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Worried About My Health, but Too Scared to Go to the Doctor!

Ok, so I know this sounds crazy, but I am trying to get an idea of what is wrong with me BEFORE I go see a Dr. I just don't want any suprises and I fear the worst. Basically I have always been regular with my period, up until my son was around 2 yrs old. He is 8 now. At that time I stopped have regualr periods and before I knew it I wasnt getting one at all. That went on for a couple of years and I would just have one maybe once or twice the entire year. Now for the past 3 years I havent had a period at all. Honestly I dont miss them, but I am wondering if its bad for my body to not have one. What I am more concerned with is why did I stop having them. This is what is keeping me from the DR. I am terrified its something horrible, and I am really bad about "outta sight, outta mind". I know weight gain/ or loss can mess your cycle up, but this started occuring before I ever put on weight. My husband I have wanted another child, but I cant get preggo, which I am certain has to do with the fact that I am not having periods anymore. I am 29 years old and this started when I was about 22-23. At this point, I am also embarrassed to go the Dr and tell him/her how long this has been going on. Anyway, what I would like to know is if anyone has had similar things happen to them, even if it's bad, I want to know. I think this will help with the anxiety I am having about the Dr.'s. I think maybe I feel like I have some sort of idea whats going on, then there wont be any shocks or suprises! I would really appreciate any advice you all could give me!!

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A good friend of mine had a similar issue. Ultimately, she ended up having a large uterine cyst removed and she is now well into her next pregnancy! Yeah!

Could be endometriosis. Do you have any pain in any specific location?
I experienced this. Only, by the time I was diagnosed, I had to have a total hysterectomy.
Please write back to me.

I would suggest to go see my doctor...he is terriffic! His officeis in the Woodlands, is that near you?

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Yes for a about a year I did not have a period at all, because I have thyroid disease (Hypothyoidism), this is wear my thyroid does not produce enough hormones throughout my body. People can have this and not know it because the symptoms can be due to other things and people just over look them. Here are the symptoms I had when I went to the endocrinologist and found out what was wrong. Hair loss, my hair fell out when showering, when brushing when doing nothing. Not like a clump of hair but enough to wear I was having to unclogg my shower drain weekly. And I noticed it all on my shirt like I was shedding. Also I was overly tired all the time I felt like I had no energy at all. Irritability more so then usual, bad leg cramps (charlie horses) that would come at least 2-3 time a week if not more and hurt for days afterwards. This diseas can also cause fertility problems and if gone untreated can lead to other serious problems. Other conditions related to this disease is hear palputations (feeling as your heart is flutering), high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depresssion. But if treated properly and monitered regularly then you would not have anything to worry about.

Hope this helps and if you need to get check for this disease please make sure to go to an endocrinologist and not a regular doctor. There is a very specific way to detect this and if not done properly it may be overlooked. My regular doctor checked me for this a year before I was diagnosed and overlooked it from not knowing how to properly test for it.

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I wanna say I'm sorry that you have been going through what all you been through,but I haven't had all those symptoms but I've had a couple.I had the irregular periods and also I was taking birth control and I stopped taking them and it has been a year or so that I haven't taken them.I haven't got pregnant yet and right at this moment isn't the right time for that anyways.Just go ahead and go to the doctor's and find out what's going on with you before you find out that it's something really bad you know.I hope that everything is okay when you go and that they don't give you any bad news. Keep us posted on what happens.

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I never had anything quite this severe; however, my periods did become quite random. Along with it though, I had other symptoms....such as, hair loss, altered appetite, fatigue. I was diagnosed with PCOS and hypothyroidism. It kept me from getting pregnant for almost 9 years....now i am expecting a beautiful baby boy in May! Your problem is this.....you have got to go to the doctor! Yes it has been awhile, but it could be something easibly treated! Why suffer the anxiety and heartbreak when the answer is one short visit away?

I wish you the best and hope that you put your fears behind you...not only for your sake, but for your families.


First of all I will agree with you that it is somewhat scary not knowing. But honestly sit down and take a long look at your son, and think, if something was terribly wrong and you have the chance to correct it so that you wouldnt die, dont you want to do every thing possible to be healthy and alive so that you can watch your son grow up??? Isnt he worth life itself, he needs his mommy and he needs you to be healthy. Second of all you know they have found that having a period in not a must anymore and that is why they have birthcontrol that takes away your periods. Though being your husband and you would like to have another child you need to put on your big girl pants and march your butt to the doctor and figure this out. We as women are the strongest and can get through anything and remember you are your biggest advocate. Speak up, get facts and take charge. Your son needs his MOMMY!!!!!

Could be endometriosis. Do you have any pain in any specific location?
I experienced this. Only, by the time I was diagnosed, I had to have a total hysterectomy.
Please write back to me.

Go to the doctor!!It won't go away putting it off. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Have faith and your fears will fade. Know you are loved!!

Hi, there! I can relate entirely to your story!!!
In my 20's I stopped having periods and after awhile finally forced myself to go to the Dr.
because I wanted to have a baby.

Ammenorhea (absence of periods) is not uncommon and can have many causes. In my case it was an INCREDIBLY stressful job working with sexually abused children and their families.

