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Wondering If a Mohel Will Perform a Circumcision on a Christian

My husband and I are debating if we want to circumsize our son... I've heard horror stories about hospital circumcisions, sometime the baby having to be 'recircumsized' a couple years later. I asked a friend of ours last night, who is a practicing jew, and he wasn't sure... Does anyone know? Either way, it's not covered under insurance, so we'd have to pay either a moehl or a Dr. And given my history with Dr's and Physician's assistants, I'd prefer a moehl... someone who's been taught by tradition rather than a straight textbook.
We are also still considering not having him circumsized... we've read plus and minuses of each side... just a thought that came up.

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we decided to have the hospital do it... they did use anethetics. I was just under so much stress with the stuff surrouding the birth that I just let the pediatric surgeon do it.

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The norm where I am is for the OB to perform the circumcision. I had my son done while he was still in the hospital and did not have any problems. I chose to have it done not because of religious reasons, but because its whats socially acceptable. I'm certain that it was painful when he had it done, but I'm glad I did it while he was still in the hospital because if I didnt do it,then changed my mind, I wouldnt want him to go through the pain at an older age when he would remember it and like someone else said, when they are older and more active, that could lead to more problems.

Yes there is a rabbi in St. Augustine.....I can give you his number...email ____@____.com :) Have you been working at NAS?

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I think that choosing a mohel is a fantastic idea. I am jewish and a nurse with 4 years of pediatric exposure. I worked with a doctor by the name of dr. Krinsky. He is in coral springs. He is also a mohel and will do the procedure for you with pleasure. My brother married a christian girl and dr. Krinsky was going to do it for them, they moved to nebraska before the baby was born. He is a very nice man, give his office a call. I do not know the telephone number, call 411 and ask for the omega group in coral springs....good luck, M.

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I will very straight on my opinion, I have a 3 year old boy, when he born we did not perform a circumcision 6 months later I notice he was felling kind of incomfort, I told my pediatrician and sugest to have the specialist watch him, they said he was ok like that but was better for healthier and clean when he'll grow up,he also said to give him couple more months to see, and when he turns 8 months old I took him back and told the specialist that he was complaining that hurts, Circumcision was scheduled 15 days later, trust me it's diferent when your newborn will cure from that 2 weeks later than a older one. Do it.No even mentioning that day when nurse put the anestisia and my boy was lookin things as a result of that, doctor said when they are olders and boys with a lot energy that may happen, was terrible. Better do it know and you don't have to deal with that in the future, Insurance don't cover that but is not that expensive around $600.00
I hope I give a good advice,
Good bless your family and takes control of your decision.

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why don't you watch one of each before making your decision either in person or video

Hi E.!! reading your message I couldn't resist a response. I worked with new born babies for 7 years straight, I was a baby photographer, and saw this issue on a daily basis, I also saw how the circumsicions were done and it broke my heart each and every time. Doctors are always in a hurry, and most of the time did not use anesthetic, and if they did they wanted to do it so fast that they didn't it give it a chance to work, and they cut before the area was numb. Twenty or thirty years ago this procedure was done as a routine, most baby had them done. Medical journals started coming out saying that it really was an unnecessary procedure and a lot of law suits were filed from complications and Doctors stopped doing them and today only a few Doctors will actually do the procedure. If your husband had the operation, they recommend that you do it to the baby, so in the future there will be no questions like, why is yours different than mine? The procedure makes it easier on mom because you don't have to pull the skin down to clean, but if you teach your child good hygiene there is no reason in the world why you should have any problems. If the lord put that section of skin there, beleive me it was for a reason. I have a 19 yeard old son that has not been circumsized and never had a problem, but I did have to teach him as a child to pull the skin down and CLEAN!! If it is not a religious thing, don't put him through this unnecessary torture.

Hi, E.,

If you're the E. I think you are, you're in Jacksonville. There is a classically trained mohel in St. Augustine that travels to Jacksonville to do circs quite frequently, especially among Sharon's parents. He has no problem doing it for non-Jews.

I have been to several of these circumcisions and can say that it is still surgical, it's still not fun, but it is over more quickly and generally with less protest than a hospital circ (seen plenty of those, too). His name is Samuel Cywiak and he can be reached at ###-###-####.


Hi E.! I just had my son circumsized by a nohel- D. Michael Andron. He was referred to me by his pediatrician and many people that I had spoken to know of him or know him personally. My son is now 2mths old and healed perfectly with no problems. Although I am not jewish, my boyfriend is. You can speak to him and find out if he is willing to do the procedure. It was a beautiful ceremony, and although it was a bit scarry for me to see, I am happy that I had it done. Being circumsized is so much better for boys being that it is less likely they can have infection. Anyhow, I highly recommend him! Check out his web-site: www.andron.org/ . His numbers are on the bottom of the screen.

Hi E. - I am not sure about a mohel performing a circumcision on a Christion but I have two sons who are NOT circumcised and I am so glad that we chose not to. My husband and I are Christian and I always thought that I would primarily circumcise my sons because that is what everybody else is doing but when my husband and I started talking; we realized that it is so natural; that is how little boys are born, what is exactly the reason for circumcision, if they are born that way - circumcision is man's way? Actually, my obgyn was happy about our decision. Best wishes with your new son. They are a lot of fun. J.

We too thought about not circumsizing and a lot of my friends chose not to. That's completely up to you, obviously. I will say that I'm not sure about your question, but my obstetrician performed the circumsision and everything went perfectly well. My sister's pediatrician performed her son's and it also went perfectly well. Also, I'm surprised that your insurance won't cover it because mine did. Good luck whatever you decide!

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