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Would You Have Your 3 1/2 Year Old Have an Adenoidectomy?

When we took our 3 1/2 year old daughter (whose been suffering with chronic sinus/allergy problems since she was a few months old)to an ENT doctor, we were told that because her nose is always draining, she keeps developing sinus infections, and no matter what kind of allergy/sinus medicine she takes nothing will work because her adenoids are kinda large, that it is probably best to have her enlarged adenoids removed. We were seriously considering her having the surgery at first until we researched and saw that adenoids usually shrink on their own by the time a child is 5 years old and also their purpose is to fight infections/bacteria.

I really would like my duaghter to get some type of relief from always having a sore/raw nose, fevers, having to take numerous antibiotics, and constantly breathing through her mouth. Would you have the surgery or just wait?

Is there anyone whose had an adenoidectomy or know someone that has? We're considering visiting another ENT doctor for a second opinion.

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Thank you moms for all you advice on the Adenoidectomy!!! After reading all of your responses and hearing what the first ENT had to say, my husband and I decided to get a second opinion. Low and behold, my daughter xray's said it all. Not only did the results show her enlarged tonsils, but the true size of her adenoid as well. Her adenoids were so large they had grown behind her nasal passage. She didn't have much room to breath, which explains why she was always breathing through her nose and had multiple sinus infections. In order for our daughter to get some relief, we decided to go through with the surgery (an Adenoidectomy and a Tonsillectomy). It took about an hour and we believe it was the best decision. Inspite of her little sore throat, she's well, she can breathe and she will longer have to suffer with numerous sinus infections, fevers, and a running/stuffy raw nose. The only thing that we regret is, not having this done sooner.

Thanks again,


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My son had chronic ear infections and had tubes put in his ears at around 18 mos. The infections got worse. I finally took him to a pediatric ENT and he suggested removing the adenoids and tubes. His theory was the infection was being "stored" in the adenoids and he was getting worse instead of better. He told me he might need tubes put back in, but we'd see. His ear infections stopped completely. He's had 2 in the last 3 years. I would do it again in a New York second. He didn't have tubes put back in. He's been a much healthier little guy.

I know it's a difficult decision. I would definitely seek a second opinion with another ENT, preferably a pediatric one. He had so much better "bed side manner" with my son. My son was at ease with him from the beginning and so was I.


Hello S.,
If getting an second opinion will make you feel better than by all means do just that, however: My 3 yr old had a tosillectomy and an adenoidectomy this past December. She has been snoring, drooling (in sleep) since birth, breathing problems(was diagnosed with asthma) AND was also diagnosed with mild sleep apnea (she would stop breating at night). I was told by the ENT and her pulmonologist that her tonsils and adnoids were enlarged, which was hindering her breathing, they unanimously suggested they be removed. My baby has a serious lisp and if you didn't know her you could not understand a word she said. I know of a similar case where my coworker was told that if she put off coming into the docter her daughter may have died because her breathing was almost 100% constricted, by her enlarged adenoids. None the less, the operation was really quite quick and simple, it took just a little bit longer cause she had her tonsils removed as well. She spent one night in the hospital, for observation because of her age, I slept in the bed with her. She was on pain meds, so she was out of it almost the entire rest of that day. But woke up the next morning and ate eggs and a lil sausage, lil oatmeal. It took about two days for her pain to subside, I chose to give her tylenol, but she fought me with the pain med. After that it was business as usual, she got a little tired easily for about the first week, she was suppose to be taking it easy anyway. Her breath was horrible, an expected side effect, for about 3 weeks or so. Her speech has greatly improved, and all is well.

At 3 1/2 my son was having the same problems and his were blocking 80 % of his airway. His doctor removed his Adenoids and left his tonsils. He has been a different child from the minute he came out of anesthesia! I wish I'd have done it earlier. He is six now. His doctor was Mehendele in the professional building at Centennial Medical Center. We really liked him, and have never had to go back to see him. Good luck!

