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Worried About Getting Tonsils Out/tubes In! Any Good or Bad Experiences ?

Recently a friend sent out an email about how her year has started off with a BAD few bangs... and I was thinking to myself how fortunate we have been with our children and their health. Then we went to the Doctor today. I asked Emma's pediatrition if he could give us a referrel to an ear nose and throat doctor becuase her tonsils are SO huge and she breathes through her mouth all the time and it sounds like she is sick. That was the only reason we wanted to have her checked on other than ear infections.

After the doctor checked Emma today he suggested we stay and have a hearing test done becuase when he checked her ears there was fluid in them. We did the hearing test and Emma has substantial hearing loss in both ears due to have constant fluid in them. Amazing how two words can crush your heart and affect your thoughts on your parenting abilities. Our sweet baby has hearing problems and we never noticed it. TO be fair to ourselves we did know she was behind in her speech but we always assumed it was "second child syndrome".

SO we are now scheduled to go to Childrens on the 23rd so Emma can get her tonsils and adnoids removed as well as have tubes put in her ears. They are hoping that with the tubes draining the fluid her hearing loss will only be temporary and will return to "normal". They said that he tonsils being so large is the cause of her breathing so loudly and hard, the hoarseness or her voice, her ear infections and so on. She will have to stay in the hospital overnight since she is so little. SHe is a lover of swimming and she cannot even do that now until four weeks after her surgery when we have to get custom fitted ear plugs.

I know these things are routine procedures, but it is not so routine when it is your own child. I have a friend that went through the same tonsil delimna last year and her little one turned out fine and has been doing great. I felt bad enough when she was going through it but I had no idea....

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First of all, Thank you to all of you who have sent notes, stories, prayers, and love our way, it was greatly appreciated! Other Moms are the best friends we have when we are in need!
Wanted to let you all know that Emma's surgery was yesterday at 0945 and it took about 30 min and went off without a hitch! She was in a lot of pain when she came out of recovery but she has been a little trooper! She did a LOT of sleeping yesterday but she was drinking juice right away and eating popsicles. She even had mac n cheese and applesauce for dinner last night. She was a champ taking her medicines and putting up with having the IV all night. I think our biggest problem will be to keep her resting the next week. I'm told that day seven is when it starts to get hard though. Already her breathing sounds a lot better even with all of the swelling of her throat and sinuses. She still had a bit of apnea when she was in recovery but according to the nurse was able to recovery herself and correct it, when she was sleeping in her room I did not see her stop breathing once! It is too soon to say wether the tubes have helped her hearing a lot yet but she will have another hearing test at her follow-up visit with the doctor in a few weeks. I had no idea what to expect with the tubes but am happy to say I can't see them and we haven't had any problems keeping them dry when Emma had her bath tonight.
All of the nurses and other employees at Childrens were amazing! You can tell they really love their jobs by the way they treat the people there and I think that makes a big difference.
Now I am off to bed... amazing how you can get NO rest when your baby is sick!

all my love

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It really isn't that bad. My son is severely disabled and he did fine. I will tell you, sometimes adnoids can grow back, as they did with my son. He had his adnoids out and then 6 months later had his adnoids and tonsils out. We went to Fairview the first time and the Cleveland Clinic the 2nd time. He did fine both times.
Good Luck!

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I am a mother of two boys 9 and 5. My oldest son has had 3 sets of tubes in his ears, and it's the best thing that we have done for him. He does better at school and at home. I would highly recommend the tubes. He says that he can't even tell that they are there. He as alomost all his hearing back in his right ear, but still has the tube in his left, it has not fell out yet. Hope this helps you out some.

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My 3 yr old daughter had her tonsils taking out in Sept. Her breathing is so much better. Her snoring was so Loud she out snored her father. Come to find out it was because of her HUGE tonsils and adnoids. She sleeps so silently now. It actually scared me at first that I couldn't hear her sleeping.

Now as fas as the surgery, know that after the fact your daughter will not be herself. My daughter did not eat for almost a week after it because her throat hurt so much. Try as much as you can to get her to drink. Get her some drinks with vitamins and such. If she wants to eat or drink whatever give it to her anything will help. The more she swallows the better. It may hurt but it helps with the healing. Remember kids are resilent they come back with a flash.
Now my daughter has so much energy because she can finally breathe. If I had to I would do it again just to watch her enjoy life. Hope this helps!