OK, enough about me...Chances are there is nothing seriously wrong with you. Hormonal imbalance or something like that. In my case the Dr. prescribed Provera (synthetic progesterone). My period started 10 days later (after the course of pills).

I am not a medical professional ( I am a social worker), but my father was a physician and my mother was a physical therapist. Even so, I was TERRIFIED of going to doctors and always convinced that everything was going to be terminal!

Don not be embarassed about going to the doctor-he/she sees things like this all the time.
This all happened to me when I was 28.
Make an appt. after you get a recommendation for a kind, female OB/GYN. Take a friend with you or your husband and be open with your fears with them.

You will be fine. Pretend that it is your son who needs a check up and reassure yourself the same way you would him, "Don't worry honey-everything is ok".
Good luck-I know what you're going through. I had that baby at 28 and then another one at 38!! I'm now 50!!!

Wishing you good health and freedom from anxiety!

Suprises????? You have got to know something is not right. You should just go in. Many times you hear that people end up having to face something horrible that many times if caught early enough would have been no big deal. I myself had a little problem before my children that could have prevented me from having any children. Thankfully I am pretty regular about checkups therefore we found it at the earliest stage possible and guess what... Due to my first child I never had any procedures and no signs since for over 6 years now!!! Better early that late I say!

It sounds like polycystic ovary syndrome. At 20, I stopped having periods and gained a bunch of weight. That went on for over 10 years. Like you, I didn't miss periods either...but the body needs to shed that tissue. This condition is treatable with drugs and/or surgery. In my case, metformin helped for a while- for the associated insulin-resistance. Interestingly, when I dropped a bunch of weight by body kicked back in doing what it is supposed to do. But don't worry too much (if that's what it is) because the condition is treatable. Note- I am not a medical doctor- just sharing my experience with you.
M. N

I'm not going to talk about all the possible reasons you could be having problems with your period; I want to talk about the bigger issue. I saw the title of your request and just had to click on it and read the entire thing because I, too, have a fear of doctors and worry about all the "what if's". I don't know where this fear comes from but it's very real and I completely understand what you're talking about. We tried for years to get pregnant but couldn't so I finally worked up the nerve to go to a doctor. I am so glad I did; they didn't fuss at me, there was nothing life-threatening going on .. they worked with us and we went through fertility steps and a year later I got pregnant. Now I have this precious little girl and I already had a wonderful son and I've come to realize that I'm being selfish by not standing up to my fears and taking the very best care of myself that I can .. for their sakes. They deserve a mommy who will be here for them and who will be her healthiest so that she can enjoy playing and being an active part of their lives.My sweet mother had the same fear that I do and when she started having health problems she was too scared to go to the doctor. When she finally did work up the nerve to go it was too late. She died less than a year later. Her life was cut short because of fear, pure and simple. It breaks my heart that fear consumed her life to the extent that it took her life. And I've been letting fear consume me for years, but I've finally just convinced myself, "how bad can it really be?". The odds of being told something horrible are small and even if I AM told something horrible I need to know so that I can take care of it early. My mom didn't see me get married, doesn't know my children, and has missed out on so so much. I don't want that for myself. I want to see my children grow up and see my grandchildren, and grow OLD with my husband. So, I just say a prayer, stand tall, and go to the doctor. I know God is with me and that's all the comfort I need.
I think you WANT to go to the dr. since you asked all us moms for help, so do your children, husband, and yourself a favor...call the doctor and just go see what's going on. I can almost promise it won't be as bad as you think. *smile*

A good friend of mine had a similar issue. Ultimately, she ended up having a large uterine cyst removed and she is now well into her next pregnancy! Yeah!

I had the same sort of problem before I had my daughter 2/1/2 years ago. Since I was about 16 I had very irregular periods. When I did get one it would last one or two days, be very light. I would get very bad cramps and breast pain though. Anyhow, the dr. tested my hormones and I had VERY low estrogen. At that point I wasn't getting a period at all and I was worried that it was bad for me also. She reassured me that it was not. She put my on estrogen for one month (only one month though b/c you don't want to take it too long b/c of the risk of side effects) and that made me able to get a period so we knew that was the problem. She then changed my birth control to a high estrogen pill and I would still have months where I didn't get a period. When I went to try to get pregnant she told me it would probably be hard b/c of all of that. I went off my pill, waited a month before trying, and then ended up pregnant the first month and in total shock not expecting that and not prepared. It was a good thing though. Now since I have had her I have the Mirena IUD and have not had a period since the first month I got it put in. I love it. Enjoy it while you don't have one if that is the way your body works. I was freaked for awhile like you too but learned that its okay. You do need to go to the dr. though. Also, if you are having trouble conceiving it may be something more???? Go, don't be embarassed, that is their job, I promise you they have seen worse and heard worse. Always remember that! Ha!

I too have had this problem since I was a teenager(as does my older sister). When I went to the doctors for it, they put me on birth control to regulate my periods. This worked. But if I stop taking the pill I don't always have a cycle. I also have a history of ovarian cyst's, and the birth control seems to shrink them. You really should go to the doctor, it could be something as easy as what I just described. And there is no reason to be embarrassed. Most moms don't take care of themselves, as well as they do there children. And if you are anything like myself, we always come last to our families needs. Good Luck.

