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Wondering About Bump on Foot

My 3 1/2yr old has a new bump on the bottom of his foot. It's kind of clear, and a circle. Right in the middle of the sole. What could this be and what can I do?

What can I do next?

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Sounds like a planters wart and I'd bypass all the over the counter products don't even waste your money and just go straight to a doctor. I had NO luck with over the counter. The problem with plantars warts is you have to get the roots which are very very deep or it will continue to come back.

Hi, M.!

My daughter has something similar on her toe (she's 3). I asked the doctor at her check-up and he had a name for it that I can't remember right now. He said it is sort of like a callous probably caused by an injury at one time or another. It can be removed, but there is no medical reason to remove it. It's simply cosmetic. He didn't recommend doing anything about it at this time.

It could be a planters wart.

I agree with everyone else's answer, a Plantars Wort. Those pads do work for me for a while, but mine always comes back. Put the pad on and put a few bandaids on over it to keep it in place. They can be very painful too mostly when I am working out. I've had mine frozen off at the Dr. but that never helps. My mom had them so bad when she was younger that they had to cut them out of her feet, but she had 100's on each foot. Good luck!

Sounds like a wart.
My children have both had them. Recently we had the one on my daughter's foot froze, and the Dr. told us these, if they are going to happen, will happen during growth periods for some reason. They are caused by a virus, and their bodies are working on fighting off so many things, the virus for the wart gets past their immune system.
So, have it checked out, because if it is a wart in the middle of his sole, they are VERY painful.
Good luck with that.

It could be hand/mouth/foot disease. It is very contagious and most children get it at least once. My son got a mild case from a daycare breakout and the little blister like circles only appeared on his feet. There is not much you can do, but keep them clean and covered to prevent spreading. Take a look on-line, there are pictures you can compare to.

If it is a wart the center will be bumpy and not liquid filled like a blister.

Sounds like a plantars wart. My daughter had several of them once (it started out with one and they multiplied even while I was using the Dr Scholls wart remover pads). The thing that finally worked for us was to get some vitamin E softgels & squeeze the oil from inside them directly onto the foot and onto a bandaid and apply overnight. It took a few nights in a row but they finally all went away and they have never come back.

Good luck!

Hi M.
It sounds like it may be a wart. get some wart bandaids and see if those help. Good Luck

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