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White Spots on Toe Nails

My doctor said that I have a fungus on my toe nails most likely from a nail salon that wasn't clean. I don't want to take medicine so I wondered if anyone knows of a remedy that would help the white spots go away.

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i have that problem too, and i noticed that it got better in the summer. i was thinking it was the chlorine in the pool, so i put a little bleach in a foot bath and soak.

Also, vicks vapo rub every night and morning!

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D. - Below is a copy of a reply I gave to Lisa O. in 8/09. Look it up in my history. She has 30+ replies to essentially the same question as yours.

I picked up a toe nail fungus (onychomycosis) almost 5 years ago. I went to a new nail salon for a pedicure when I was 9 months pregnant. It's my guess that this is where I picked up the infection. My PCP took a culture of the nail and sure enough, it came back as a fungus. After having liver function tests (blood tests), I was placed on anti fungal oral medication (Lamisil) daily for 4 months - one month longer than the usual course of treatment. The medication is very expensive and insurance was abit relunctant to pay for this medication especially since success rates are low. I had to go through a pharmacy review type process for reimbursement for the extended treatment period. Between that and samples from the podiatrist, I was able to obtain the necessary course of treatment. Additionally, I also applied Vicks VapoRub to the infected nail bed like others have suggested. It did help somewhat but I wasn't the most compliant as I would frequently forget (busy mom with young kids). All in all, the treatments did nada, nothing, zilich. Eventually, I had a small portion of toe nail surgicially removed. Thankfully, the infection was completely removed and there has been no reoccurence. My nail now looks normal again. That experience was a huge learning experience to me about taking proper preventative measures....never barefoot in public pools, showers, etc and being very cautious at nail salons to name a few. I don't know if I will ever feel comfortable getting another pedicure again.

My advice to you is 1) go to a podiatrist and 2) do the best you can to get a handle on this now especially if the infection is mild. These things get **nasty** as one ages.

Best of luck,

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I am a nail tech and white spots aren't usually fungus. I suggest going to a podiatrist. If it is fungus it is highly contagious and needs to be checked out immediatley! Good Luck!

I have heard that tea-tree oil can be helpful, or using Vicks Vapo-rub with socks on at night every night.

There is also something called Absorbine Jr that pharmacies sell, that is a roll-on ointment for joint paint, etc. that is supposed to help with fungus issues.

All great suggestions, I would just add that taking a probiotic several times a day can also help get rid of a fungus from the inside out. Make sure to get one at a health food store from the refrigerated section, to make sure it is active.


Tea Tree oil worked for me.

Yep, it's a fungus. I also got this fungus from a nail salon. I tried some over the counter remedies, but none worked. I used to work for a podiatrist and he prescribed Lamisil. I know it's a medication and you said you didn't want to take it--but it's only for 3 months and it knocks the fungus right out. My podiatrist said the over the counter stuff rarely works for anyone, and it's just a waste of money. Good luck!

I had something similar happen. The foot doctor told me to applly Vicks Vaporub 2x a day using a cotton swab to clean nails. It may take a while to work but it does.

I dont know how well these work:
I recently overheard my cousin who's a pharmaceutical rep tell her aunt to avoid the prescription stuff and use 2-3 drops of chlorine bleach on her toenail each night.
A foot Dr told my mother to rub Vicks vaporub into the toenail every night for a year! She gave up & used a prescription for 3 months that cost $150 a month.
I do know if you ignore it, it gets really ugly.

A solution of half rubbing alcohol and half lemon juice helped my mom get rid of the fungus on her nails. She prepares it in a little bottle and applies every day after her shower. It doesn't hurt to try!

i have that problem too, and i noticed that it got better in the summer. i was thinking it was the chlorine in the pool, so i put a little bleach in a foot bath and soak.

Also, vicks vapo rub every night and morning!

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