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Wondering If I Am Leaking Amniotic Fluid at 31 Weeks Pregnant?

I was wondering if any other pregnant woman feel a small amount of fluid come out of them when they get up; for instance I'll be laying on the couch and when I get up I feel sorta like a gush of fluid but its only a small amount each time. I don't think its urine because it doesn't smell like urine.. it really doesn't have any smell at all and its like water consistency.

What can I do next?

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Thanks everybody, I went to the doctor and he did a couple of tests that came back negative, he said it could be a very small leak but he's not worried he thinks its just discharge! Made me feel a whole lot better!

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Iyou should call the doctor immediately. This happened to my friend at 26 wks and she was leaking amniotic fluid and she was hospitalized and had her daughter a week later. This isn't something to ignore. Good luck.

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my personal experience says NO. I had ALOT of discharge after 30 weeks. it was all clear and just always came out, it was not fluid. I had to change panty liners 2 or 3 times per day. But if you are worried, talk to the doc at your next appt.

Amniotic fluid generally smells musty. It is not uncommon for women to leak urine without their knowing because of the baby pushing on their bladder. That being said, I would definitely contact your doctor. You don't want to be sitting around with your bag of water leaking because you risk infection or going into labor. So calling your doctor is safest for you and your baby. There is a simple office test they can do to see if it is amniotic fluic or not.

If you think you are you need to call your doctor and let him know. This is something you can't sit around and wait for answers, only your doctor would know.

Iyou should call the doctor immediately. This happened to my friend at 26 wks and she was leaking amniotic fluid and she was hospitalized and had her daughter a week later. This isn't something to ignore. Good luck.

When in doubt call your doc. I have a friend that is a doula and one of the midwives she works with gives her patients test strips that when put into fluid will turn color if it ammniotic fluid. Ask your doc about them. Also when I was pregnant with my second at about 35 weeks I got out of bed and stood up and its was like I dropped a bucket of water on the floor. Yes after a trip to the er it turned out that I had only peed myself. But usually amnoitic fuild has a real strong ammonia like smell.

Go to the doctor and have a test done. They just swab with a test strip and know quickly if it's amniotic fluid. If it is, you'll be put on bedrest for the duration of the pregnancy because the placenta continues to make fluid and the baby is safe as long as you are on antibiotics. But it's no reason to sign up for a c-section as long as you aren't gushing fluid and the baby is moving and healthy.

You don't say how long this has been going on - but regardless of the outcome you need to call your OB's office ASAP instead of posting here. If you are truly leaking amniotic fluid at 31 weeks the issue needs to be addressed and treated with the utmost priority to protect your unborn child. I hope that it all turns out well for you!

from what you are describing, i think it is your amniotic fluid. that sounds exactly like my experience. i was already on bedrest and had just come off the pills to stop contractions about a week before. and i started feeling like i was leaking pee. i had no contractions so i didn't think i was in labor. i just thought it was pee but it didn't look or smell like it. so i called the doc and he ran a test and said that it was my amniotic fluid leaking out. but he said said that if it had been going on for more than 24 hours there is a risk that an infection might happen. so i went to the hospital and they put me on a drip. i am typing this 2 days after you posted it, so i'm hopping you have already gone to the doctor. but if not please call him/ her right away. good luck and congrats on the new baby!!!!

I was concerned about the same thing and told my Dr at my next visit. He did a test in the office to test for amniotic fluid which came back negative, it only took a few minutes to get the results. I continue to have the same thing, I guess it's just one of the weird things we experience while being pregnant. Best of luck to you and your baby.

Absolutely call your OB/GYN. I approached my due date and woke up one morning feeling "damp". I called the OB/GYN office when they opened, they told me what to do and to call back in 2 hours. I did, and they suspected stress incontinence. After the 3rd call, they finally told me to come to the hospital. They swabbed me thinking I was crazy, and sure enough, my water had broken and was "dribbling" all day for lack of a better term.

So much can happen in a pregnancy, and you are so close to your due date. I wish you well and hope it is nothing. Best to be safe and call your doctor.

Def. call your OB and get in soon to be safe. I had a partial rupture at 27 weeks with a decent amount of fluid and some bleeding (turned out to be a partial abruption) Like others have said, it's a simple test to make sure. If you are leaking, infection is the biggest risk. They might also want to do an U/S to check your fluid levels. Our daughter hung on with very little amniotic fluid until 30 weeks (was on hospital bedrest from 27 to 30) but it's definitely a situation you want to have monitored very closely.
Update on what you find out if you get a chance!! This situation is very close to my heart!
Best wishes!!

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