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Worst Chronic Diaper Rash EVER

Hi Moms,

I am actually asking for a friend who hasn't signed up here yet...
Her 11mo baby girl has had chronic diaper rash since pretty much birth. It gets raised, blistered, and VERY painful to the point where she has to go without a diaper often and sit in oatmeal baths on a regular basis. The Dr. keeps prescribing antibiotic creams, but it keeps coming back. She has also had issues with vomiting her whole life. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience so that I may pass it on to her. Personally, I am convinced it's an allergy of some sort - but she says she's done elimination diets to try to figure it out. She also uses cloth diapers that she cleans herself and is currently trying chlorine-free disposables to see if it helps. She was in New Jersey for about 3 months, and I don't believe it was an issue there...such a mystery and we feel so bad for the poor baby since it is very painful...
Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Food allergy. Likely dairy, soy, gluten and/or corn.

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That poor thing. It sounds like she is really acidic. Air is the best thing. This sounds crazy but here it is... After bath time let her play on a sheet naked and slather her rear end with Boudreaux's Butt Paste (Wal-Mart) put a fan facing her bum and have her lay there under the fan for 15 minutes. Give her some books/toys to keep her busy. THis worked well for my kids scariest of diaper rashes. Do this once per day and then keep her butt slathered with desitin between diaper changes as it sounds like her gastro tract is just full of acid. MAKE the doctor check her for allergies, request a referral to a pedi gastro doctor. Good luck. CB

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Try baby bottom butter. You can get it here: http://www.fullcirclebaby.com/catalog.php.

Also has your friend tried to use cloth diapers? My oldest daughter had chronic diaper rash until we switched to cloth diapers.


A few suggestions:
She should have the child tested for food allergies/intolerances. (especially look at gluten, dairy and soy)
She should try an antifungal creme - sometimes the really bad diaper rashes are yeast, and the antiobiotic cremes don't touch that.
For diaper balm - look for one with as high a percent of lanolin as possible.
Try having the child sit in a lukewarm bath with a small amount of apple cider vinegar mixed in - it soothes the rash - I know it sounds strange, but it worked for my kids.

It has already been suggested, this child needs to be tested for allergies. This just follows the pattern every step of the way.

Along with the other suggestions, see if your friend can let her child go without a diaper for long periods of time. I know it can be messy at this age, but this little girl needs to dry everything out. Maybe put her in a playpen with a plastic mattress cover and then 100% cotton sheet. Throw some totally washable toys in there and let her play naked or just bottomless.

Hi M. as crazy as this sounds a yeast medication might work. Yes the over the counter Monastat. My son use to have diaper rashes and broke out worst with most diaper rash medications corn starch was my only cure and HEB brand diapers. He was unable to use huggies our pampers brand.

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