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Wow! Cable Bundles VS. AT&T Bundles-Which Do You Have and Why Do You like It?

I am requesting information and experience from those who use Wow! services. I am currently an AT&T Bundle pack customer and have been working on reevaluating the finances in the house. I know I pay WAAY too much for ATT&T. My monthly bill for internet, TV and Phone is always around $145.00 a month.

I'd like to hear some feedback on those who have subscribed to WOW! cable--How's the internet for you? Slow? I've been having issues here with the DSL that AT&T offers. My video streaming is slow and so is the rest of the connection. I know there has to be more to it- Why do I pay for something that makes me aggravated?

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Wow! (HAHA, Pun intended) I have read and re-read all of the responses and will take time to go through all of them again with my husband. AS it stands now, WOW is the same price as AT&T and I'm looking for a less expensive route to take rather than a lateral move. My options are still open though to WOW. Thanks so much for all your comments and experiences. I guess I'll just have to take the time and research more options out there. However, keep posting, I'm still coming back to read all of the great comments.

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My parents have been using WOW for years. If it was available where I am, I'd get it.

We have DirectTV and we have had no service for the last 7 days --dish got moved in the rain and hubby hasn't had time to fix it. I'm so sick of it, but I can't bring myself to pay the price of cable.

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Hi I.,
I have not heard good things about WOW. Most people I know that had it got rid of it. Call me or email me and I can give you a free quote from all of the suppliers in this area.
Talk to you soon!!! M.
###-###-#### ____@____.com

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My parents have been using WOW for years. If it was available where I am, I'd get it.

We have DirectTV and we have had no service for the last 7 days --dish got moved in the rain and hubby hasn't had time to fix it. I'm so sick of it, but I can't bring myself to pay the price of cable.

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Hi I.,

My name is A. and I have a tecom business with 5linx. We do offer each of these services using the latest technology at a low price
The home phone service is $24.95/mth. This is an unlimited service which includes calls local/long distance calls, and mobile calls anywhere in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.
Includes UNLIMITED landline calls to 75 calling areas throughout the world
Includes unlimited local and long distance calls to other GLOBALINX® customers in any location worldwide.
Includes Voicemail, Caller ID and many other calling features.

The cost of the internet service depends on your location, but it is normally around $50-60/mth.

We offer Satellite plans that start at $29.99/mth.

I know with the economy in the state that it is we are all looking for reliable services at a good price. Take a look at my site under products, and I am sure we can find you a package that you can be happy with and that is well under the cost of what you are paying at this time. My website is www.5linx.net/L389545.

If you have any questions you can reach me at ###-###-#### or send me an email at ____@____.com.

I hope this helps.

We've had WOW for the past 5 years. We had comcast when we first moved here and the internet was for the birds. It was constantly out. They would say it was an issue at our house and then tell us it would be days before anyone could come out. Then the internet would suddenly be working. WOW offers different levels of internet service(speed) based on your needs. My husband works from home so we have one of the higher levels. It rarely goes out and the few times it has where it hasn't been an outage they have been able to help us over the phone. Our cable has never been out that I can remember nor the phone. Also we have called several times when we have seen advertisements with better rates and they have always adjusted ours to that.

Hi I.. We switched from Comcast to WOW about a year ago and saved about $50 per month. No problems with WOW. The internet seems fine, and the only problems with the cable are getting used to the different channels! The installer was neat and friendly also prompt and efficient.
I think you will find a large savings if you call and get a quote for service.

I am having the same problem with AT&T and I am frustrated that they won't let me bundle my service together for a discount.(I have Directv and home phone also) I did a poll on Facebook asking if people thought I should switch to Comcast. 100% of them said no! So, I feel stuck overpaying too. If you find a solution, please share it with me. I don't enjoy paying for subpar service.

We just switched from an AT&T bundle to a WOW bundle a month ago when we moved. Our main complaint with AT&T and really the reason we switched was the slow DSL internet - it was terrible. WOW internet is SO much faster - I would definitely recommend it over AT&T's DSL. We're paying about the same, but that's more because my husband wanted to add channels. The only thing I don't really love about WOW is the dvr service. It just is not that user friendly. Phone service has been fine (we hardly use it, but have had no problems the few times we have used it).

We just switched to u-verse from AT&T and have been very happy. It is cheaper than comcast. We have phone, internet and TV for 100 bucks. After 6mo 130, still cheaper than when we had comcast and now we have 200 channels and DVR.

AT&T have been so good to us in tha past. If serivce has been down or problems they have given us credits.

I don't anything about Wow! Cable but I'll gripe with you regarding the options of At&t & Comcast. It's crazy how much it costs! We have Comcast and I looked into switching to At&t and there's no difference whatsoever in pricing. The only time there's a deal is during the first year and then they raise your rates.
I know people who contact their provider and have been successful at maintaining their "bundle" for the introductory rate so maybe that's what you try. Threaten that you will switch altogether if they don't want to work with you and they'll give you that rate.
I also have a very good friend who walked away from cable altogether and joined netflix. With the new digital streaming of television, you get a lot more channels than the old days and they are crystal clear. THat's a huge step and I'm sure would take some getting used to but they've managed and happy saving that $$.

