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White Stool After Stomach Flu

Hi everyone, I am hoping someone has heard or dealt with this before. My 18 month daughter just got over what her pediatrician called the stomach flu. We were told to make sure that she didn't get dehydrated but other than that she should get over it in about a week and be back to normal. Well after a week sure enough the vomiting and diarrhea seemed to be gone and stayed gone for another week. Then she woke up with diarrhea worse than the first time (almost straight liquid) and by the end of the day she was vomiting again. The really strange thing was, was the color of her stools up until then, had been almost white, very pale like the color of a light beige file folder. When I called her doctor to ask about the recurrance of symptoms I told her of the stool color but she never commented on it and I didn't realize she skipped over that concern until I had already hung up. So my question is should I call back and re-ask or is this just something wierd with the stomach flu. I don't know if her stools are still white because she hasn't had a bowel movement yet after her diarrhea.
Any ideas would help, I hate calling if it's nothing but this is bothering me...

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I called back and was told that as of right now we need to wait and make sure that the stomach bug she had is gone. Some times the viruses can cause a temperary blockage from the bile that is stored in the gall bladder. However if after a week, which will be Wednesday, we don't see an improvement, I will need to bring her in and have some blood drawn and her belly checked for hard spots.
Unfortunately, this hasn't lessoned my worring because I was told that this could be Hepetitis, as the symptoms for that and the stomach flu are the same.
Thank you to everyone who responded it made me feel a lot better about having worries. I'll let you know how it all turns out next week.
Merry Christmas/

Well I brought her back in for a physical and was told no child can be as happy as she is and have any serious problems(my daughter never stops smiling) They told me to watch for any changes in her temperment or sensitivity/tenderness in her abdomen and as long as nothing changes she will be fine.

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I haven't run into this with the white stool, but something I've learned from my daughters doctor. If something is bothering you call -- we have a nurses line at the office and they are wonderful. They have calmed my fears and answered some crazy questions for me.
Even if it is nothing, you'll feel better knowing that you called -- especially with the holiday around the corner.. you want to make sure your little one is ok!

Have a great holiday and let us know what they say about the stool, may be a good fact to tuck away inside the brain!

I would call back to be safe. I've always been told that white stools (could be problem with bile) and black stools (could be blood) shouldn't be ignored.

My son and my girlfriends son were both tested for parasites because this wouldn't go away even after three weeks he vomitted and then nothing else. He did have two white stools. They are back to normal now and hopefully so are they. This has been going on for two months here and there and only at night with the vomiting, during the day he is fine and happy and eating. I hope all turns out okay.

if you're worried(i would be concerned) call them as many times until as needed,or at least maybe whats going on.when my son is sick i'm always calling.

You should definitely call back. I just took my son in because his stool had black in it. This ended up meaning there was blood. probably from a scratch. It went away. But, the doctor did tell me she gets more concerned if the stool is light gray and especially white. I thought it had something to do with bile, but I don't quite remember. It is probably just a phase in getting over the flu, but it definitely won't hurt to ask and be sure. If you are really concerned and other symptoms seem to be continuing, just get an appt to go in and discuss. I hope your little pumpkin is feeling better soon!

I have never seen a white or really light stool before and have been around babies my entire life. I would take him in, my concern would be that there is a secondary infection somewhere and you would need to have his lungs and everything checked out by a Dr. I wouldn't just call, this seems unusual to me and topped with the fact that he was better and then suddenly worse again. Get him checked in person is better than dealing with something worse later.

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