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Winnie Palmer Deliveries

Anyone have any positive stories from delivering at Winnie Palmer? I keep hearing how their C section rate is through the roof and I am a little worried with all the stories I am hearing. Any thoughts?

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I had a great experience at Winnie Palmer. My DR was on vacation, but I ended up w/ a great substitute, the nurses do most of the work anyways and were wonderful. I labored for 12 hours(my water broke naturally), mostly on my side because my daughters' heart rate kept dropping, so each time they had me switch sides, and this lasted the entire time. I did get worried the first few times it dropped and they couldn't find it, I thought they were going to rush me into a C-section, but the nurse had me roll to the other side then she'd find the heart rate and we would continue, we did this until the baby crowned and the DR came in and finished. The DR was going to have my boyfriend cut the cord, but it was SO short that he had to do it. The DR was thinking that was the reason her heart rate kept dropping, and he kept repeating himself "I've never seen a cord so short before!" It was a funny moment. It might have been short but it was very thick(the Doc said). My daughter was born 7lbs 8oz, perfect and no C-section! Good luck! and congrats!!

i had a wonderful experience! everyone was very professional, reassuring and answered all my questions. i felt safe, comfortable and well taken care of. as for the high c-section rate, they deliver soooo many babies and a lot of high-risk pregnant women deliver there because they are the best. hope this helps reassure you. good luck!!

Congrats on your pregnancy :). Hospitals in general have a higher c-section rate in the US vs. other parts of the world similar to us. If you are worried about c-section, I would recommend doing some research on the effects of getting an epidural and pitocin, which pretty much all hospitals do since many women want an epidural. For some great info, check out www.cafemom.com and find the Natural Pregnancy and Childbirth group. They have a great thread with many resources to read. Also, if you haven't seen it already, watch the movie "The Business of Being Born". It has Riki Lake in there and talks about c-sections.

The best way to avoid a c-section is to deliver naturally, no unnecessary medications or interventions. I'm all about if you NEED it, then have it to protect Mom and Baby. But all of the things that hospitals do that are not necessary increase your rate of c-section. It's never too late to look into delivering at a birthing center.

I did and it was the BEST experiance I could imagine. My midwife (licensed) patiently listened to every question I had and answered them until I was satisfied. It was such a warm experiance...I went home 6 hours after delivery and slept in my own bed with my daughter with me. Birthing centers take insurance too if that is a concern.

I'm pretty passionate about this because had I been in a hosptial, it would have been a c-section. The midwives were worried about me tiring out (after over 30 hours of labor) and from what I can hear Dr's don't usually like to wait that long. But baby was fine, and I was NOT ready to give up and I had her naturally! Feel free to message me with any questions. The more you educate yourself about this the more painless it will be since you won't be stressing your body.

You can have an intervention free birth at Winnie Palmer, but your OB and nurse must agree with your birth plan. You also may want a Doula there with you to help "stick up" for you when it's hard to talk :). GL :)

I delivered naturally at Winnie Palmer. The nurses and doctors are wonderful. I know that they won't do a c section unless you are not dilating like you should, or your child is way to big for the birth canal. Other than that you should have no problem delivering your child naturally. If I had to pick any hospital to deliver my son it would be Winnie Palmer. They are sweet, kind, and more thoughtful compared to any other hospital I have been in. If you still have questions call Winnie Palmer and ask for conceirge desk and anyone of them can help you with any questions but if you want someone who both works there and delivered ask to speak to Marie. Congrats on your bundle of joy and enjoy!!!

I'm not sure about what type of stories you've heard but all i can say is that hospital was wonderful. My daughter gave birth to triplets at Winnie Palmer. Of course they were delivered by c section. She was in that hospital for a month before giving birth and she was treated like a queen. She gave birth to 3 little girls all weighing around 2lbs. I truly believe if she wasn't at Winnie Palmer, they would not have made it. They are all healthy babies and will be 1 year old next Saturday.

