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Wrinkled Wedding Dress Train

My daughter is getting married in 5 weeks. I have been keeping her wedding dress at my house. She tried it on to make sure that it still fit perfectly. It did! The only problem was that the 3' long train was wrinkled. We cannot take it to the store where she bought it, because they are no longer in business. It is very decorative with pearls & lace, so i am afraid to even try to iron it. Any suggestions??????

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One of my businesses is a professional event planning company, so I have a little experience with this- I would NOT do it myself but take it to a professional dry cleaners to steam and stuff the entire dress so that by the time she is ready to put it on just before she goes down the aisle, it's ready to go. You can wait until the week of to do it or do it now - the dry cleaners that do this on a regualr basis have techniques on how to pin the train so it does not re-wrinkle.

Good Luck!

this is what ask.com suggest:
■Remove shallow wrinkles with a hot hair dryer and or a hand steamer. Do not try to press or steam wrinkles away while bride is in her gown. HOLDING DRYER CLOSE TO FABRIC MAY CAUSE DAMAGE. DO NOT USE STEAM ON SILKS THEY WILL CRINKLE.

maybe call a cleaner and ask what they suggest is my own suggestion.

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Hey C. maybe steam will work.
Good Luck

Put it in the bathroom so it can enjoy the humidity from showers AND get a hand held steamer. You will love how the wrinkles just fall out. Steamers rock! They freshen curtains amd bedsreads and make ironing a chore of yesteryear. I love the little handheld thingie PLUS it cleans grout (floor and shower) without any chemicals.

Bed Bath and Beyond. Use one of the coupons we get in the mail and you will save! Good luck.

If it's not to badly wrinkled you can hang it in the bathroom and turn the water on hot hot hot. The steam should help the wrinkles to fall. You are just steaming the dress, not getting it wet at all.
Otherwise you can call any dress shop/bridal store and I'm sure they will press it for you. Just call around the for the lest expensive place.
Hope that helps and enjoy your families special day!

Don't panic, I worked in retail and we had a steamer, yes now they sell them everywhere, Bed Bath and Beyond, is one of them get the big one, that comes with a stand where you can hang the dress from and steam it from under, meaning inside out the wrinkled area, wait until is nice and hot and some steam has came out for a few minutes you will get the best results that way. Good luck have fun!, if you can't afford to buy one, just bring it to an alterations shop, they will have one, and they will be glad to do it for you for a small fee.
C. Martins

I got my wedding dress at Brides of Venice and they where wonderful! I would call them, they might be able to steam it for you. Enjoy the wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take it to a bridal shop that does alterations (does not have to be the place you bought it), or to a place they recommend for alterations. They can steam it for you. Or, you can purchase a hand-held upright steamer at Walmart for bout $15 and do it yourself

Fabric steamer. No need to even touch the fabric. Test on where it won't show to make sure the steam doen't stain the fabric. Better to ask at your dry cleaner. Best wishes to the bride and her mom.

Hi C.,

I worked in a bridal shop years ago and you need to use a steamer to get the wrinkles out.

If you have a corner where you can put a hook in the ceiling (like one you would use for a hanging pot) you need to hang the dress so that the train is allowed to hang.

You could check with another shop. They may be able to steam it for you for a fee... or try a dry cleaner.

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