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Why Does My Leg Fall Asleep All the Time!

I am a full time working mom and spend most of the day behind the desk. I have a problem with my leg or legs falling asleep almost EVERY SINGLE DAY, at least one or twice a day at work. This doesnt ever happen when I am home but it is becoming very annoying and I am wondering if this happens this often to any one else and why do you think it happen? I am 5'4" tall, about 112 LBS and I do get up out of my chair every 30 mins or so to get water, go to the printer, fax or the restroom. The other day, I went to get water and was stuck there. The messenger came to deliver a package and I couldnt even go to him to sign for it. When it happens, it starts with a tingle, then sometimes I lose feeling in that leg and cant walk and then it ends with pins and needles or feels like ants crawling all up and down. Touching my leg or putting my foot down during one of the episodes can be painful as well.

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I have this same problem with my arms/fingers, and with regular chiropractic care, it's virtually disappeared. I still have problems, but with a single adjustment, I'm good for a couple weeks. I highly recommend seeing a chiropractor; he or she can make a referral to a doctor if it's not a chiropractic issue :)

Hi T.,

It sounds like you might have circulation problems. I have a few ideas that will help with it.

If you are interested let me know.

Have a great day.

N. Marie

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Hi T.,

It sounds like you might have circulation problems. I have a few ideas that will help with it.

If you are interested let me know.

Have a great day.

N. Marie

I suggest you have a consultation at work to make sure the ergonomics of your desk area are correct. You would be surprised how proper ergonomics at work can save you from all sorts of postural problems.

You should see a doctor to rule out sciatica. Sciatica is a set of symptoms including pain that may be caused by general compression and/or irritation of one of five nerve roots that give rise to the sciatic nerve (which essentially courses all the way down your leg), or by compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve itself. Also, in a small percentage of the population, the sciatic nerve will pierce the piriformis muscle, which can cause the difficulties you have described- especially if you are not seated correctly at your desk.

Wiki article on proper ergonomics: http://www.wikihow.com/Set-Up-an-Ergonomically-Correct-Wo...

Hi T.: I have been taught by my doctor wha tto do when this happens to me. For me it is always on my left side, hip to toes. My case is different because it seems that from sitting in a bad angle I pushed a disc out somehow and have a pinched nerve.
Try a ball- tennis or what ever-- and roll it around while you are working. This makes you have to sit in proper position to do this. I also put a wedge at my lower back or vibrater brace, and that helps withthe nerve staying as good as it can. I have used both accupuncture, and Chriopractor, I liked and got the most relief from my Accupunture treatments.
Good Luck, Nana Glenda

Do you have pain running from your butt down your leg? If so it could be Sciatica. If thats what is is it can be fixed by a good LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist). It could also possibly by Restless Leg Syndrome, does it wake you up at night? Also, sometimes a potassium deficiency can cause leg pain...eat a banana. I'm about the same size as you and I have a lot of pain in my legs also...mine is mild Lupus. If your pain is severe, I would recommend seeing a Rumatoligist.(spelling?) Anyways...you could get your A&A levels checked with a blood test. I keep my pain under control with just IB profin and Tylenol. A heating pad helps me a lot and hot baths. I hope something I said will help you. I actually am an LMT myself so I could give u a website to find local LMTs in your area if you want it. Good luck and I hope you feel better.

I would recommend consulting a neurologist about this symptom.
Hopefully it is nothing and s/he can reassure you, but if it is
something more serious, the sooner you know, the better.
Good luck

A little about me: A child psychiatrist with two kids, a 19yo boy and 12 yo girl, married 21 yrs to a supportive husband.

You can try adjusting your chair differently - there are websites out there that show the most ergonomic ways to adjust your work chair so you are positioned comfortably.

If that doesn't work, you may want to try seeing a good chiropractor. My arms used to fall asleep all the time - pins and needles all the way down to my fingers! It was awful. Well, I had had a sports injury to my neck years ago, and it turns out that there was pressure on my nerves leading down into my arms. After some chiropractic adjustment, I started to feel a lot better. It's amazing how being a little out of alignment can cause all kinds of problems.

