbs and heals. I love it and use it for many things. Hope you feel better!

when the body is overloaded with yeast it is in a very acidic condition - you need to alkalize both you and your child's systems and start on some anti-fungal herbs - I work with Amazon Herbs and can recommend some very powerful formulas that will address this condition while at the same time being totally safe and effective - if you are interested feel free to contact me

That happens when I am pregnant. My midwife told me to take aphadopholus (I am not sure how to spell that :)) that you buy at Sprouts or another natural/health food store. I take 2, 3 times a day. Once it's under control, you take 2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, and 1 at night. After about a week, you go down to 2-1-1, then 1-1-1. Once you figure out how much you need to not have the problem, you just maintain that amount. So, 1-1-1 might work for you, or you may be able to just take 2 a day, etc.... I don't know too much about it, but it's working for me. You may want to check it out.

I have had yeast infections for a long time. Sometimes it seemed that I would get one right after the other. Very frustrating as you must know. My husband hates that I have to deal with them, so he decided to start taking showers before we became intimate. That has really seemed to help. I guess any bacteria can make it flare up. Like someone else said in a response that she and her husband were passing it back and forth. I also use different types of acidophilus. There are pill, chewable, and liquid forms. Right now I am using probably the same probiotic kind from Sprouts as another woman responded. It is strawberry flavored and is kinda like a tart yogurt. My favorite is the chewable form. I just don't feel eating yogurt everyday. If this doesn't work, I think you might not have an actual yeast infection, but some other kind of bacterial infection. You would think that your doctor would do a test to find out. Hope it clears up for you. I know how annoying it is!

you might be having a reaction to your soaps. If you take bubble baths, that could make it worse. Change your soap, detergents or anything else you can think of.

I've had recurring yeast infections myself, especially at the beginning of my pregnancies. I found that if I stayed away from products containing yeast, and ate yogurt regularly, the problem went away. I believe that it was actually an allergic reaction for me.

I have had a similar problem and found out a few different things had been the culprit to the what was going on. After perscriptions and creams not working for long periods of time. I thought of going a more natural route. In my case what has worked has been cutting down sugar- processed and even some natural. I limit my intake on fruits high in sugar-grapes,raisins etc. Limit on white flour products used whole wheat instead and Also I do try to eat yogurt on a daily basis. again the low sugar kind.
I just recently started taking a probiotic which i found at sprouts. Its been two months there has been a wonderful turn around.
There are other things you can do as well to help prevent or aide in curing yeast infections
Common sense things (which I am sure your already doing)
Always wipe from front to back
wear breathable panties and try to avoid tight clothing
keep hydrated
avoid skin irritating soaps find a mild natural one
Do not douche ( your body will do that naturally)

Hope this info helps. good luck

Hi E.,
I just wanted to add my recommendation for Acidolphilus as well. If it is a yeast infection, it will definitely do the trick for you. When my baby girl was having problems I even gave her Acidolphilus Milk (found at the regular grocery store) in her bottle and within 2 weeks her chronic infections stopped. They had been going on for over 8 months! Acidolphilus is a natural anti-biotic and during the winter months, I make a point to take one everyday. It really has cut down on the number and severity of winter illnesses I get. If it doesn't help you, I would definitely be looking at other things like those mentioned by others here. I hope this helps you! Oh yeah, cutting back on sugar and processed flour is definitely a good idea esp. while you are trying to heal.

I had that problem for awhile too, I now eat yoplait yogurt at least once, sometimes twice and day and that's seemed to keep it at bay and sometimes it'll come back and I realized I haven't eaten yogurt in awhile, either on vacation or I out of yogurt for awhile(I usually only buy it on sale and then buy a lot of it)Hope this might help you

I had a similar problem years ago. I tried everything! I remember reading that recurrent yeast infections where due to "anger at a mate" This would be the mind/body connection, of course. Well, I didn't even think that I was angry but once I realized & dealt with the anger issue I never had an infection ever again! It is worth thinking about. Good luck!

all these ladies are right!
what great advice!!
what i didn't notice is that it might be living in your clothes and your sheets and on your husband.
this sounds extreme, but you can either throw away all your panties, his underwear and your sheets and start fresh - OR
wash them all in the hottest water you can and white vinegar, then after drying them in the hot dryer - on permanent press -superhot... then iron them - not with steam - particularly in the crotch area.

i also didn't see buttermilk mentioned.
you can apply it topically - it's soothing and not as ooey gooey as yogurt. same acidophilus makes it work.
you can get products made with buttermilk as well - burt's bees makes a good deal of milk based stuff - that helps alot.

also - you can sit in a "sitz" bath to help with the discomfort. the warmest/hottest water you can stand with soaking salts and vinegar - works miracles and feels O SO good.
best of luck with it all

