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White Patch on Baby's Tongue

Hi Mommas!
My 2 months old son has a white stain on his tongue. It is leftover milk and it does not go away. I've tried wiping it out, giving him water, using the baby toothbrush.... and nothing! The stain does not come off, actually it is getting bigger and starting to bother him. I asked his pediatrician and he just told me "don't worry about it". He told me it is not thrush so I have nothing to be worried about. The thing is, I am worried! I don't want this horrible thick white patch on my baby's tongue, and now his breath starts to smell a little. Any suggestions??? Thanks in advance!!!

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This GV is great!!! I did go to a second ped and got the same answer: it's not thrush! But this thing was bothering me too much, I couldn't just forget about it and pretend it wasn't there. So I tried the GV as suggested by some of you and the patch is clearing up! Wonderful! Thanks so much mommas, you are awesome!!!

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I agree. It sounds exactly like thrush. My son had it at about 2 months old too. The fact that it is bothering him tells me that it is not just a milk stain. I would definitley go to a different doctor!

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Hi A. -- we had same problem which turned out to be thrush (despite the initial consult w/ our ped). I went to CVS and got the Gentian Violet which is horrid w/ staining clothes and everything but it's an antifungal that gets into the layers of the skin and clears up the thrush pretty quickly, as it also goes thru the baby's system. Use only a tiny bit, and not for more than 3 or 4 days. I apply it w/ a Q-tip when i use it.

Before I found the GV though, I did take him to 2 ped visits, different peds (the first was whoever was at the office and she prescribed Nystatin, which didn't do the job bec the thrush was through out his body. If your baby has a butt rash too, it pretty much means it's thru the system. If that's the case, get Diflucan (i think that's the name) which is also the same as Fluconazole (whcih also may be a misspelling). If you can get into ped today or tomorrow, and get the meds, you should be fine in a day or two. The GV is up at CVS, cost $2 or $3, and works immediately, but if you don't want to go the natural approach and feel better w/ the Rx, then get to ped. GOOD LUCK!! :)

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it sounds just like thrush to me. My grandson who was visiting 2 weeks ago had the same description of white and not coming off. He was a little mess til he went home and was able to see the doc for medicine. I don't know what they gave him,but in the "olden" days (my baby will be 18 on Sat) the doc prescribed gentian violet. It is an over the counter item that "dyes" everything purple,but does the job very well. I used it with a child that was still nursing as well as taking the bottle and you guessed it!!!! I turned purple or at least around the nipple!!! It isn't expensive and it's worth it's weight in gold especialy if the doc says it's not thrush and not to worry. Even with the $20 medicine,my 6 week old grandson was 2 days getting better and wanting to take a bottle again. Good luck.............Mamaw J.

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My daughter had this when she was a baby too. She is now 25. BUT she does have "geographic tongue". You can do a google search to see what it is. It dosnt bother her, dosnt affect her life in any way! I suggest you not obsess over it. Believe me, you will have plenty of other things to worry about before the baby is an adult and even after!

My son had thrush at about 2 months. It sounds exactly the same. Our ped used some kind of treatment that turned his little mouth purple for two days. It worked- and the thrush never came back.

I agree. It sounds exactly like thrush. My son had it at about 2 months old too. The fact that it is bothering him tells me that it is not just a milk stain. I would definitley go to a different doctor!

Both my girls had something like that when they were babies, but it was totally normal--just like you mentioned, a temporary 'milk stain.'

i have a feeling it is thrush if i were you i would get a second opinion. if your washing his mouth out and it still smells there is something going on in there.babys that young should not have bad breath. good luck

I agree, your doctor is not listening or paying attention to you. You have rights as patients and he is violating those rights by not listening to you. Please consider getting a second opinion and finding a doctor with better bedside manner. I would also see a lactation consultant. She diagnosed my litte girl with thrush even when my first doc said it wasn't...

Thrush is a yeast infection in the mouth. Babies do not have bad breath. If he had cradle cap, another sign of yeast overgrowth in the body, now it has to go somewhere else, the mouth. Not sure if you are b-feeding, but you would need to increase your probiotics in your own diet to boost his good bacteria in his body to help fight the yeast off. If you are not, there are probiotics you can put in his formula, most formulas do not contain the good probiotics in them...at least the ones they need. If you had a c-section (as I did), then he missed much of the good bacteria to help give his immune system the boost he needs. FloraBaby by Renew Life I gave to my infant and still do to this day at 16m. www.smartbomb.com My second peditrician commended me for doing this and continuing to do this, she says that parents do not realize that they need to have the probiotics in their little bodies. You can give them to him if you are b-feeding too, that is what I did.

If you need more info, please reply back. If anything, get a second opinion, I did and never went back to this other peditrician.

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I'm with most everyone else - it's no "milk stain." Food can't/won't stay in the mouth - saliva breaks it down and washes it away. Sounds like thrush, but even if it's not, if it's growing and bothering him, it's a problem. See another doctor.

Sounds like thrush to me. I would see another doctor.

ok- before I read the entire message, I immediately thought thrush. Are you breastfeeding? b/c thrush is commonly a shared thing. . . Milk will not sit on a baby's tongue-- we all have saliva that washes away what's in our mouths, and lord knows babies have a ton of it! I would ask again or even google image thrush to see pic's & compare what it looks like. My daughter & i both had thrush when she was an infant-- it was treated w/ an antifungal(?)(I know it sounds gross, but i believe that's what it was) swab like solution that I had to swab her mouth & on my breasts as well, also they recommended a vinegar dip-- you guessed it-- for comfort on my part. So I'd say if you were experiencing discomfort, it could be thrush-- if not, then I don't know!

I'm betting on Thrush! My son had it - was a simple remedy to get rid of it but don't remember what, exactly I did. If you are breastfeeding, it can be passed on to you (I do remember the itching!)

Personally, if my doctor EVER dismissed a concern like yours - I wouldn't worry about it. I would just find another doctor who would be more concerned about my family's well being! Just because you are a new mom is no reason to dismiss your concerns. Shame on him! Follow your instincts. Good luck!

Did your doctor explain we he thought it wasn't thrush? IF he isn't willing to explain or you don't feel comfortable asking then you need to find a new Pediatrician. It sounds like thrush to me. Good luck!

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