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Wii Game System - Peoria,AZ

Hi there. Looking for some input on a Wii. I am thinking of getting one for me (not the kids - they are too young) - for the exercise games such as Wii Fit and others. Does any one have any advice or recommendations regarding the system or games and prices? Thanks.

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Best game for working out - EA Active. It is the best home workout and really gets you moving. I love the Wii otherwise, wouldn't be without one!!!

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We have a Wii, had Wii Fit and sold it and bought the newest Active game. I wish we still had the Fit. I would get it rather than the active (the active is a lot harder, but not as easy to use or as fun). We have a 3 1/2 year old and he loves to play the Wii. He could play the games with the Fit and he also likes to play the Wii Sports that comes with the Wii system.

Hi K., my husband actually talked me into getting the Wii for the Wii Fit and I LOVE IT! It was the perfect way for my husband and I both to lose the weight we gained while I was pregnant. It keeps track of your weight goals and weight loss. It is spendy, but for us it was the best option to get us back into shape with our two little kids around. For my birthday I am asking for the new Active game for the Wii to change things up a little. We had the Jillian Michaels Game and only used it maybe three times... I didn't like that you had to run in between each exercise because I wasn't always able to change into supportive clothing beforehand. Hope this helps.

Hi K..

We bought the Wii system almost a year ago and I love it..I haven't tried the exercise games yet but I highly recommend AMF bowling,Wii sports,Wii deca sports, and wii play..I will warn you now those games are highly addictive and fun..LOL enjoy yourself and good luck!

Best game for working out - EA Active. It is the best home workout and really gets you moving. I love the Wii otherwise, wouldn't be without one!!!

We hvae a Wii and Wii Fit. We love it. It really does provide a good workout and tracks you progress which really helps you stay on track. My kids are 2 and 6 and they love the Wii too. They even play Wii Fit, even though my two year old can't do very much. They'll do the stepping and running together though. I would definitely recommend getting one.

Good afternoon,
I own a WII and bought it because I am getting older and decided to get healthier. I use my WII every morning for an hour and have noticed alot of differences. My balance is great now. I can do so much more with out falling over. I am healthier and much more fit. I recommend it to all the women and men I know. The WII fit is great as well as the Sport. I am looking into the dance revolution to help burn more calories. Ask around to see if anyone has one you know and try it out. I think you would like it.

I have the Wii Fit and love it! Granted, it doesn't replace the gym, but it does give you a workout. I just had a baby (5 weeks ago) and used the Wii to get back into my fitness routine. I lost 25 lbs within 2 weeks of using the Wii. Sam's club has the best price for games. My 3 year old loves playing the fitness game too.

Have fun!


We love our Wii... and FYI, a recent study of video games said that the Wii is one of the best for kids, because it does get them up and moving, and it challenges their dexterity more than traditional games. We haven't tried the Wii Fit but the sports game that comes with it is loads of fun for all ages. The boxing definitely gets your blood pumping! Good luck!

Hi and what a fun question!! Guess what it was our anniversary yesterday and my husband surprised me with the Wii!!! Oh my Goodness its soooooo fun!!! He got me the sports package so it comes with like boxing, bowling ,baseball and golf! It is a blast and wow that boxing gave me a total workout not to mention it was something we all enjoyed even my 1 year old got some swings in!! GO GET IT!! XO

We enjoy our wii- the fit is LOTS of fun but not real exercise. It keeps us and the boys(3) active while playing. It is a great way to play games that have you up and down with the whole family. Your boys will play I am sure. My 4 year old can beat the whole family bowling. It is fun for all.

The WII fit is great exercise! First time out, I did some lunges, had a heck of a time sitting down after that. My husband did the boxing and felt the burn in his arms! The hula hoop works the mid-section....tennis is gets you sweating and your heart racing. My 8 yr old loves to do the jogging.
With two little ones, it is definately worth it just in the fact that it gets you up and moving and still be able to keep an eye on the kids.
I have a soon to be 5 year old and he plays too! He works up a sweat himself because, no matter what the game, he cannot sit still to play!
Hope that helps.

I just received the Wii Fit for my birthday in June and I love it! It's so motivating because it tracks your weight and BMI everyday (and you see how fat or skinny your Wii character gets). I really enjoy the balance games that work your core and I'm already feeling a difference in my legs after 2 weeks.

I got the WII game "My personal fitness coach" and it is a great workout. I like it because it tailors it to me, my goals, the way I feel that day and it can change the intensity of the workout. It has a lot of workout options- such as yoga, upper body, lower body, flexibility, cardio, etc. and you choose the length- so it is easy to fit in small workouts if necessary. It was only around $40, but well worth the money if you want a good workout. Have fun! You'll probably be surprised how much your kids can do with the WII games.

Hi K.,
We use the Wii system at my hospital: we call it, "Wii-hab!!!" ('rehab'-LOL)

We use the Wii "Fit" and the sports and balance programs. It DOES NOT take the place of real exercise (we don't use it on patients for more than 15 to 30 minutes a day), but it is very engaging and fun, even for the old farts - ha, ha!

I don't know a whole lot about the Wii but I did get to play some of the games with my 11 year old brother when I last visited him, and I can say it was pretty fun and did give a bit of a work out! I remember tennis giving a better workout than some of the other games. Warning though, if you get a Wii I'm guessing your boys will want to play as soon as they see you playing!

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