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Wipe Warmers for Cloth Wipes

What is the best cloth wipe warmer? Are they worth investing in?

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Thanks for all the great advice. I have not decided what to do yet, but thanks everyone!!!

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Waste of money. If you really want to try one, find one on craig's list or yard sale. Any brand will work.

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Congrats on your adoption! I have a three year old daughter through adoption, and am in the waiting process for our second. I had a wipe warmer on my registry when my daughter was born, and I was told by several moms don't bother. I have seen first hand from others--some of the wipes get scorched at the bottom of the pack, and then are wasted wipes. My daughter did just fine without. Best of luck! Isn;t adoption awesome?


Congratulations S.,
Of course you will get pros/cons opinions but really its a matter of what feels best for you and your little one and what will make the diaper changing process that much easier and well, enjoyable. I received a Prince Lionheart wipey warmer and I love it. I just like the feel of the wipes much better when they are warm, specifically when I'm changing my daughter's morning diaper. I've used mine for 2 years now and have never encountered a problem. Mine came with a little sponge that you can rewet when refilling the wipes. I don't wet it too much just enough to keep it saturated. (Never had a dry wipe with this brand.) I don't know if it makes a difference to my little one but it does make a difference for Me. I just feel better about putting a nice warm cloth on her tiny bottom. Honestly, kudos to the Mom's who have time to spray bottoms, hold wipeys in their hand to warm it up....I just want to change the diaper as quickly as possible and get her off the changing table for safety's sake...especially when the little ones get older and start to squirm around the changing table. You can always try it and if it doesn't work just return it. Buy it from Babies R'Us...they have an awesome return policy no questions asked. Don't forget to use a coupon. Oh, the Prince Lionheart brand comes with a few spongies and thereafter you can buy more at Babies R Us. The best advice I got as a new Mom was this: Follow your instincts and do what feels good for both you and your baby. Again Congratulations and enjoy every moment of your little one. Blessings!!!

i think they are useless, my grandbaby came with one and i used it for a week. he doesnt mind the non warmed ones at all. the warmed ones dry out and you have to use more. i did try to use woarm ones this winter and jsut wrapped a heating pad aroudn the package but it was more work that it was worth it. if they were meant to be warm then im sure the manufacturers would have made them to be warm.

Prince Lionheart (can be bought at Walmart and Babies r Us) is made for both. I loved mine until I tried using a wipe solution with it. It made all of my wipes moldy for some reason. I'm surprised because solution is supposed to be antibacterial, so I'm not sure if I got a bad batch or what. It was nice having them already wet and ready to go. If I idd it again, I'd go back to just water. RIght now I just wet them in the sink.

Nope, don't need one. When you're away from the house you won't have it with you anyway. Save your money.

Here's what works for us. We keep an insulated thermos of hot water on our changing table. Each time we use a wipe, we wet it down. The water does go cold after a time, but usually stays tepid enough to use on baby bum... Good luck :)

A wipe warmer is unnecessary. All It does is dry out a bunch of wipes a few times.

Nah. You only need them if you're using diaper wipes from a diaper bag that's been left in the car when it's below freezing out. (Then you wouldn't have a diaper warmer with you anyhow!!)

If the wipe is cold, just hold it in your hand a little to warm it up then use it.

Personally, I think a cool wipe would feel better on a warmly diapered behind anyhow.

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