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Would You Ask Neighbors for Money?

My immediate neighbor behind us has a 9 yr old son who is an only child. The parents are very reserved & never have tried to get to know us in the 8 yrs we've lived here. Their boy comes over several times a week to play.

A few weeks ago the boys were in our basement. My 7 yr old son was sitting in a kids shopping cart while their boy was pushing him around. I guess the boy got a bit wild whipping my son around & my son flew out of the cart & busted his ear on a piece of wood. The kids started screaming. I went down there & my son was laying on the floor with blood all over. Thank goodness the blood was from his ear being split open & not from the inside of his ear. He obviously needed stitches. My other neighbor was over & took my girls home with her so I could take my son in, he got 9 stitches.

I just got the Dr bill for almost $200. November & December has been an extremely expensive month for us due to other medical bills, a baby shower for my sister, books & fees for my daughter in college etc. I am cringing at this bill & would like to ask them to pay for half. What do you think, would you ask for the money, or suck it up?

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

It didn't even cross my mind to ask for the money UNTIL my SIL told me I was crazy not to ask them to pay the whole bill. So her and I posted this question.

I am also glad to see that some of you fellow mammas are on top of your children with a watchful eye 24/7, seriously "you should have been watching them better"!!! The kids were in the same house as I was, you make it sound as if I was down the street partying. Who's 7 year old is attached to their mamas hip?

Personally, if the roles were reversed, I would have offered to help pay for the bill. I guess I am in the minority on that one.

My SIL is shocked that the majority disagreed with her. Oh, and the bill has already been paid, by me. Thanks

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Accidents happen. I would not ask for money either but no, I don't feel you were irresponsible as a mother. It happens. Hope he feels better.

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I'd suck it up.
It's not like you were unaware what was going on.
It's called an accident.
Kind of like the cost of doing business for raising kids.
It would be nice if they offered, but they haven't.

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Suck it up. I don't mean to sound harsh, but if the kid's were being supervised properly by you, this might not have happened.

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Your son = your bill.
I was surprised that you would even think to ask seeing that it was your son who was injured in your own home...? Yikes, this puts another spin on play dates and reinforces the importance of knowing the parents of your kids friends.

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Nope, this was your basement. Your child got hurt under your supervision. It was an accident.

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Nope. It was on your property and the children were in your care. Perhaps they needed supervision.

Hope your son is okay.

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I think you just have to chalk one up too Murphy and swallow it! Thank God it wasn't more serious or wasn't the neighbor's kid and they're not coming after you.....

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No, I wouldn't ask a neighbor for half of the medical bills. They were playing in your house under your supervision. I would take responsibility for my own child's medical bills unless she was run over by a car or intentionally hurt.

The fact that he is an only child, the parents are reserved, you had a baby shower or books to buy are irrelevant. Don't cringe at the bill...arrange payments. It could be so much worse.

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I would not because he was under your supervision.

Also, I would not turn it in under homeowner's insurance because your rates will go up.

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Nope she doesn't owe you any money. Nor would I offer any if this were my kids. Both kids were equally responsible for this accident. Again, I understand boys but I would be curious if your son had "gotten a bit wild and whipped" the other boy around. Here's the deal, they were playing roughly and someone got hurt.

My daughter was at a friends house and they were throwing a ball in the room. It hit the light cover and the glass fell on my daughter and cut her on the chest. She needed two stitches. I never asked them for money, I offered to pay for the light! Of course, that was rejected but you see my point? Its the cost of having friends over with our kids.

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I have not read the other's posts, but I will tell you that I don't believe that you should ask them to pay.

Accidents happen. That's why we have medical insurance and homeowner's insurance. Getting away with only paying $200 is great - you are lucky.

They don't HAVE to pay. She watched your kids so you could take him for medical care. That was kind of her. At least you didn't have to pay for a babysitter.

Honestly, if I knew that about your SIL, I wouldn't let my kids near her and I wouldn't step foot on her property. I would be afraid she is one of those sue happy people.


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