I am an LVN and have held a license for 10+ years. No matter how scared you may be, it is always important to have annual check ups. I agree with the other response that stated if you have a good OB-GYN, he or she will not make you feel ashamed for not following up sooner. NOW is the time to get medical attention. DO NOT hesitate. With today's illnesses, and all the information that is out there, don't wait any longer. Get an appointment ASAP with your OB-GYN.
T. P.

At this point wouldn't it be better to know instead of worry? Your body obviously has some serious hormone imbalances. You need to get to a doctor asap to get this resolved. Your doctor should be understanding-or you need a different doctor. Also, keep in mind that you are a role model for your son-as far as taking care of yourself. Take a deep breath, call for an appointment. There are many people praying for you!

The most important thing is to take care of your child's Mother! If it were your child, you would take him right? That said, there are many factors that can change periods: changes in hormone levels, rapid weight shifts, stress, and then abnormalities. You could have thyroid problems, endometriosis, or your hormone levels could just be messed up from the pregnancy and never balanced out. It could be as easy as getting on birth control pills to start you up again. Since you haven't mentioned acute abdominal pain, I would guess that it is a simple hormonal/thyroid thing. As for the doctor, it is simple enough, you didn't go before because you didn't think there was a problem! No big deal, just go now because you are starting to see that there is one.
I will keep you in my prayers for strength, peace and health!

I would suggest to go see my doctor...he is terriffic! His officeis in the Woodlands, is that near you?

I've never had the same issues with my period that you describe, but my ob-gyn has told me that it is not biologically necessary for your body to have a period, and not having one doesn't cause any negative effects. But you should definitely look into why your period just stopped like that. That doesn't sound normal. Good luck!

Please, please, please don't look for the "dark side" without knowing for sure that it is a really serious problem. Yes, you do need to see a doctor, not only for your welfare, but also for your husband and child. There are a lot of small "complications" that a woman your age can experience, but yet are not "serious" as your expectations. Just be honest w/the doctor and I am sure he will find out what is going on. You are way too young to be having this type of problems. Look to family history, your mothe, grandmother to see if there is some type of genetic connection as far as female problems. I am not a medical specialist by no means. I am a mother of five and grandmother of 19 and trust me you owe to yourself and your family to find out what is going on. Just pray about it and ask God to help you through it. There are all sorts of things that could provide an answer. You have my thoughts and prayers w/your problem.

B from Texas

Hi M. w,

Sorry I don't know what is going on but I am also going through that. I started right after my 3rd child. After she was born in 2005 I started having my periods every 2 months then now it's every 3 months. Just like you, I thought this is great! But just last month I thought it should be good to go get checked out so I have my appt this month. Don't be embarrased you really need to get that checked out. You are very young and you shouldn't be going through that. You might just need to get on birth control so your periods can become regular again. Let's see what Dr. Hilliard tells me. Take care

Don't know how far you are from Bryan-College Station. Dr. Royal Benson III helped me tremendously, and he is very very nice and professional.

I would go check it out. It could be something as simple as a thyroid imbalance. When I was 19 I started missing periods while I was on birth control. I took pregnancy tests & was not pregnant and I was losing weight. (With thyroid problems, some people gain weight, some people lose weight.) I could not figure out what was wrong. I went to the doctor & my thyroid was WAY off. I'm 32 now & it just takes 1 little tiny pill a day to regulate something that became such a big problem for me. Good luck with your doctor's appointment.

couldbe early menopause, probably not what you want to hear as you would like another baby......you really need to check this out in cas e it is something they cvan help with. Unlikely to be anything resally horrible because it has been going on so long (!) and you donm't report other problems......get your hormone levels checked, it's a first step if you are having problems getting pregnant anyway (-:

Fear is a terrible thing it can keep you safe and it can also stop you in your tracks. You need to face them so that your children can learn to face theirs! Never be embaressed to go to a doctor. Remember they have always seen worse things. I pray that you will conceive another precious bundle of joy IF you go to the Doc's. My prayers are with you to have the strength and courage you need. Take a loved one with you so you'll know you aren't alone.

This could be pre-menupause, which can start in the early 20-30's. But you need to go to the doctor!! You need to remember that your neglecting not just yourself but your family!!

Trust me the Dr's have seen it all.
It could be a a pretty common fertility problem called POCS polycycstic overy syndrome. Basically you go into menopause early. If it is more serious you need to find out. Early detection is always the key.
I waited 10 years before I went to the Doctor for my fertility issues. I did get a initial lecture from the nurse about pap smears every year, it had been 7. But so what I ended up doing invitro and now have 3 children.

I know the embarrasment of going to the doc after a long absense, but a good OBGYN will do his or her best not to make you feel any worse than you already do. My OBGYN is wonderful (Dr. Mary Poag - ###-###-####), but she's out in Clear Lake (I see you're in Spring). May be worth the drive, though! I found this website about missed periods, you may want to check it out (nothing scary!).