Hi E.,

Itching can be due to yeast, bacteria, viruses, sugar imbalances or allergies and skin sensitivities. Monistat is both an antifungal and helps soothe irritated tissues, so it may just be stopping the itch, and not necessarily fighting a yeast infection. A small amount of yeast is normal, it's yeast overgrowth that can be the problem, which can only be seen under a microscope. Seeing your gynecologist or a naturopathic doctor to rule out yeast, bacterial, viral infections and sugar imbalances is important. Also naturopathic doctors take extra time with you to look at food allergies, healthy gut flora as well as environmental allergies and irritations. You're right to not want to consistently use Monistat for your irritated skin, as continuing to use anti-fungals when there isn't a yeast infection present, may increase the imbalance in your vaginal flora.

Good luck!


Hi E. -

It is the Candida in your body that keeps causing the recurring infections. The herb Pau d'Arco is a specific for Candida. It can be taken in capsule or tincture formula. The tincture is stronger and will work faster. You need to use this for a minimum of 30 days for each year Candida has been an issue or up to 90 days.

There are herbal combinations for Candida also that contain Pau d'Arco, but if you can get the simple, I believe you will have good results.


M. M. Ernsberger
Certified Clinical Herbalist

There is an over the counter pill you can take by AZO. I also read that yogurt helps. One thing I read was the poor dental hygene can cause this. Not sure how it related but the mouth has the most germs of our entire body.

Hi E.!
I have a friend that gets them often but she is diabetic.
But i agree with the idea of eating yogart every day. Other than that, i would see your dr because that really is'nt normal.you can get them alot with stress, being over weight,or diabetes.

I hope everything is ok.
Good luck!!! L.

I had ongoing issues the whole time I was pregnant and it cleared up once I had my babies. I had to do Diflucan all the time. What did help me was eliminating all sugar, taking probiotics, and wear only cotton panties. Wash down there only with water because soap can irritate it even moreso. I even eliminated fruit for over a month until I gave my body a chance to start clearing out. I'd use the advice of doing the candida cleanse. However, in the long run, diet and probiotics is going to make the most difference. If you want to eat yogurt, get some that doesn't have a trace of sugar in it. Also, don't eat any kind of bread that has yeast in it. Spelt or Kamut bread is safe but they take some getting used to. Good luck.

if assuming that you take the entire course of treatment, and your yeast infection always comes back. can we also assume that you are married with normal sex life? if this is the case I would talk to your husband and see about him getting treated also because what is actually happening is that you are treating your infection and you gave it to your husband probably before you even know you had it and then he is reinfecting you with the infection again. I think men respond differently to yeast infection so they usually do not know they have 1. try this and see what happens

When one has a yeast infection, the body is over-run with yeast. Getting the body back into balance is needed. Check out a diet to get rid of candida to eliminate it. There are herbs that will also assist in the process. See an herbalist or naturopathic doctor for assistance. One needs to be persistent to be effective.

I had a similar problem, almost 18 months of treating and recurring. My GYN suggested that it might be something that my husband and I were passing back and forth( not an STD, just a bacteria). He tested positive for the same bacteria and was treated the same time I was. I haven't had it since.
My husband was never symptomatic, he was just a carrier. You might ask your GYN about it.
Good Luck!!

Are you taking acidopholis? Have they ruled out an allergic reaction? Have you tried boric acid capsules? Your dr should be able to prescribe them for you and you can get them at a compounding pharmacy. You could also try putting yogurt inside the vagina.
Good luck.

Is it possible that you and your husband are passing this back and forth? If so, perhaps he needs to be treated too or you will keep getting it. Also, do you drink water, urinate and wash down there after sex? Doing these things really help me. Hope you figure it out. That's no fun at all!

This may sound odd but it works!!! Get some plain yogurt, bring it to room temperature and apply. Also eat yogurt once or twice a day. It worked for the females in my family. Good luck and God Bless

Have you tried acidopholus? Sounds like you need to restore the proper bacteria balance in your system. Raw goats milk would help also.

First I want to say thank you for asking about this. I have had times of super itchyness on the outside but not inside too so a lot of the information people have given is stuff that I think I may try too. The thing I have found to help me is taking a peroxide bath. What you do is you fill the tub with the hottest water you can stand and then pour 3 bottles of peroxide in with it (this is for a full bath which is nice because it helps heal your skin in other ways too). You can do just a shallow bath for just down there too and use less peroxide in balance with the amount of water you have in the tub. Doing this once a week helps a lot. During an itchy time you may want to do it more frequently as you feel you need it. Good luck finding the right treatment for you and God bless.

Boric Acid is a more effective natural way to handle yeast. You can't rely on it all the time and need to do some research before trying it. Ultimately you probably need to change your diet and stay away from sugar, dairy, and processed foods.

