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Why Am I Having 2 Week Periods?!

Hi everyone, you all have been so helpful in the past, i thought i'd try my luck again! I am 35 yrs old, and have 4 children, my youngest will be turning 2 in Aug. I have always had heavy periods, but this is crazy! Not only are my periods extremely heavy-i can go through a super tampon in an hour sometimes 1/2 hr for days straight- my periods are lasting two weeks and then some! Any ideas on what is going on with me- what are my options on stoping this- i am so tired and it is hard for me to go anywhere during this time because i am afraid that i will leak through to my clothes! Has anyone else gone through this?

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I cannot stress enough how grateful i am to all the responses i have recieved!! I have to add that i have no cramping, luckily, as some of you do/have had-but when i have my period i can pass some pretty big blood clots. I also have to add that i have been putting off seeing the doc because i just figured it was something i had to deal with and also because my hubby just started a new job and we have lost our insurance until he has enough hours in before they pick him up-great timing-huh?! I would also like to add that i am not nor have i ever been on any type of birth control pills and was hoping to keep it that way if possible-not for the sake of having any more children ~ 4 ARE ENOUGH!!!-but for possible side affects- isn't it funny how you can take one thing for one problem but then that could cause several other problems in turn? Thanks again for the great advice and if you know of anyone that would be able to take me on and not charge an "arm and a child"- i'd love to know! God bless!

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I would get to the doctor ASAP. When did you have your last pap smear done? My sister had the same thing happen to her as seems to be happening to you. They found she had some growth and she ended up needing a hysterectomy. She got so bad every month that she became anemic and light headed at times. She is a little older than you but from what I understand this can happen at any age.
I do not mean to scare you and I pray that it is something totally different but it is better to be safe then sorry.


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I had a very similar situation and last year had an endometrial eblation and it has been the best thing ever!!!! I hardly have a period any more. You have to be done having children which I was but it was minimally invasive and I was up and going within a few days. There is life beyond the periods! Talk with your doctors because there are options to dealing with this and don't let them tell you it's something that we just have to deal with. Good luck!

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Yes I have been through it. after having a biopsy to make sure no cervical cancer. We tried hormone shots to try to get the bleeding stopped, it did not work and got worse. I ended up having endometrial ablasion done and it changed my life. No more babies but no more periods either but I still have all of my organs so i have not went into menopause. I feel very blessed that my great ob/gyn look out after me so well. Good luck!

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Hi T.,
Sorry you are having this problem, especially with small children. Its hard to get thru the days. I had this and it ended up being endemetriosis. You need to visit your gyno and get that checked out cause it doesnt get any better! I was 33 yrs old and was bleeding all the time before I went to the doctor, my weight went down to 93 pounds and I was light headed and fainted a couple of times. Not good when you have little kids. So dont wait like I did. Get it checked out ASAP

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Have you been to a Dr. or a chiropractor and had a blood work up done to find out if you are anemic? I too had very heavy 2 week long periods. You need to get a work up. Hormones are another thing. If you can find someone to help you naturally, that would be best. Find a good chiropractor, they know so much more than you can imagine. We deal with hot flashes, cramps, heavy periods all the time at our chiropractors office. I was put on a product called Total Female and Estro-Balance. Worked like a charm. S.

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Did you ever go off of the pill? Did you notice this is when it started happening? This happened to me and from beginning of the bleeding till the end, it would last 17 days till I got pregnant with Erik who is now 5. I started bleeding while pregnant with him and just a little and we checked everything out and the levels were going up so that was good news. It took us 8 mths to get pregnant with him. We also have two girls. Anyhow, then I started bleeding really bad and was so scared and my midwife talked to me and prepared me just in case I was miscarrying. I went in and was checked and my levels were going up at rapid speed. So, I bled like a period for up to my 4th month and then it stopped and after I had him, I bled like normal but breastfed so did not have it for a while and then got it again when he was 4 mths but it was back to normal. I have always had heavy ones too, but nothing like this. Then, I stopped nursing at 14 mths and guess what? The periods started to be 17 days again. And, the first 4 were like spotting and then the rest was really heavy like you said till about the last day. It sucked. I still bleed really heavily now, but now, I spot for about 4 days and then I have a full heavy period for 5 days, so that is better then it was but still I dont like it. I am also 35.
S. bailey CLD

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Hi T.,
I had this problem in my late 30's. I was haviang 2 periods a month like you. heavy heavy heavy bleeding. I had three children in my 20's..

First rule out any sort of fibroid tumor or endometriosous.. sp..and make sure you aren't anemic with all of the bleeding. After all of my heavy periods I wasn't but I keep getting it checked. My first 2 days are still heavy.. (I'm 46) but my friends say theirs is too.

I had an internal ultrasound to check these things out for possible fibroids and so forth. I didn't end up having those problems. Many OB's want to throw you on birth control pills to control your periods. My old practice did that and it made my particular situation WORSE.. initially the first month or two it was lighter and then it came back like nuts.
I highly recommend researching natural progesterone cream. I used that in my late 30's and I have used it off and on in my 40's. You probably are suffering from low progesterone and not sluffing off your uterine lining properly due to this. there are books at the library and at the book store to educate yourself. I finally did and I'm glad I did. It saved my life, truly. Authors to consider.. Dr. john Lee.. and Dr. Christiane Northrup has excellent women's health books and she has been on PBS and Oprah and is widely known. I have read all of her books and Dr. Lee's on natural progestrone cream
good luck.. go natural. Take a good multivitamin and progestrone cream. Don't expect your OB to support the cream. They can't write a prescription for it. IF you want more info on where to buy it you can email me. It is widely available.

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Hi T.,

I went through this just last year. I had a period for almost a year. When it was time for my regular period I would bleed through a super tampon and an overnight pad together within 1 to 2 hours that is how heavy my periods were. I tried a D & C hoping that would help but it did nothing for me, I still had my very long period. I ended up having endometreosis and fibroids. I had to have a total/complete historectomy. My endomitrios was so bad that he had a very diffucult time finding my ovaries and it had attached to my bladder, blowels and kidneys.

I was never aneimic because I took a vitamin from Melaleuca. It will absorb at the cellular level because it has fructose compounding in it and it is patented. My ob-gyn was quite amazed because of all the blood I lost I never became aneimic.

I ended up having to have the hysterectomy because I was hemoraging.

I agree to see your Dr ASAP... Do not put it off.

Good Luck,
K. L.

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