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Who's Better, Cox or AT&T for Cable Services?

Hi Moms,
I have been a Cox customer for years~~we have the "Bundle", phone, internet and cable, my dilema is.....it is $170.00 a month. I have heard the AT&T commercials about their "Bundle" package being considerably less and with times as they are today, cutting back would be nice. I would like to know, if any of you currently have AT&T, do you like their service and is it less than $170.00 a month? Thanks in advance for your info~~Christi

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I want to thank everyone for ALL of their VALUABLE info. I have some research to do, but all of the info that I've received has been sooo helpful!!!!!! Thanks again for taking the time to respond~~~this is a truly wonderful network of ladies!!! I am sure that I will have more questions soon!!!

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That sounds like a lot. They make you think you save money by getting a bundle, but we get everything separate, and it's much much less. Our cable is with Time Warner and is $37.00 per month - gets most channels except premium, but who has time to watch that much TV? Our phone with internet is with ATT and is $30, and we have a long distance MCI card to make long distance calls at .03 per minute. Sounds like a lot less than $170!

It has been my experience, that Cox Cable is better. I have had both packages and especially with the power boost from Cox is unparalleled. Cox, while it may not be cheap, is still the best overall. AT&T has horrible customer service, unless you are from India and are very familiar with that accent. Cox is locally owned and you don't get people who can barely speak English who are in (God knows where) answering your call. Cox is much better at answering technical questions and sending out a technician if necessary. As I have mentioned, download speeds are more reliable, despite the supposed "dedicated" lines that AT&T offer. As far as pricing, AT&T may advertise lower INTRODUCTORY prices, but after 6 months that will change. Ask AT&T about HIDDEN CHARGES also, Cox explains all of their charges and there are no SURPRISES when you get the bill!

We have AT&T for phone and internet, we pay about $45 a month including taxes, etc. We do not have cable so I don't know how much extra that costs, but I always thought you could get basic cable for about $30 a month. If you have the time and patience, it might not hurt to call around and get some quotes. You may be able to save a little money that way.

Good luck!

We have cox at home and found it was actually cheaper to "un-bundle"...meaning we pay for the services separately and pick and choose what we want, we pay about $120/mo for cable (300 channels, telephone and internet). On the other hand, my spouse has ATT (DSL) at the office and he really likes it, it's really fast. Not sure what we pay for that...its a business package for tele & internet. Good luck!!

Personally, I would go with anyone over Cox Communications. I am lucky now that I live in a Time-Warner neighborhood, but over the years when I have been stuck with Cox I have had terrible experiences many times and and at different residences. I won't get into detail, but for example..ridiculously long on-hold time ( put on speaker phone many times for long periods of time just to see if anyone ever answers...they don't), techincian who show up late and can't fix a problem because (they told me) #1 I scheduled too late in they day (Cox approved scheduling times) or #2 they have another appointment they are running late for (these type of problems occured on multiple occasions)....just bad customer service (guess they were not used to having competition in the past)...

You only put Cox or AT&T, so I am not sure if verizon is not an option where you live. We have Verizon Fios for cable, internet and phone and we pay $140.00 and that includes all the taxes,ect. We have the medium internet price(There is only 3 choices), we have over 300 channels for t.v. plus we have HBO, and we only pay $25.00 (included in total price) for unlimited long distance calling. We have been very happy with it. Hope this helps !

We are Cox customers too.

I just called them about a month ago to see what they could do about lowering my bill. Right away the guy found a newer program with the same type of bundle that we currently had, just with a few less channels (ones we don't normally watch anyways). That saved me $20 a month!

I also called my cell company and did the same thing. I got my bill lowered by $20 a month too!

You just need to be nice and ask. You don't need to go into details about why you want the reduction. I think I just told the guy I was looking to reduce my household spending and he went right to work on it with no problems.

we had been looking around too becasue we are in the exact place you are... but be sure you have the few hundred it takes to set it up and I think on line it says $200 for start up fees I think i'll check in and see what others tell you

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