Best of luck,


Hi M.. You have something that sounds similar to what I have or had. Please do not take this as a diagnosis, but more of a comparison. My periods had been as you descibed from puberty on. When I was in college, I just got on the pill and 'outta sight, outta mind'. When I got married and wanted to have a baby, my OBGYN referred me to an Endocronologist. They suspected I had a 'mass' on my pituitary glad, which can cause an increased amount of prolactin to be produced. Your body thinks you are nursing, but you are not. After a CAT scan, it was confirmed that this was the case. I started taking a drug call Bromocriptine to balance out the hormone levels so that I could get pregnant. It's a nasty drug to get used to, but once the body adjusts, it's not a problem. As of my last MRI, I have been told that the mass is gone, probably due to taking the meds. My prolactin levels are still high due to unknown causes, but I've been told it's nothing to worry about. If you find this is what you have, please stay in contact. I remember looking for some sort of support in trying to get some perspective on the condition, but found nothing.

I really don't want to alarm you but you really need to get into the doctorit is not normal for someone your age to be going thru this. I have a friends sister that did not have a period for two years and told her sister and they ran some labs and she ended up having a tumor. So you really need to get checked out. You will be in my Prayers, if there is anything else I can help with please let me know. Let me know something after you go to the doctor. S.

Please don't feel bad. I have the same problem and I've had this problem for 15 years. As of yet I haven't found one doctor who can tell me the cause. I've had physicals and tests but everything has always came back normal. No one else in my family has ever had this issue either so it's not inherited for me. I just don't have a regular cycle. About 7 years ago I wanted another baby but wasn't able to conceive so I went to a fertility doc & took lots of meds that didn't help either. I quit taking the meds, decided 1 child was enough & actually made plans to take him to DisneyWorld the following summer when I started getting sick and feeling like my stomach was on a roller coaster. Went in for my annual check up and found out I was 6 months pregnant. Mind you at this time I had gone 2 years with no period. Don't be embarrased to tell your doctor. If nothing else the exam and tests can help ease your mind. I do use http://www.mymonthlycycles.com to help me track my periods. I find it hard to remember when the last one was since they are very far and few between. My prayers are with you in this. Feel free to email me if you want to talk to someone who has and is still having the same issue.

not having a period is not bad for your body, having too heavy of periods is! What concerns me is that this has been going on for so long , your still very young and you still haven't been to the dr. !Trust me , the dr. has seen stranger cases than yours and he might talk about it to his friends, but he is a professional and won't belittle you to your face for not coming sooner! What if it is serious? are you going to wait until you have no options? seriously "GO TO THE DOCTOR!". pretend that was your Mom yelling at you! lol, the very best of health to you, God bless

Don't be embarrassed but also take tare of yourself! Forget about the fact that you've waited too long. Doctor's I'm sure have heard worse. Having said that, get your purse and go girl. It's probably just a hormone imbalance and can be corrected with bio-identical hormone therapy. If you've entered menopause at least you'll know where to go from here. I had a friend without periods for years too and it turned out to be a hormone imbalance. It was corrected. I doubt it's anything serious since you've waited so long and your health has remained intact. Also gluten intolerance can make women go into early menopause - check if you have an allergy to gluten (it's in wheat). Good luck. I hope you go to the doctor soon so you can feel some relief.

GO TO THE DOCTOR. Not because I think that your condition is serious, it's probably a hormonal problem that is readily corrected with hormone therapy. It's because regular GYN visits are very, very important. I have had atypical cervical dysplasia (in my early 20's). In my 30's I had a disease called Bowen's disease (a form of skin cancer in the vaginal area which needed to be cut out). Two years ago, I had a cervical cancer scare. It turned out to be precancer and was easily treated in the doctor's office.

Bottom line - my Gynocologist said that he has only seen two cases of serious cervical cancer in his 30 years of practice and both were in women who did NOT get regular exams. I am living proof that yearly exams improve your quality of life. If I hadn't taken care of the problems I've had, I could be facing some serious problems today. Instead, I am normal and healthy.

Plan to get regular annual exams and mamograms. It is the best thing.

And..... Good luck. I'm sure you will be fine.

Hi. My husband is an endocrinologist and I work in his office. It sounds like with a few simple blood tests, you could figure out the problem and most likely solve it with a pill. Don't worry about how your look in the doctor's eyes. They see people all the time who are scared and have put off going to the doctor. They are trained to deal with it (or they should be). They really are only focused on helping you with your medical problem and not judging you as a person.

Good Luck, D.

I had the same problem but it happened before I got pregnant. I did go to the doctor and she told me that the testosterone levels in my body were too high but they never got around to fixing it because I got pregnant. It was very strange. Everything is fine now and I'm on a birthcontrol to regulate the periods. So I don't think it is going to be somthing horrible, and I think it's a good idea to go to the doctor immediately because whatever it is the sooner they figure it out, the more likely it is that they can fix it. So don't worry and go to the doctor, they're going to help you out.

It could be something as minor as your thyroid gland being a little out of whack. That is easily fixed with medication. Also, your thyroid plays a pretty big role in helping to keep your hormones regulated which may have something to do with the fact that you're not getting your period any more and having trouble getting pregnant. Thyroid issues are very common in your 20's and 30's especially for women. But...the only way to know for sure is to go the the doctor. I would head to your OB/GYN as soon as you can. One type of Thyroid disorder can also cause excessive weight gain. To test whether or not your thyroid is working correctly all the doc needs to do is a simple blood test.

Hope this helps releive some of your anxiety!