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I would highly recommend it. My little girl had hers out at 3 years old, due to the same problems. She was also suffering from bouts of croup. I have to say that since we had them out, we have not had very many problems at all. The adenoids do fight off infection, but when you have constant infections and allergies problems like our girls do, they become covered in mucus and infection.

It was a very easy surgery. She was up and playing without pain meds by the afternoon. The dr. that we used was Dr. Timothy Trone ( Medical City Dallas) good luck!

J. S

There is a clinical nutritionist in Wichita Falls who would be able to help you with this. She may even help you avoid surgery. She is on Ave K & Kemp if you're in the area or you can reach her at ###-###-#### or email ____@____.com website is www.advanced clinicalnutrition.com. Give her a call! She can help!

MY daughter had this done when she was right around 3, she always had ear infections. She wasn't talking before very much, a week after the surgery she was saying elephant. i dont know if your little girl is talking a lot but if she is having chronic sinus infections it would be better to have it taken care of now because my husband has always had chronic sinus infections and and got polops in his sinus cavities and had to have surgery for that. My daughter did just fine with the surgery and has not had any problems with infections. I the end it is yours and your husbands final decision. But i have always thought it was well worth it. she was the last one in to have surgery an the first one to leave. I think it made her feel that muh better.

We had my little boys adenoids taken out and tubes put in his ears when he was a little over 2-1/2. He was having cronic ear infections, on antibiotics all the time, on Singulair for over a year (over 100.00 a month prescription). Singulair worked to keep the ear infections at bay but when it stopped working I was just throwing money away. I didn't want to have to pay for surgery but it came to the point where I felt it would be cheaper. The ENT said that the adenoids were like a sespool and the antibiotic would work but not clear all the bacteria out of the adenoids. A vicious cycle. Anyway... We had the surgery done one morning. It took all of 20 minutes to take the adenoides out and put tubes in both ears. We were home by lunch. He ate lunch and played for the rest of the afternoon. Amazing thing that I was not expecting from the surgery... my son had had a runny nose for months, the day of the surgery it was running, when we got home I noticed that it wasn't running anymore. And it hasn't since. Well unless he is crying. I was just expecting a relief in the ear infection department but was thrilled that he no longer had a runny nose. It is so unattractive when you want your baby to be the cutest baby. I felt it was worth it. My son also sleeps better and has more energy. Also have your daughters hearing checked that may help your decision. I'm sure there is fluid behind her ear drums that is not letting her hear well. That helped me make my decision. Hope this helps.

I had mine removed at 22 months (tonsils and adnoids do the both at the same time) and I just turned 32 so everything was fine. I am not sure that it helped with sinus and allergies(still have them) but I had chronic ear infections and tonsilitis and it helped with that. Get a second opinion from another ENT. And if you do decide to have them removed the younger the better..........i have no memories of having mine done.

My son was about 15 months when he had ear tubes placed and an adenoidectomy. He is now almost 3 years old and doing great, still has the ear tubes in. It was a day procedure, and we were home within a couple of hours. He slept for awhile after we got home, but got over it very quickly. I can't necessarily say how well the adenoidectomy helped, because we started him in daycare a couple of months after the surgery, and he started getting sinus infections all the time. But overall, I think the procedure helped him. Hope this information helps!!

Yes! My daughter was having the same issues when she was 2 and we had the surgery. That was 6 years ago. The day surgery was quick and it cleared up the chronic sinus issues.

Hi S.
My cousin is an ENT near Las Colinas medical center. Please please make an appointment with him and go get his advice. He is smart, brilliant, and a wonderful Christian man. And loves kids! :)

Here is his name and office number
Dr Byron Mullins

Also my son had his tonsils and ads out when he was 2 b/c they were so huge they were meeting in the middle and causing sleep apnea. Please make sure your daughter is not stopping breathing during the night. Keep us posted on how she's feeling!

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