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Won't Hold Own Bottle?

Is it strange that my 6 month old shows no interest in holding her own bottle? She's been bottle fed since birth and she used to sort of help hold it (when she was really young), but now she has no interest. Has anyone else experienced that? When should I expect it to change? I have a friend with an 8 month old who already mastered the sippy cup and I am worried my daughter is behind.

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Thanks so much for all the wonderful advice! I feel so much better!

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I have three kids 6,5 and 17 months and none of them ever held the bottle. I used to think it was because I breast feed for the first 6 months but now i think it maybe just because they liked the cuddling and intimate time with mom, so did i!! i am actually just stopping my 17 month old, she only gets it in the morning, because i love that cuddly time with her and i will absolutley hate to give it up. Looking back, i love that none of them held the bottle, it may have been a little tiny bit more work but in the end it gave me the lovey, snuggly time with my babies that is sooo short-lived!!

Actually, she is not behind. Camden, my son, didn't hold his own bottle right away, i think they like letting you do that for them. Don't worry it won't be much longer and she'll be holding it.

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I wouldn't worry at all. Don't measure your child's progress becuase another child is doing something first.. I am sure there are other things your daughter has mastered before other children her age. What kind of bottles do you use? Some companies sell little handles that click onto bottles. Avent does and they have sippy attachments to replace the nipple so they can practive with a familiar bottle. Check out sippy cups with handles. She doesn't have to use a bottle at all if she can use a cup instead. Good luck and with patience, your daughter will surprise you I'm sure. My son wasn't holding his by 6 months either.

Who cares if a child EVER holds a bottle? They are only supposed to have it until they are 12 months old so what does it matter? Mine never held it, they preferred that I hold it and frankly I enjoyed it. They are now 6 and 7 and have never needed the skill of bottle holding since infancy.

Actually, she is not behind. Camden, my son, didn't hold his own bottle right away, i think they like letting you do that for them. Don't worry it won't be much longer and she'll be holding it.

M., I wouldn't be worried. My daughter is 9 month old and when she was 6month she didn't hold her bottle either. Is there a lot of people who hold her bottle for her.(Mine has 4 older siblings.) We had to tell people not to hold her bottle. I know it sounds cruel but she could do it, she just didn't have to. Most of all trust your instincts. If it is really bothering you just mention it at the next doctor appointment. Remember, every baby/child does things at their own pace.

My friend had twins and the little girl would hold her own bottle and the little boy never did. It wasn't that he couldn't, he just really like someone being there and doing it for him. It was actually pretty cute to see their different personalities emerging like that. My son did hold a bottle at six months but I always thought that was really early and people would comment to me often about how little he was to be holding it by himself. My Mom's theory was that he never got enough milk from breastfeeding so he was starving all the time so that when I finally gave him the bottle he devoured it! (Don't you just love Mom's advice?) Anyway, now he's almost 2 and I cannot get him to drink milk from a sippy. He's great with juice in a sippy but refuses milk. Go figure - they're all different!

Hi M.! I have an 11 month old who just recently started to hold his own bottle. He just LOVED us holing him and having us give him the bottle. It's a comfort thing, I knew he COULD do it he just didn't want to. I put him down now and give him the bottle and he reluctantly drinks himself. But by a year they should definitely be doing this on their own. So, I am sure your little one just loves the comfort of you giving the bottle to her. My son also JUST started taking a sippy cup when my older one did this on his own at 7 months. They are all different and so special. Don't worry your daughter is fine. take care. enjoy your weekend!!! leah

My little one never held her bottle, I think she enjoyed our time together and never had a desire to do it on her own. Some children are independent from the beginning others are not. I would guess its her personality. My daughter has always been ahead of her age for physical development. As long as your daughter doesn't seem to have any developmental problems I wouldn't be concerned. Also, children will either develop physically or verbally, they can not learn both at the same time, thats why its hard to compare children, especially at such a young age. Enjoy being able to help her, before you know it she will be off on her own.

Hi M.!! Quit worrying!! Each and every baby is different! What ever you do don't compare your baby to another...some babies walk at 9mo old, some just start learning to crawl at 9 mo. I recommend the books "What to expect the first year" and "What to expect the toddler years" they are both great and just like the book "What to expect when your expecting" they give you bench marks to look for and lots of good suggestions about EVERYTHING! I used these books with my three and now that I babysit I am referring back to them. Always remember to relax and let your common sense be your guide as your child grows! Good luck and best wishes!

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