I'd start by mentioning this to the HR department where you work - lots of times, companies have an ergonomics consultant they can send to ensure your desk is the proper height for you, etc. Since you don't have this issue at home, I'm guessing it's something about your chair or your desk that is causing this issue.

You should see an orthopedic surgeon. It could be a pinched nerve, but it could also be a number of other conditions,including peripheral neuropathy. Don't put it off. Good luck.

I would first ask your work for an ergonomic evaluation and chages to your workstation as it's probably that. However there are conditions of the spine which can result in leg numbness/tingling. One is a herniated disc although this usually comes with pain as well. The other is stenosis (think of this like a clogging artery- the bony opening in your spine for the nerve is getting crowded by bone overgrowth and closing in on the nerve causing symptoms) which is usually a condition of aging although it can happen in younger people. I would be evaluated by your dr to rule out these conditions and then get some physical therapy. Along with workstation changes you should be fine.

Dear T.,
It sounds like pressed or pinched nerves or something...the distribution of your weight in your chair is somehow not allowing for good circulation in your legs. Posture and a properly adjusted chair are really important. I broke my back when my daughter was a baby and I can only bear to sit for so long so at work, I'm on my feet as much as possible. At one place I worked, they ordered, they ordered a special chair and it was the strangest looking thing I've ever seen, but I could work a 10 hour day without my back bothering me.
Also, though I'm tall, I don't have any booty padding whatsoever and my legs will start getting tingly if I don't have enough padding on my rump. Sitting in a metal chair or on bleachers for a sports game without something to sit on....forget it! I can't even move after about 15 minutes and I'm sore for days. Check into proper chair adjustments for someone of your size and maybe consider a cusion of some sort for your fanny. You can get a massage or visit the chiro, but unless you have a good chair, I think the problem might continue.

I wish you the best!

I have this same problem with my arms/fingers, and with regular chiropractic care, it's virtually disappeared. I still have problems, but with a single adjustment, I'm good for a couple weeks. I highly recommend seeing a chiropractor; he or she can make a referral to a doctor if it's not a chiropractic issue :)


Since your symptoms mainly occur at work I would make some adjustments with the chair you use (seat tilt, low back support). If you cannot sit all the way back in the chair with your feet flat on the ground you may also need a foot rest. Having an ergonomics assessment would be beneficial (either your company will have someone on staff or they will need to bring someone in).

The other thing you can do is get on a good stretching program for the hamstrings, calves, low back, and gluteal areas.

If your symptoms persist seeing a good physical therapist would be really beneficial because not only can the physical therapist do any necessary adjustments but also can do the appropriate soft tissue work, and give you a good exercise program.

Good luck!

C. B Palmer

Perhaps the way your chair is adjusted is causing it. I have a footrest under my desk to keep my legs/feet up so I don't cut off circulation... it helps some.

Low thyroid affects all your body functions. I would have it checked as a possibility.

Go to the chiropractor...I guarantee that will solve your issue.

You may need a chiropractic adjustment if your vertebrae is out of alignment it could be pressing on the nerves that exit from the lower lumber vertebrae and cause pain or numbness and tingling. You could try deep tissue massage as well. But, go to someone who specializes in neuromuscular therapy and myofascial release techniques.

All of my answers have been covered, but I'm going to just 'chime in' and reiterate them. Do have your workstation evaluated for ergonomic correctness. Do see your doctor to have yourself evaluated for possible conditions that may cause this problem. Do contact a good chiropractor for an evaluation of your spinal condition. A pinched nerve from spinal problems can cause so much havoc in our bodies and a good chiropracter may be able to alleviate the problem, as well as give you good advice in regard to the workplace set-up and any other physical problems that need to be addressed. In other words a 'good' chiropracter will not assume that a series of spinal adjustments is necessarily all that's needed, but will be able to recommend further evaluations by an MD for other problems.
Don't delay getting this resolved! Legs going to sleep are an indicator that something is definitely wrong, and not getting it taken care of now can possible lead to much worse problems later.

I don'6 know why that is happening to you but I think you should go see a doctor. Just to be safe. Your example of getting stuck at the water cooler seems cause for concern. I hope you go see the doctor and wish you the best!

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