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Why Do My Feet Hurt So Much Post Pregnancy?

After I delivered my baby, I have been having alot of pain in my feet. When I wake up in the morning and get out of bed, my heels hurt as I am walking. The same thing happens if I am sitting for a long time and then get up. I also can't stand for long periods of time (so no cooking) otherwise my lower leg starts hurting. I have an extra 20 pounds on me right now, so I am thinking the feet problems is due to this. Anyone else have the same problems?

also, the pain only comes after i get up at start walking. it goes away after a few minutes. Would I see my gyno or a podiatrist for this problem?

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I went to the podiatrists today and the xray was normal. She just wanted me to do some exercises and wear some shoes that have support. She also made a brace for me to wear around the house. Thanks everyone! My next mission is to look for a good pair of shoes!!

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I had the same problem after my first pregnancy. It sounds like plantar facitis. I can't remember what type of dr I saw, but he gave me foot exercises to do a few times/day. The pain did go away after a few months.

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It sounds to me like you might be experiencing Plantar Fasciitis. It's heel pain and pain in your feet or foot and I started getting it after I gained weight with my son. It's actually pretty common- here is a link with some info on it:


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find a good chiropractor. If you live in the NW suburbs I have a few good recommendations. Being pregnant throws your body out of line and now most likely you are having pains as your body overcompensates somewhere

It sounds like plantar facisitis (sp?). I had this for a year before I saw a podiatrist and figured it out. The suggestions already given are good - wear good shoes ALL the time, from the moment you get out of bed, stretch, massage, ice, etc. Also, if you can find a good massage therapist, there are trigger points in your calf muscle that can be worked to relieve the pain in your foot. If you happen to be in Northwest Indiana, I can give you the number of one who knows the technique. It will heal if you take care of it - good luck!

I gave birth to #2 in April and I have had the same problem. I believe it is caused by relaxin, a hormone secreted during pregnancy that relaxes your joints to prepare for child birth. It is the presence of this hormone that causes our feet to "grow" during pregnancy as well...I am now in a solid size 9 shoe after 2 children, when pre-kids I wore an 8. I went up a half size each time because my feet stretched out! Anyway, as this hormone is being removed from your system, it can make your joints feel stiff because the relaxin is no longer there to make them feel pliable. I sometimes notice this in my knees too. Once your system is completely rid of the relaxin and your body has adjusted, you'll probably notice the pain has subsided.

Hope this helps!!

It sounds like Heel Spurs. I have them & have been getting treated for them. You can do stretching exercises, to help the pain. Keep your foot arched, stretching the heel. Check out the Internet for better descriptions & more easy exercises. Also, the most important things is to always wear something on your feet, never go barefoot. You need to support your arch. I am being treated with cortisone injections & they work wonders. They also use Feldane (sp?)an anti-inflammatory to treat it. Losing the extra weight will also help. You can also try Spenco Orthotics to put in your shoes. My Dr. recommeneded them.
Best of luck.

I also had foot pain after pregnancy. The podiatrist told me the same hormones that prepare the body to give birth also relax all your ligaments. He made me custom orthotics for my shoes~don't work in sandals~ but maybe you could try arch supports.
Later I developed heel pain like you describe~pain upon waking & standing. This is plantar fasciatis (sp?) I resolved it by using a towel to stretch calve muscles upon waking & several times a day.
When I took up running on a treadmill I got heel spurs from not stretching properly. To resolve this I saw a Rolfer a few times. This is a kind of deep massage, sometimes called structural integration.
I finally have no foot pain!

I would go see a foot doctor--it sounds like heel spurs,or pf. I developed them during pregnancy, too.

Did you get rid of all the water weight? Try sleeping with your feet up on pillows so that they are elevated. That should make a difference in a few days.

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