Never heard of WOW, but I would try to talk at&t down. Let them know you are considering changing providers and be nice about it and they may give you a break for six months or so. That's what we did with comcast. AT&T is not available in our area (even though they keep sending us offers which they can't do).

I have wow basic cable and internet. I left at&t and comcast because of the expense. I do miss comcast because they have more basic channels and their 24hr news channel,but it was the expense. I have not had a problem with the internet since I had it.I like it better than AT&T.

What channels do you have? If you have all the cable channels it will run higher. We have all cable channels excepts Spanish and it is way more then your bill now.

In case you may not have known...

WOW does not have it's own internet infrastructure (wiring, connections, etc.). WOW leases from Comcast, AT&T or whatever is in the neighborhood. In other words, if the connectivity is bad or unreliable with another provider it won't change if you switch to WOW because it is the same hardware.

When you look at a bundle you need to look at what each item costs you individually.
Now you should be able to get basic home phone for $25.00 or less, including caller ID. If you have voice mail get rid of it and buy a basic answering machine. Many people are going to Magic Jack for their phone and it only cost $19.99 a year for phone.
Internet DSL can be purchased for DSL starting at $19.99 with AT&T. it all depends on the speed you would like to what the price will be.
Cell Phone service you need to look at one thing, so you use all your minutes each month or do your children just text everyone. If you have to many minutes you can try redoing your package but I know that if we cut our minutes in 1/2 we would only save $10 because we have had our package for such a long time.
As far a cable in concerned you need to look at all your options. Do you need more than the basic cable. You have teenagers and many do not spend that much time watching TV, they are more into the internet, game systems and texting than watching TV.
Our family chose not to go with a bundle. We checked out each individual item and found it would be cheaper for us to go with individual items than a package.
* We have basic land line for $24. with caller ID. (AT&T)
* We have basic cable with Comcast.
* We have our internet through Other World Computing (OWC) at a cost of $21.00 per month for meduim speed DSL.
* our cell phone is with AT&T but are paid for through the business.
I would say though if you were going to bundle, I would go with At&T. Get U-Verse if you can, stay with AT&T for cell phone and internet. But consider Magic Jack for your land line.

There is my 2 cents.

We were with COmcast for many years and the cost just kept going up and up and up!! Finally it hit $215 and I was done! The WOW! sales rep was working our neighborhood so we signed up. We lowered our monthly cost to $124 and that's with HD and one of the faster internet levels. We have had it for probably close to a year now and it's been really good, no complaints.

The saddest part is that when I called Comcast to cancel (after probably 8-10 years) they didn't even ask why we were cancelling!!! Insulting.

Go with WOW!!

I was just having this discussion with my husband. We have AT&T internet, phone, and Dish network bundled together. I cannot say that I am overly thrilled with our service considering what we pay. Our bill is an average of $155 monthly. Considering the humdrum channels we get on Dish and the lackluster internet speed, we have been thinking about switching to Comcast. My parents have Comcast, and they pay about as much as we do (well, their bill is more but they have upgraded services that we do not have at this time) with much better service. Their internet is fast. The only problem they have had with phone service is when the cable has gone out (which has happened 3 times in varying lengths in the past year). Thus, I believe that I am going to switch to Comcast--I am just going to wait to see if any great deals are offered for the holidays!

p.s. Congratulations and good luck on returning to school! I know how much courage and stamina that takes! I have yet to finish my final project at NEIU! Speaking of NEIU, as much as I believe that I have received a great education, I feel that their departmental administration sometimes leaves something to be desired. (Granted, I was enrolled in the College of Education.) My advice is to keep copies of important paperwork!

I don't know where you are.....but down south of Chicago we have Mediacom, they are great........we have hd cable, phone, and great wireless and it all cost under $100.00 a month with taxes.

I've had Wow for about 3 weeks now and I don't have any complaints on their service. I also have a neighbor whose had them for over 2 years and she loves them. I just dropped Comcast. My bill with them was $220 a month before taxes. My bundle package with Wow is $104.00 a month for cable, phone and internet and i have 200+ channels. Even my setup was a great experience. If there were something I would complain about it would be the On Demand Service. As a former customer of Comcast it just does not compare.

We don't have the ability to choose Wow! here, but wow, would I switch in one hot minute if I had the chance. A lot of our family in Michigan has them and loves them. (We have Comcast, which is OK but way overpriced.)

We spent an evening comparing all the different bundles from all of the different choices. We ended up going with At&t U-verse. We do like it very much, but you need to pick what is right for you and your family. There are so many choices, you need to determine what things you have to have and what things aren't important at all, and do a process of elimination. After you decide, all of them will offer you some type of sign up bonus. We got $100 cash back, 2 months free HBO, and free installation. Be picky, and you will get what works best for you.

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