Acidophilus (not sure of spelling). You can get capsules at any health store. Take them once a day and it will keep the yeast infections away. Just note that the capsules have to be refrigerated after opening. Also watch you sweet intake. Sugar feeds yeast.
Hope this helps.

I know how hard it is to get rid of yeast.
You want to solve the problem for good? It is one of the hardest things to do!
1.SUGAR! Get yourself off of sugar. That is what feeds the yeast.
2. Get yourself a powerful Probiotics. Sprouts, Wild Oats, Wholefoods sells them. When you finish one bottle, buy a different brand. You have to shock your system for about 6 months.
3. Watch what you eat. High carbs: white flour, white sugar all feed the yeast. Even fruit. You can have kiwi, granny smith apples and watermelon. Other than that, you have to limit the sugar that you eat.
4. Eat plain yogurt every day.

I hope this helps!

I had a similar problem a few years ago and found that a few days ( or weeks if you need it) of diet modification worked for me. Yeast feed off sugar, if you can keep from eating sugar for a few days the infection will work itself out. That means NO sugar, no bread, only meat and veggies. It can be really hard to stick to the diet but just remember if you cheat once its not going to work at all. You have to cut all the sugar and carbs out. It usually only takes two to four days for me.

Hello E.
I have had the same problem in the past. I decided that maybe i just had sensitive skin even down there. I started washing my underwear alone without any soaps just hot water! that seemed to help. I have even tried some sensitive skin detergent that seems to be ok! Also I learned from my doctor that you shouldnt stay in a wet bathing suits any longer then when you are done swimming!! Good luck I hope this helps!

Not sure what it might be, but do you use any latex products? like condoms, diaphram? Undies with latex in them (spandex). The latex can cause a sensitivity or allergic reaction, and it can present itself as a yeast type infection. Check any products that you use and make sure they are latex free if that is the case. Good luck

Just read part way down the list - I don't deal with actual yeast infections but did talk with some friends just this last wknd and the one who deals with chronic yeast infections said baths were a no-no (the warm water encourages it to grow and it'll only get worse after the bath even though the bath itself feels good.) Take showers instead.

Also - just a thought or suggestion to try - try cotton underwear, cool/breathable clothes (especially in this hot climate). Good luck!


hi! just wanted to add my two cents! frequent yeast infections can be a sign of high glucose (sugar) levels in the blood...so, just as a precaution, i'd have your physician check you glucose level and run a test called hemoglobin A1C (will look at your average glucose levels over the last three months)...a quick and easy blood test that could give you an answer. if your sugar levels are high, and you can get them under control, then the yeast problem goes away.

hope this helps!

Has your husband been treated? You could be passing it back and forth and he may not even have symptoms. If that's not it, you should get tested for diabetes and metabolic syndrom. The added sugar can help you be more prone to yeast infections and lower your ability to fight cronic infections. I had one throughout most of my last pregnancy and I was borderline gestational diabetes, when I cut way back on sugar it cleared up. Eat lots of yogurt with active cultures, they have acidophilus suplements if you don't like yogurt, and cut back on your sugar intake.

If this has been going on for a long time...I'd try to get some cultures done....to see if there is more than one bug causing the return of symptoms. This has got to be getting really old. I had similar roller coaster problems with bacteria...then yeast, and back and forth. If you have to find a doc with more expertise or thoroughness, do it. More drugs without knowing what is going on is a waste.

This might sound like too easy of a fix but make sure you are not wearing too tight of pants. (even if it is just in that area) You need room to breath and air to pass through. With sweating increased in the summer and your body trying to lube against friction it can cause similar symptoms to that of a yeast infection.

Maybe check with your Doctor to see if it is a Group B infection (beta strep). Those can also reoccur and have similiar symptoms as a yeast infection. Group B is treated with antibiotics, which can then cause an actual yeast infection...fun! I went through reoccuring Group B infections about five years ago and I haven't had any more in about four years. Good luck.

I don't know if you have tried this, but there is a pill you can get at health food stores called acidophilus that really helped prevent my yeast infections. It does not relieve symptoms but does help the occurance of them. Hope that helps!

Well, looks like you got TONS of advice on this one. Here is an article I read once that had lots of info. I don't get yeast infections much, so I haven't tried any of the ideas myself, but you might want to read them and give something a try. Here's the link:

Good luck! Yeast infections take quite a struggle to overcome!

I had the exact same problems, and went to many Dr.s who diagnosed it as a yeast infection. I finally went to a specialist who took a sample of my skin, and it turns out it was strep B, not yeast. I was the same way as far as no problems on the inside, just the itching on the outside. Strep is sometimes cured with antibiotics, but my Dr. recommended i just let it run its course. Good luck

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