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White Spots in the Sking of My 3Yr. Old Child

My Little 3yr old Girl has been getting this white spots on her skin specially her arms and now they are only getting lighter and not going away, since recently we lost our insurance I'm wondering if this spots are something that any other parent/child has experience I appreciate your input just getting little stress out about this and thinking that may have something serious here going on with her.
thank you.

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If they sound like the white spots and they are sparingly. My daughter has them and they are pigment spots, they are okay and doctors say okay as long as they do not get bigger, etc.

My daughter got white rings around her eyes. It looked like she'd been skiing if you know what I mean. We took her to a dermatologist and she said it was a rare form of excema. She gave us a cream to put on it and it's slowing going away. I think if you don't treat it, the white spots get bigger. Call a dermatologist and tell them you don't have insurance and make payment arrangements before you go. Some will work with you, I'm sure.

Are they splotchy or are they perfectly round? If they are perfectly round they could be a skin fungus. Both my brother and I had them (we were teenagers) and they came up as perfectly round white spots on our arms and chest. If this is the case, then they will only get worse without treatment. Also, don't worry, they are from a fungus in the soil, not a sign of poor hygiene. Have you traveled west recently? This type of fungus is more common in the desert soil.

Good luck!

My son gets those when he is in the sun. He will tan all over and then have a white spot. Our pediatrician said that they are just like sun spots, where that part of the skin doesn't tan.

Also you can go to the CVS website and see which ones around you have a "Minute Clinic". They have nurse practitioners and physician assistants that could check her and tell you if it something minor or serious. If it is something minor they can treat it and prescribe anything needed.

I just took my two year old in last week for the same thing. She has many white spots and the doctor said they are more prevalent in summer when they tan. Even though most of the spots were smooth, he said it was a form of eczema. I think he saw 2 spots that were actually rough. He said to lotion her up every morning, night, and after baths. Oatmeal baths were good. Also gave me a prescription if she was itching and said taking zyrtec would help her since its caused by allergies. The information sheet he gave me said it is common in areas that crease (like inside crease of arm, behind knees, kneck, etc.), which fits my daughter. She gets whiter behind the knees and in other creases. My daughter doesn't itch though but I am still putting tons of lotion on.

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