I had all these symptoms before I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. I went 2 times 10 months each without a period and I stunk to high heaven down there. Now some docs think that no period is okay but my grandmother says that it is dangerous because a womans cycle is helpful to clean out a lot of toxins in your body, thus why I stunk..... But seriously go to the doctor. It may also be a thyroid condition. Either way you need meds. My newest OBGYN is Dr. Rawson here in The Woodlands. He actually is very knowledgeable about PCOS and I know if it is not that Dr. Rawson is still a very great doc. His office is across from Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Medical Plaza Building. Good luck and God bless.

Hi M.,

I too had the same problem and was worried as you are now. But you don't have too. IF your problem is the same as mine it would be caused be an elevated Prolactin hormone level in your body. This is caused be a benign tumor on your pituitary gland. DON'T WORRY. It is a very common thing. There are meds to treat it. And the meds actually help pregnancy. I have had one child and one on the way since being diagnosed. But make sure you see an Endocrinologist. I can recommend Dr. Robert Dons in San Antonio. Awesome doctor. Very knowledgable. Good Luck. And see a doctor as soon as you can.

It could be as simple as thyroid problems. Go to the doctor. You have a responsiblity to your child and husband to stay healthy. Start with your GP and ask for a routine physical.

You need to GO to the Dr. TODAY. It could be a simple hormone thing that is keeping you off balance in the period department. It isn't good for you body to not have periods at all (unless you're in menopause, and at your age, I doubt that is the case.) You will not be the first woman to ignore irregular/missing periods... I was one of those as well, and didn't go until I wanted to get pregnant. I guarantee your problem won't even be CLOSE to the worst thing your doctor will see that day. And, you won't get pregnant until you get this taken care of. Don't worry, just call and make your appointment TODAY.

You could actually have a hypo-thyroid. I know that if untreated it can affect your periods and make it hard to get pregnant. It could also explain weight gain and many other symptoms. Bottom line...you need to go to the doctor, tell them all of your symptoms and get some treatment for whatever may be causing you to not have periods. As mothers we often neglect ourselves to take care of our families, but we have to remember to take care of us too, or we will have nothing to give to them.

Good luck!

My advice would be to go to the doctor. You never know if could be something very simple that the doctor could he you fix easily. If there is something wrong wouldn't you want to know so you could do something about it. The earlier you get a handle on most medical problems the easier it is to take care of them. Try to tell yourself that whatever is causing the problem the doctor will be able to fix. There is no reason to be embarrassed. Good luck!

Since you live in Spring, I recommend going to the Nativity Women's and Birth Center. I had my second child there and still go there for check-ups. They are very kind, understanding, and nurturing. They believe non-invasive procedures whenever possible and are technically better than other OB/GYN's I have been (I am 44 and have 3 chldren). If they need to refer you on, they have doctor's that they recommend and have a relationship with. I think the office and atmosphere would be very comforting and unintimidating to you. I have a terrified of doctors as well and only go as a very last resort. But this is the time for you to go, especially since you want to have another baby. The best of luck!

Sounds like low thyroid to me. A thyroid check is a great place to start. Here are the EXACT tests that you should have done; TSH, Free T3, Free T4 and thyroid antibodies. Don't bother with a thyroid panel.

I would recommend that you see Ms. Kwak NP at the 1960 office of Internet Medical Clinics if you can. She will do the exact tests that you ask for unlike most other doctors, especially endocrinologists. She will also treat low thyroid with T3 and T4 when most doctors treat with only T4.

Here is a great website to read if you are interested in doing your own research: http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/

S. S

i havent had this with me but i think that wether it is bad or not that you should go to your dr because you have a child that needs thier mother and you want to make sure that you are healthy so you will be able to be a part of his/her life.

Oh sweetheart...more than likely it is just a hormone imbalance. Which hormone it is can be determined with a blood test. But get yourself an appointment with an OB/GYN and if it isn't something they can help you with they can point you in the right direction. Getting it straightened out will make you feel so much better over all. Any doctor worth his salt should not make you feel bad about waiting so long...but good that you came in to see them. Let us all know how you are doing!

The worst possible thing you can do is NOT see your doctor. Whatever is going on will not simply go away if you ignore it - it could get worse though without medical intervention though.

Most of the time, what is really going on isn't nearly as bad as what you mind can cook up. Once you find out what is going on you can get it treated and move on. The worrying is probably not helping the situation. Just make that appointment and get it over with. Good luck!

Go make an appointment and find out what's wrong. You will feel a lot better. The more you drag your feet, the more you'll worry. You're not going to be able to accurately self-diagnose and you may be overly worrying over something very simple. One thing is for sure, your body is trying to tell you something and it's a hormonal thing so be brave and make that call. Take your hubby or BFF to the appt for moral support.

One note on endometriosis. I too stopped having periods and then they would come and go always with pain that was getting worse all the time! I was diagnosed endometriosis. If this is your issue, please don't think that endometriosis automatically means an hysterectomy. You can get it treated and you can become pregnant and have a baby. I've had three surgeries for Stage III and Stage IV of the disease over the years. I was told for my first surgery that my endometriosis was so bad that there was a very good chance that I would need a hysterectomy once they got in. I don't believe in giving up body parts and I wanted a baby so my deal with my doctors was that they can do what they can in surgery but they absolutely cannot do a hysterectoy without me knowing FIRST. I will not wake up fron surgery to a surprise! After that, he knew better than to even mention a hysterectomy as a treatment option. LOL!

