Working from Home in the SUMMER!

Updated on August 05, 2009
L.H. asks from Glendale Heights, IL
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My husband and I own an Asphalt company. I take calls and do estimates for him, go to chamber meetings, network etc... My son is now going into 3rd grade and is more active and not as willing to sit quietly and read like he used to do. I have him in a couple of activities this summer but he really just wants to be with me and have all of my attention. I have tried to talk to him about the importance of our business is to us so I can be home after school for him and be around more instead of getting a regular timed job. He is not interested. I don't want to put him in summer camp because the hours I work are sporadic and he does not want to go anyway. Any suggestions?

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So What Happened?

Well now he is going into 5th grade and has accepted that the business is a priory at times, but we have special time for him. It is easier now that he understands the process of how the world works. He is extremely literal. and loves money so I need to be logical when I speak with him. He was also diagnosed as having severe ADHD, PDD-nos and ODD. So now I have a lot of new tools to work with since this post. I could not figure out this website until today ....sorry for the delay.

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What are all of his friends doing this summer? Are any of them doing a daycamp? That's the way I got my kids to go to them. Then I arranged playdates after the camp where we took turns and sometimes they would go to a friend's house and sometimes they would come to my house.

Another option would be to talk to one of his friend's mom and offer to pay her to take him a few hours a day.

That's all I can think of.




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Try a short term summer program~St Pat's high school has an excellent one with an emphasis in swim instruction that goes for 2, 3 week sessions & he may find he likes it or at least you will enjoy the benefits. I sent my 2 sons & daughter there every summer & they are excellent swimmers.
One of my sons always complained he didnt want to go, he wanted to stay home with me, too. I am glad I didnt give in to his whining & crying because he learned so much including social skills.


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Most of the daycares in the area have summer camp type programs....and the daycares may be flexible on when you bring your son. Our daughters are going into 3rd and 1st grade and they love going to Kindercare on Pinewood Drive and 143rd street. They do really fun things in the summer for the school age kids and generally do a field trip 4 days a week--Pump It Up, Splash Park, mini golf, bowling. Ms. Joan the director is awesome about flexibility in days, etc. I am an attorney and work from my home as well as do some contract work---often our schedule can be different every week. Ms. Joan has been great about having the girls there on different days. Often I find during the summers that the girls want to be there MORE days than I had planned. Ask different day cares about their arrangements and for programs for school age kids.



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My husband works from home and sometime I do too and it's hard for kids when they see you there and they want to be with you. She'd usually interrupt a bunch of times, and then finally we'd get irritated and she'd be upset. Also, we weren't able to get work done!

We usually keep our daughter informed of when we can have some fun and when she needs to leave us alone. We plan "game time." We also do our work in a separate room and she's not allowed inside save an emergency. We work for a few hours, then play for a little bit. It breaks up our day and she knows we are there for her and looks forward to our fun time.



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Mention the word work! Perhaps he can help somehow. Funny how they don't like that. Can you mention that he would have to help you with some things (be inventive) if he is distracting you? I remember children scattering with that issue. I'm sure you can come up with a few chores that he won't like. Plus that is plenty old enough for him to be involved with activities elsewhere and they do have free programs at libraries for instance.

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