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Updated on November 13, 2010
C.W. asks from McKinleyville, CA
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So this is a very unimportant question...but I still thought it would be fun to ask. My friend is throwing a "Grinch Stole Christmas" Bunko party and we are looking for cute/fun ideas : - ) Does anyone have any specific foods or recipies of things that the Whos ate in the story? Thanks !

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answers from New York on

I just googled Grinch recipies out of curiosity and saw several websites. I'm thinking since its an adult party you could have green cocktails of some kind. A roast "beast: would be great, along with who-hash and definitely some kind of Christmas pudding (maybe something minty and green to go along with the theme?). This sounds like alot of fun.

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answers from Atlanta on

Well, the main food item should certainly be "roast beast" and "Who hash"! I think any roast or turkey would suffice and maybe sauerkraut or corned beef hash or something for the Who hash.

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answers from San Francisco on

i agree, roast "beast" is what came to my mind. good luck, sounds fun!



answers from San Francisco on

C., you got all the best answers! I could only think of cookies of somesort as the Grinch doll we have is holding one.
Think I will copy the idea for the Grandchildren on the night I have them come decorate one of the trees!!!
Tell your friend THANKS


answers from Dallas on

A roast beast -
I love to serve this ham because it is simple, has that wow factor and tastes delicious. Serve it with a basket of rolls (I like the King's Hawaiian rolls, they are sweeter) and some Major Grey's Chutney and let people make their own little sandwiches.

Hash - This is a new twist on hash, I love the apples in it, so Fall Festive! Also, another simple recipe!


Happy Cooking!

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answers from San Francisco on

I saw a book at the library that was a Dr. Seuss recipe book.

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