You don't always need to get a hysterectomy with late stage endometriosis although beware, a lot of doctors chop at the bit to do them to "take care of it" and you may need to have one if it's invaded other organs. I know everytime we moved I would have to start the process of filtering doctors all over again. Also, some women would rather have one and be done with things and sometimes scar tissue becomes a problem. But I've also found out through the yeats that a lot of women don't necessarily know that there a tons of treatment options. True, it's considered an incurable disease and a hysterectomy will definitely "cure" you but thee are ways you can live with it peacefully. Oh, and pregnancy puts it into remission. If this turns out to be your issue, seek a doctor who specializes in it - believe me, they are not always easy to find but are well worth the search. My first question I ask while interviewing new doctors is "Do you believe the way to deal with Stage III and IV endometriosis is with a hysterectomy?" If they reply yes, move on. If you can't find a good doctor, I can recommend one for you who will work with you to control the desease and work with you and your husband to get pregnant. I'm not in the medical field but I have lived with this disease since I was in my mid-twenties. I'me 48 and I have not had ANY problems for the last ten years. Yeah!

My friend has the same problem and it has a lot to do with her Thyroid. She has to now take medicine for her Thyroid which was also causing a lot of weight gain for her. Now her weight has returned to normal but her periods are not completely back. Her endocronologist said that they may never be the same, but her gynocologist says that is OK to not have a cycle each month. She will just need to take Clomid or Serophene to help her ovulate when she is trying to conceive in the future. Go see a doctor...you should have an annual exam from a gynocologist anyway! Take good care of yourself now, you are too young to not be aware of what's going on. Your body is telling you something is not right, so go shed some light on the problem and the result/treatment will probably make you feel so much better!

Please go to the doctor. It could be something simple, or it could be something very serious. I understand your fear and embarassment of not going, it is definitely not the most pleasant thing in the world to do. I felt the same way as do many of my girlfriends. However, it is the ONLY way you will find out what is wrong, how to "fix" it if it needs fixing, and doing it sooner, rather than waiting even more years, might just cause whatever it is to get out of hand. I would want to be there to see those two beautiful children grow up, wouldn't you? Please go to the doctor.

I work for a doctor and I think you need to be seen. It is
not good for you to keep prolonging your problem. You could
have something seriously wrong and the longer you wait the
worse it could be. Believe me I really hope everything is Okay but like my father always said if you don't go then you
won't have to know what is wrong, and I always tell him back
that if you dont' go and the longer you wait and something is wrong then it could be too late to get medical attention.

Do you have other symptoms? I know you said weight gain. What about others, like possibly hair growth (especially on the chin), thinning hair on the scalp, darker skin around the neck, fatigue, etc? I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and the periods were the first to go really irregular for me. I'd google PCOS and see if you have any of those other symptoms. There's no cure, but there are ways to manage it. And although I haven't been able to get pregnant with it (we adopted, but are planning on doing in-vetro this time around), I know of several women that have been able to conceive after managing the disease. Good luck!

There could be all sorts of things that may be going on. But the treatment may be as simple as taking a pill. My sister had the same problem and with a couple of test done she found out that it was just a hormonal imbalance and that could also be why you are not getting pregnant. Some docs refer to the use of birth control as others want the strong hormones. Dont be scared it will be over with sooner than you know it.

Hi M., Amenorrhea is the name given to the condition when a woman fails to have menstrual periods. The condition is known as "primary amenorrhea" when the woman has never menstruated; and "secondary amenorrhea" if her periods cease after having been regular for months or years. If you have been menstruating for years and suddenly miss periods for a few months, you have secondary amenorrhea. Many women of reproductive age experience this at some point in their lives. There are several possible explanations for this. Pregnancy,although this does not appear to be in your case, stress, obesity or you could be taking a medication that suppresses menses as a side effect. More serious problems, such as tumors or disorders of the pituitary gland, also can cause amenhorrea, but they are rare. Anorexia nervosa, Cushing’s disease and other conditions related to pituitary insufficiency or thyroid problems can also be at the bottom of your condition. A thorough medical history can usually reveal the cause of amenorrhea in about 85 percent of cases. I am a wellness consultant, with a certification as a detoxification specialist. I highly recommend that you consult with you physician to determine the cause. If, once the cause is known, you would like to use natural therapies to correct this, you may e-mail me at ____@____.com, women who fail to menstruate, appear to be at a higher risk for osteoporosis. There are natural therapies that can be used to help rebuild bone, or prevent the loss of bone. Nutritional supplementation is far more safe that prescription meds, i.e. natural progesterone.Also, I highly recommend that you read the book "Iodine, Why You Need It Why You Can't Live Without It" by David Brownstein, M.D. The population is getting barely enough to keep from getting a goiter. Iodine/Iodide is needed throughout the body, not just the thyroid. Most patients do not see improvement with Synthroid because their body is not synthesizing the inactive T4 (Synthroid) to the active hormone T3. Dr. Mercola (www.mercola.com) also mentions "review of the literature reveals that patients with untreated celiac disease sustain a significantly delayed menarche, earlier menopause, and an increased prevalence of secondary amenorrhea." If one has Celiac disease, a change of diet can help tremendously.
There is so much more to discuss that it would be far more beneficial to discuss by phone. I hope this has been helpful to you. Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

You need to see the doctor! You say you want another baby? Then you definitely need to have this checked out--it is not normalto not have a cycle in that long. You say you have gained weight--how much? Usually, it would be a drop in weight that would cause one to stop her periods, not a gain of weight--but there could be so many other things involved, depending on your weight gain, ie, could you have diabetes? This could effect your cycle. Don't be afraid or embarassed--this is why we have doctors. Just don't put it off any longer! Think of your son--he needs his mom around! At the very least, you need to have a PAP smear once every 2 years, and you say you have not had a period in 3 years--you need to go to the doc ASAP!

