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Wives Tales About Twins?

Anyone know any wivestales about how to get pregnant with twins?
I think I must be crazy, but I pray for twins every pregnancy. I really want to have some twins. Any advice other than fertility drugs, since that is far from the issue :)

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Thanks for sharing about the mother's side. We have about 7 sets of twins in the family, so my want is from seeing all of them grow up together, but they are from my dad's side. Oh well.

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My grandma gave birth to a set of twins on her first pregnancy (my mom and aunt). Don't know if this is true, but mom told me many years ago, that it's ever other generation, but only on the mothers side. So that would have meant me, my sister, or either of my aunts two daughters, could concieve twins. None of us did tho, but I do agree with Melissa, that it only runs on the Mothers side, dad only carries the sex.

I'd agree with Melissa's response.... it's either genetic, and no way to "make it happen" without any intervention. I was seeing a specialist and got pregnant with our first son by a shot of HCG at ovulation, and this time, due to my age (I'll be 38 in March), after one round of just that, we used a drug similar to clomid to help increase egg production and it worked the first time- and we're expecting twins. We're very fortunate to need very little help, however If you can get pregnant on your own without complications or intervention, count your blessings!

M.; My husband and I had mixed twins(boy and girl) our first time around. They were born in 1970. They were almost 2 months premature and spent the first month in isolettes. Twins are fun but they can be expensive so think about the complications.
I had 1 set of twin cousins. My husband had 3 sets of twin cousins and his grandfather was a twin. So I am not so sure about them coming from the mother's side.
As for the skipping generations, we blew that theory out the door when our youngest daughter had a mixed set 11 years ago.
Just wanted to let you know that you can't always go by old wives tales.
B. P.

I was always told twins skip a generation. My great grandma had twin girls back in the 1940's and noone in the family has had twins again.

I know of two people who had twins very very early on like a teenager and another in her young 20's.

Then I know my best friend her parents are twins like her dad has a twin and her mom has a twin so she is convinced she will have twins one day.

I think it's genetic or a complete fluke.

Good Luck!

*shrugs* I heard yams work, but again, it's totally an old wives tale. For things you can't change, sounds like they run in the maternal line. Anyone in your maternal line have twins?

The chance of having twins increases after the age of 35 (so do the complications) but that's all I know about an increased chance of having twins!

I just had to check out the responses on this one. I would also love to have twins and have hoped and prayed for them with each pregnancy. I was a twin in utero, but my twin was lost after the removal of an IUD. Thankfully I was attached high enough that I was not interrupted. So, I know there is a slight possibility of releasing two eggs, but so far it hasn't happened! I have three kids and one due to arrive in April. Al singles, but a little piece of me still hopes they accidentally missed one each time I prepare to deliver.

Good luck with your quest! Send out any fun little tidbits if you get anything good.


I have heard that if you are taking oral birth control pills and you stop using them, the next time you have your period you are more likely to produce two eggs instead of one. I dont know how long you need to be on them in the first place or anything, but it could be worth a try. Good Luck!

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