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Get the tubes ASAP!!! My Emma also had the same problem. She was having "silent ear infections". Ear infections with no fevers. I knew she was also behind on speech and walking. We had already had her evaluated and she qualified for therapy for both. At her 18 mo. check-up we caught the ear infections with no symptoms. Went on antibiotic and with-in 2 weeks she was walking and actually started saying mama. Had tubes put in as soon as we could and she just became a different child. Catching up on talking and has been running for a long time now.
Also, about the swimming, One Step Ahead has special ear plugs and a band that fits around their head and covers their ears. The band works wonderfully and doesn't bother our Emma. Actually, after swimming a couple of times with it now she knows she has to have it on.
We have had our first set of tubes since last May and they are still hanging in there.
We didn't get tonsils out but with my job I have seen several who have gotten this same thing done and are in the hospital one night and do great with it. Good luck!!

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Hi there!

Had my son's adnoids and tonsils removed when he was about your daughter's age and it was the BEST thing we ever did. My son had a problem with double ear infections and upper respiratory virus. It had gotten to the point that I was diagnosing him for the doctor. It was the same thing every time we went to the doctor. We took him to a wonder ENT doctor at Akron Children's who determined that he had enlarged tonsils. Tried some medication to shrink them but it didn't work. He had the surgery and since then (knock on wood) has not been sick a day other than the occasional stuffy nose. I would recommend it to anyone. Just be sure to have lots and lots of popsicles and pudding on hand! That was his diet for the couple days after. Good luck.

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I know what your are going through, my daughter is 3 and on December 3rd she had tubes put in her ears. If her surgury isn't in the morning or close to it try to make it as close as you can since she can't eat. I went through the it's different because it's my kid thing too. Once she has it done you may not notice in the first couple of days but you will notice how much better she is doing a week or so after that. The doctors were great with my daughter. She had lost all but 10% of her hearing from her ear infections. She is now at 100% hearing. It will be great for her and you'll make it threw this ok.

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Hi M.,
We went through the same thing last year with my daugther, who at the time was 3. She had ear infections and fluid in both of her ears which also caused her to have some hearing loss. They removed her adnoids and put tubes in her ears. They kept her tonsils in but I think that they might be going this year. It is definitly a scarey time to have your child have any type of surgery. But my daughter was fine through it all and her hearing improved dramatically. As a matter if fact she kept telling us that things were too loud. The doctors know what they are doing. And they probably let you or your husband go into the operating room with her until she is asleep.(I sent my husband. Too emotional for me to see them put my daughter put to sleep.)
I hope that this helps and that your daughter will be fine.

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Hi M.! I have not gone thru the tonsils with my child, but my cousin did...her little girl just turned last fall - poor thing had back-2-back ear infections....and her tonsils where HUGE. So they took them out, adnoids for the second time and her tubes from earlier where still (I believe). The process was not rough at all. And trust me, she is a good girl, but when something is wrong - she let's you know! Anyhow, my cousin said the roughest part was trying to keep her in bed for a few days post-op, because she was feeling so much better. Good luck to you, hope it helped a bit?!

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My daughter had 3 sets of tubes. Hearing loss as well. She also had her anoids removed during the 3rd tube surgery. Our dr. said after a 3rd set he also removes the adnoids to see if that can improve ear drainage. After that she kept getting strep throat. Over and over so within 4 months she had her tonsils also removed. Best thing that could of ever happened. She has been healthy ever since! We are hardly ever at the dr. compared to being there about monthly from the time she was a baby. It seemed liked she was always on some form of antibiotic. I'll be honest. I wish she would of had her tonsils removed sooner.

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I don't have any parent experiences with tonsils out or tubes in. Tonsil and adnoid removal may be around the corner for my three year old though. Reading your question made me want to share information about First Steps. You may be familiar with the program but if not, you may want to look into it if your daughter is experiencing speech delays. First Steps is a program that provides early intervention services including speech therapy to children from birth to three years old who have developmental delays. Fees for services are on a sliding scale. To make a referral or obtain more information, call ###-###-####. I work as a service coordinator with the program and have been very impressed with the therapists.

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