Sweetie you are going to have to just go to your doctor, it could be a number of reasons. The longer you wait something that could have been solved easily maybe more serious the longer you wait. Thyroid, diabetes, early menopause, stress, cysts. I don't wont to worry you but my aunt went thru the change at 29 her mom my grandmother 31, my mom 34 after she had me she never had another, my mom's mom 37, my sister 37 and me 36. We were all thru having kids and it didn't sadden us nor did we have a hard time medically but for someone not finished having kids couldn't be easy. At this point its just best to go to the doctor so you can take your next step instead of being stressed about it everyday. Don't worry about what your doctor thinks about you waiting so long, tell him everything he's heard everything once or twice already. Good luck and I do pray that its something easily treated.

This could be from nothing wrong to something seriously wrong. Why would you put your health/life at such a risk when you have children! We are not doctors - go to a real doctor to get real advice!

You should definitely go to the doctor - even this week if possible! I get embarrassed about time elapsing between visits too - but doctors never fuss as I would expect. You may want to look up information about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). It's a hormonal condition that stops you from ovulating...and therefore menstrating. It can also be characterized by weight loss or gain, facial hair and a host of other symptoms. It can make it difficult to get pregnant, but it's not necessarily impossible. Your OB/GYN will be able to help you manage it, if this is indeed what you have. Main thing.....GO TO THE DOCTOR, SISTER!!!

Have you tried logging on to WebMD? They have an area where you pick an spot on a body and it gives you questions to answer, then it tells you possible problems and what you should do. Might be a good start before going to the doctor.

Please go to the doctor. I have been through this too, where I didn't have my period for several months, and then I gained a bunch of weight. Turns out I had endometriosis which is easily treated and controlled. You'll feel so much better. And never feel ashamed to tell the doc anything, I am sure that they have heard it all....

First let me give my disclaimer and tell you I am not a doctor or any other employee of the medical field. However, I have had problems with missed cycles. It could be one of a few things. Here are some options: 1. Fibroid - usually they make you have heavy periods, but the opposite can also happen. If you don't have abdominal pain, it's probably not this. 2. PCOS - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Small cysts around your ovaries cause irregular periods and cause you not to ovulate, thus can't get pregnant. Pretty easy to treat with medication. Nothing real alarming. 3. Elevated Prolactin Level. Prolactin is a hormone that naturally increases when you are pregnant. If this hormone is elevated and you are not pregnant, then you won't have periods, your breasts may leak, etc as if you were pregnant. May be caused by a tumor on your pituiatary gland, or could just be elevated on its own. Taking the RX Dostinex reduces Prolactin level, regulates your period, and helps in your chance of getting pregnant. I've dealt with all of these issues and after 6 years, finally had a baby. Medicine is so advanced now, you shouldn't worry too much. Just go to see which issue you have and be open to treatment and medicine. The longer you wait the harder it may be to treat or correct.

OK, before you get totally crazy about all the possible things it can be try a little experiment. Go to the health food store and get some supplements for menopause. This doesn't mean you are in menopause but your body may just be lacking some important vitamins or minerals they need to regulate your system. I went through this in my late 30's and actully developed my own mixture, which is now available in one easy capsule. You may have to take like 3 a day, most natural supplements are like that. Take them for about 3 months, if nothing changes or you get worse--then go to the doctor. Don't worry about what he/she will think, it's your health that is important. Now for the bad news, if the supplements work you may be stuck with a period up into your late 50's or 60's. Go luck and let us know how it works out. PS. This is a good source of action for anyone who is having irregular periods, just to make sure it's not as simple as a chemical imbalance. With the way most of eat it is very easy to throw our systems out of wack. Good Luck.

I think that it would be wise to go to the doctor...i dont think you need to feel embarresed at all. I was thinking that if you had started a srenous workout routine that could have something to do with it but not to go on this long. I am a two time camcer survuvor and have 6 childen so I know where you are coming from with the outa site outa mind...but believe me you wan to go find out what the problem is if there is any at all...Remember that your son needs you. I cant imagine my life without my kiddos..they gave me strength when I thought I had none. Take care and may God Bless you.

K. Lee

Any other symptoms like sleepy, hair thinning out, hard to concentrate...if so, sounds just like my underactive thyroid that showed up after my 2nd child. If so, go in and tell them you want bloodtests for T3, T4 and TSH. It just means going on artificial thyroid hormone. - J.

Of course you cannot get prenant again, because you need to have your cycle in order to know you are fertile.

I would go see the doc asap. You may need to supplement with some hormones for a very short course. He will want to do some exploring with a laparoscopy and give you a D&C to get things started again. It's really a very minimal intrusion. It is an outpatient procedure and you end of with basically a band-aid on your belly button. But he will have to take a looksee at the very least.