I delivered at Winnie Palmer and wanted to do anything I could to avoid a C section. I had an excellent doctor Dr Logan D'heroux and excellent nurse Monica. My experience wasn't perfect and painless but I am happy with the way things went. The things that prevented my emergency c section were the following.
1. My doctor and nurse wanted to follow my wishes as far as they could (I made a birth plan and handed copies to everyone involved). IF YOUR NURSE ISN'T WILLING TO WORK WITH YOU AND YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE HAVE YOUR HUSBAND GO TO THE DESK AND ASK FOR A NEW ONE. I also took relaxing items (off of my detailed birth bag list) like relaxing music on my ipod, low lights etc.
2. My husband was extreemly active in participating, asking questions and speakng on my behalf.
3.I continued to let them know that I wanted to keep going as far as I could on my own without drugs and shots (birth ball, walking, in the tub, changing positions).
4. when my babies heart rate dropped in half (from the epidural, I think they gave me more than my small size could take) and I was rushed to the e-room I closed my eyes and focused on my breathing and keeping calm. When the heart rate came back up I told them I would like to try to deliver naturally and they gave me a second chance to try. No matter how tired I was I continued to try working with them, following their directions for pushing etc to try to avoid going back into the room. (As he had crowned at least 30 times my husband said and then went back in).

Hope that helps.

I had my last child at Winnie Palmer and was very happy with everything. YOU and your doctor are responsible for making the decision about a c-section. Talk to him/her before the due date so you make sure you are happy. :)

Hi Y.,

I remember worrying about that, too, but what someone explained to me was that because they are a specialty hospital, they take far more high-risk cases, and this shoots their C-section rate up significantly. I think it depends far more on your doctor. I was with Physician's Associates (they have a number of branches, my Dr. was Mark Bielawny, but he was unfortunately on vacation when I had my daughter at 38 weeks), and apparently the practice is less interventionist than most, since I was allowed to be in active labor for around 24 hours (and that was after nearly a full day of being in the hospital because my blood pressure suddenly spiked, to rule out preeclampsia, which I didn't have, but it turned out I was going into labor anyway). At one point, after around 12 hours or so, one of the nurses said to me tat I was lucky to be with the practice I was with, because a lot of other doctors would have insisted on a C-section by then. I was offered the option, but the doctor didn't push it at all, and I didn't want it, and the baby was in no distress. After around 12 hours I agreed to a half-dose epidural (didn't want a full dose because people say when you can't feel your lower body it's much harder to push, and then that leads to greater likelihood of c-section), but I did not have a C-section. So, I think basically you need to have a good talk with your doctor about what your wishes are,, and possibly even have them written in your chart. Have you taken a birthing/LaMaze class yet? They usually talk about this stuff.
Good luck!

I had all three of my kids at Winner Palmer. Only problems I encounter were: When I went in to deliver my first born: They tried to convince me I was not in labor and to go home. I had him at the hospital 2 and a half hours later. (This would be at Arnold Palmer). I was supposed to have a c-section scheduled but ended up spitting him out naturally. When my youngest was born (3rd child), I couldn't get it through the lady at the triage desk that I was literally having my baby NOW!. Another nurse came out to "explain" things to me, realized my baby's head was poking out and rushed me into the delivery room. A whole 10 minute delivery ordeal. They couldn't get me into a room till later that day because there was no time to do the paperwork to admit me. Other than that, the staff was great. My ex co-worker however did not have a good experience at all with either of her two kids at Winnie Palmer.

I had a great experience at Winnie Palmer. I had amazing nurses, my main nurse even stayed past the end of her shift to assist with the delivery of my daughter. Yes, this hospital does have a high C-section rate, but as mentioned before, it is a specialty hospital. Delivering babies is what they do. :) I did not have a C-section, and the only time it was ever discussed was when the nurse practitioner at my doctor's office thought my daughter was breech. After an ultrasound it was determined she was not and it was never mentioned again. I had the choice of whether or not I wanted an epidural and when I wanted it, there was no pressure there either. The only negative I had was waiting for a room in labor and delivery. Since I was a scheduled induction it wasn't as crucial for me to get a room since I wasn't in active labor. We waited about 2 hours until a room was available.

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