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Winter Blues!!! - Fairfield,CT

I feel like my children haven't played outside since last fall! We live in Connecticut and keep getting slammed with snow! I don't know how much more I can take--and I'm from Idaho!! Is anyone else literally climbing the walls, desperate for sunlight?? My skin is turning to paste, all I do is eat out of boredom and frustration, and my kids are starting to eat eachother alive. We're spending more money on snow removal than groceries! (and liquor store purchases--Mama needs her glass of wine at night!)

Just had to vent!

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sorry should have clarified that my kids are very small- ages 3.5 and 1 and our driveway is very steep and icy, certainly wouldn't take them outside...can't even take them in the backyard because the snow is piled up about 6 feet and is very frozen, so it's too icy for them to even run around and "play" in it. Trust me, I would know how to take my children outside to play in the snow- I'm from the northwest! Oh and should add my husband is gone M-F weekly, which is why we PAY someone to do it, for the woman who suggested me and my husband shovel.

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I'm with you. We are near Kansas City and are bracing for a *blizzard*--should hit tonight/tomorrow. My kids are 5, 2, and 6 mo...tough to get out. Maybe dig out some old toys...or make up new games? If you can get out, do you have a "Play, Bounce, Jump" or "Monkey Bizness" type establishment you can take them to? How about a play date or switch off with another mom? Good Luck!!

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We've had a one snow storm a week here since Christmas, and I hate it. I so long to take my 2 yr old out to indoor playgrounds or just the mall, but I cant because the snow is too thick and the streets are too icy to drive through. My husband barely got out of the driveway this morning with 4 wheel drive. Its crazy. Im just going insane here stuck all day with my very bored 2 year old little man. Im just waiting for the streets to de-ice and try to get asap.Until then, we're just watching movies and losing sanity. lol.

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I was once suggested to let my kids have a dry washcloth fight. Children love to throw things around....so if they are throwing around clean washcloths on each other...helps to relieve that pent up feeling. or sometimes I let our youngest children (ages 7 and 2...both boys) bring their trikes in the house to ride around. first we make sure the snow is off them. make blanket forts in the house...in the living room, or under the kitchen table. you could also have picnics in the kitchen....lay a clean blanket on the floor and have a snack with your children....or bring in snow and let them play in it in the bathtub... I seen a friend did that. her children loved it! They didn't sit in it...but still kept their clothes on...just played with it, like sand. you know? =)

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I'm just like you. Two small kids (10 months & 2 years) trapped indoors. You and I can drink our wine together, there is really nothing more to do !! LOL.
And screw those people that suggested you shovel your own driveway, the horror, I would never.

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Chin up! The days are getting longer and that's a sure sign of spring.
BTW, may I add that the "dangerously cold temperature" school delays are driving me slowly but surely INSANE!!!???

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Tehehe, Hi Linsey, I see you are in CT, the HOT SPOT of snow this year! I'm in upstate NY, they keep swinging too far south and east, but they say this one is gonna get us all!
Only 2 more months to go, and won't spring in the Northeast be THAT much more beautiful this year?
We'll get through it together.
My kids are older so the words SNOW DAY make it all better.


(Make sure you're taking some vit C and D supplements to help with the lack of sunshine)

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why not take the kids outside and help you shovel the snow instead of PAYING someone to do it? it will get the kids outside some and get exercise. i wouldnt keep em out for hours on end but like 45 mins they can play and get worn out while you and dad shovel

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I grew up in the northeast so I know what you mean! How old are your kids? Are sledding, snow ball fights, snow man building, or sleigh rides possible?

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Girl, I hear you! I'm from CT too and I'm going NUTS! We all have cabin fever. Seriously, we have so much snow I can't even bring the kids out to play, they would be buried! We just went to the Danbury Mall last week to let our 2.5 year old finally run around, he had soooooooooo much energy!

And we are getting more tonight and Wednesday BOOOOOOOOOOO!

If I weren't preggo, I'd be throwing back a few cocktails myself.

Hang in there :-)

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Hi L.-

Can you get your hands on some large appliance boxes?? They can be cut to be puppet theatre (and all kinds of puppet making)...can be a bank...a toll booth...(you get the idea). The 3.5 yo would have a field day...the younger would have fun...or be a good audience...

Smaller boxes (say from liquor store...lol) would make good inside 'train' cars...or inside sleds that can be pushed and pulled around...

I feel your pain...

Hang tough!

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