DO NOT wait any longer!

I wouldn't want to cause undue concern, but I certainly wouldn't suggest that you delay seeing a Dr. for another moment. There could be something very wrong with you, or a combination of things that are not so serious, but it is not normal to stop menses all together at such a young age, and the odds of you being menapausal are very slim because of your age. Please get it checked out as soon as you can, and think positive, it doesn't necessarily mean anything bad, but it is important that you find out . - L

Please go to an OBY-Gyn ASAP and be completely honest. A good doctor will comfort you. You need to stay healthy for your little boy. It is probably nothing too serious but you must have a complete physical including blood work. Your thyroid maybe off. Good luck.

Hi M. W,

Don't worry about what the doctor thinks. I would just go and bite the bullet. It's very common for women to have their cycles go wonky at times. There could be a number of reasons. It might be stress, it could be your thyroid levels affecting you. If it is, it is easily managed with medication but it is important to have it seen to. I understand your anxiety and know too well how overpowering that can be, but it is better to confront it head on and take control. Good luck. I hope everything works out for you.

You must go to the doctor ASAP. If not for yourself then do it for your son and husband. You want to be there for them over the next 20 years or so, so take care of yourself NOW! I suggest going to the Medical Center. I have a wonderful OB/GYN there. Her name is Dr. Waverly Peakes (unusual name but fantastic doctor). This could be a number of things from something serious to simply the need for hormone replacement medication.
Best of luck to you....
RN in Copperfield

I had a similiar situation. But, I had periods once or twice a year. But, when we wanted a baby we could not get pregnant. Went to my OBGYN and she said you olvalate when you have your period. That is way we were not getting pregnant. She put me on Clomid a fertilitly drug to make me have periods. It took about six months. With my second child it took almost a year. She was not to concerned about me not having periods. After all there is that new birth control seasonil or something like that were you only have periods four times a year. Go to the doctor though if you want to get pregnant.

I think this is the first time that I have responded to anyone, but you said something about weight gain.. Even if it started before the higher weight gain, it still could be a factor. You might want to look online for information about PCOS... if you have some of the other symptoms that could be the cause of the loss of periods (I know by my weight when mine are going to stop and start.. if I get up higher than a certain weight then my periods will stop).. That would also be the cause of the not being able to get pregnant. The PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome) is treatable and manageable. The medicine (Metformin) treats the symptoms and helps with the weight gain also... You might want to just look into it as a possibility.

I totally understand not wanting to go to the doctor...I am the same way! I have a friend that had very similiar problems. She was going through early meta-pause, however her doctor was able to give her medicine to help reverse this. Good luck!

Hi Worried about my Health. Go to the doctor. I had a problem with regular periods and I had a cyst on my ovary that they removed and I got preg. right away. Do not delay one more day. Go to the doctor. They are there to help but they can't help if you don't go. Tell him or her everything. They need to know.

Sounds like you may have a hormone imbalance. My name is Jaime Nguyen, RN, BSN and I am with a grassroots organization called, "Help For Hormones" and would be glad to talk with you more over the phone. Please email me, ____@____.com

The best way to test your hormones is through a saliva test instead of a blood test. I will explain why when we talk.Sounds like a lot of the ladies who responded have had similar problems. When your hormones are out of balance, you feel unwell and it does all sorts of things to the other systems in your body, like thyroid.

Look forward to talking with you soon.

Take a deep breath and just go to the doctor. Trust that everything is going to be all right. You have a wonderful family and they need you to be healthy and be with them for a long time. Do it for them if not for yourself.

YOu are probably going to hear this from near to everybody that responds, but if you haven't lost a whole lot of weight (fallen below 10% bmi) you may be looking at an awfully premature menopause. It is not unheard of for this to happen to very young women. - Not common, but not unheard of, either. I would say get in to your gynocologist and hope for the best. If you want another child and are having difficulty conceiving, you need to go see him/her anyway.

I truly hope that is not what it is, because that would be so sad - but I think they can stimulate ovulation with drugs for women who have begun menopause - but there still has to be something to stimulate - so really - please get to your doctor...

~ J.

When I was reading/researching hormonal imbalance to prepare for menopause I came across the info about the part nutrition plays in hormone balance. Women at younger and younger ages are ceasing ovulation and also ceasing their menses because of poor nutrition. Our American diet with all its hydrogenated oils; hormones from beef, chicken, dairy; lack of vine ripened fruits and vegetables; etc. is ruining our health. The advice I gleaned to help through menopause was to first get my nutrition right. I suggest you find a doctor that is willing to coach you in that area. I'm also including my e-mail if you want to respond to me, I have a niece that has had the same symptoms as you have. She found a doctor that worked with her nutritionally and she has had two beautiful baby boys. I know she will be willing to e-mail you if you're interested. She is a nurse in labor and delivery so has a great interest and knowledge. Hope this helps. D. (____@____.com)

I know it is scarry to go to the doctor, but you might consider going. I had a friend suprisingly who started pre-menopause in her late twentys. Go see the doctor to find out what is wrong if not for you but for your son and husband. Take care of yourself you are important to your family.

T. S.
San Antonio, Texas

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