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Why Am I Lactating Afer 10 Months of Not Nursing, Could I Be Pregnant?

I stopped nursing my third child about 10 months ago, (he's almost two), this morning I noticed I could squeeze milk out of my breasts! I know I haven't been able to do that for a long time. I have an IUD, so I am not expecting pregnancy, and I don't think it was too long ago that I got my period. I have been SUPER emotional the last few days, but I am on Vacation with three little kids so sleep has been an issue. Anyway, just thought I would check with you all and see what you say. I would NOT be pleased about being pregnant. But I will accept what life throws my way.


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Thanks Everyone. I started my period the NEXT DAY!! So I know it has more to do with that then anything else. I'm glad I still have my milk, it doesn't bother me and makes me feel more connected to the childbearing part of my life, even though I'm done having kids, it's nice to know my body is still ready in case I change my mind. :-) (I might, but my husband, doubtful) I will talk to my Doc about it thought, just in case I need to have things checked out.

Thanks again,

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Hello W.: I am now a Grandmother and in my late 50's, & the mother of 5 and I have been able to nurse several of my foster babies that needed it. Just because you are able to produce some milk does not have to mean that you are pregnant. It may just mean that your body is finally making the last hormone changes. I have been blessed with the ability to bring my milk back in after just a few days. So hopefully since this bothers you it will not keep on.
I am also blessed with a child that has Autism/ Aspbergers' Syndrome and that really demands a lot of you so that you can take care of all of your childrens needs. If it helps check into the SELPA program of your district and join the CAC (Community Aliance Committe ) it will help you to know all about what is offered and is being considered in your area. I have been apart of the Castro Valley District CAC for many years. Take care of yourself and I hope that you will enjoy the adventure of parenthood, Nana G

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This happened to a friend of mine and she ended up having a non-cancerous tumor on her pituitary gland. It needed to be removed before it got too big and started causing other problems in her brain. After the surgery, she was fine! Get it checked out!

Be sure to have your prolactin level tested. It could be a sign of a pituatary tumor. I had breastmilk after three years and as soon as I told my OBGYN, they ordered the test. It is a simple blood test that can show if you are having a problem. I hope not! Try not to worry until you have something to worry about.

i was able to squeeze milk out for almost two years after i stopped nursing. it's likely no big deal...

I would double check with a pregnancy test, just to be sure but I stopped breastfeeding 6 months ago and can still squeeze milk out of my breast. I have talked to friends who could still get milk a year plus later. I heard some people say it took years to completly dry up. Wierd but true. :)

Good luck to you!


You should go to the doctor. You could be pregnant, but you could have a cyst or a milk duct infection or something else. Best to just go see the doctor and find out for sure what is going on.

Good Luck!

T. T.

Yeah, I stopped nursing about 5 months ago and I can still squeeze some out too (not much mind you, but never the less...). I also have an IUD and am certain that I'm not pregnant. Lactation isn't usually a early sign of pregnancy, so unless you notice other changes in your body that indicate other wise (besides being emotional, because as you pointed out, that could be from sleep deprivation) I really wouldn't worry about it.

I was lactating for three years after wards. My daughter is going on 8 and every once in a while I'll get that feeling in my left breast and sure enough I can squeeze milk out...not much, but it's there.


I am going to repeat Cindy B's advice - get your pituitary hormone levels checked. I also had a prolactinoma (pituitary growth) long before I ever got pregnant, and I'd leak milk (usually during my period). It was treatable with drugs. Good luck!

I was still able to squeeze milk out for more than a year after I stopped nursing, and I too use an IUD.
Remember too that your IUD, if using the Mirena type with hormones, your period may never be regular, and even go away completely. I LOVED that side effect, personally.

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