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White Bumps in Mouth

Hey Moms,
I have a 5week old baby girl. I have started to notice a few days ago that she has white bumps on the tip of her tongue, and inside of her bottom lip. Do any of you know what this maybe. I am a new mom and don't want to over react by taking her to the ER, but plan to call the Doctor tomorrow. She's not running a fever, just a bit fussy. Thanks for all the input.

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My guess would be thrush. It's a yeast infection in the mouth. Lots of babies get it. It's very painful to a baby (and mom's who are breastfeeding), but easily treated with antibiotics. I'd call her doctor in the morning!

It is probably thrush ... for guidance (don't take it as gospel) go to www.webmd.com and search "Thrush".

are you beastfeeding? this could be thrush and if so, needs to be treated by the pediatrician. good luck! T.

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Hello, She might have thrush, which is like a yeast infection in the mouth, it is caused from milk. Call your Doctor and if it is that, she will need to be put on medication. I hope this helps out.

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Sounds like a yeast infection which will require an oral anti-fungal medicine, usually the Dr. will prescribe Nystantin (yellow in color) and also tell you to rinse your baby's mouth out after each nursing/feeding. This is very common and should be gone soon. Take care.

My guess would be thrush. It's a yeast infection in the mouth. Lots of babies get it. It's very painful to a baby (and mom's who are breastfeeding), but easily treated with antibiotics. I'd call her doctor in the morning!

Is she nursing?? If she is and she is fussy when eating, she probably has thrush. It is a yeast infection in her mouth. It causes he mouth and tongue to get a white coating and can become very sore. You can also get it on your nipples. I would check the inside of her mouth. If it has a white cake like appearance and she is fussy and doesn't want to nurse. More than likely that is what she has. It is easily treated. Call your pediatrician and they will give you a oral rinse to use. You will also need to be treated because you more than likely have it also. Hope this help and congrats on new baby!!!

It might be thrush which does appear white film on the tongue and inside of the mouth. I would take her to the doctor and they will probably give you some drops to place in her mouth. I hope everything works out.

Sounds like thrush.....not something for the ER. Babies pediatrician shouldn't have a problem treating this.

Good luck to you and congrats on your baby girl!

This sounds like thrush. I think it is a fungal infection.

That sounds like Thrush. Check with Dr. This is not serious, but common in babies.

Have fun with your new baby. They are only little once.

Grandma of 14

Hi N., I seem to remember that my sister's little boy had something like that and it was thrush. She was breast feeding and that had something to do with it. I'd see a doctor. Why take any chances. God Bless. N.


It may be what is called thrush. Sometimes babies and kids will get this. You may also see white spots on the back of the throat almost like a white coating. It can be taken care of with antibiotic and also make sure that bottle nipples, pacifiers and whatever else they may stick in their mouth is clean. Hope this helps.

It's probably thrush. Don't worry...lots of babies get it and it isn't anything you did wrong. It can come from various things. Just take her to the doctor. They can get rid of it with a prescription. Also, if you are nursing make sure you get advice on how to keep yourself from getting it or you can end up with a lot of soreness.

My son had this it is thrush and needs treated it is very easy with the care of your dr. And medication. I breast fed and bottle it is like i said easily treated so stay on top of it. : ) hope this helps!

Sounds like se could possibly have thrush ( a yeast infection of the mouth) its easily treated by antibiotics but you have to sterilize everything that comes in contact with her mouth or buy new stuff..call your pediatrician and she what he/she reccomends (you will need to get treated too if your breastfeeding)

THRUSH! It is a viral infection that some babies get. My grandson had it for pretty much for 4 months straight. They will give antibiotics for it but after the bumps are gone you need to replace pacifiers, nipples etc. It is a pain but it is NOTHING that you are doing wrong! Get her into the Dr ASAP and GOOD LUCK!!

Like everyone else, I would say it is Thrush. My youngest had it. I would take her to the doctor to double check and get a script. If you are breastfeeding, I would also go to your doctor and get a script. If you don't you can just keep passing it back and forth.

possible thrush. Not a huge deal. should be treated with antibiotics if it is thrush. alot of baby get this so don't worry. both of my girls had this.

That is thrush. My daughter is 15 months old and we both got it 2x. If you are bf you nipples will burn with pain and feels like needles being poked in them. Take her to dr for medicine and for you to and also to help with the pain on your nipples get some yeast infection cream over the counter and rub on your nipples after every feeding and wipe down your nipples after feeding and put on more cream. That will help with the pain a lot quicker.
good luck V.

are you beastfeeding? this could be thrush and if so, needs to be treated by the pediatrician. good luck! T.

It is probably thrush ... for guidance (don't take it as gospel) go to www.webmd.com and search "Thrush".

Sounds like thrush to me. She'll need to go to the doctor asap.

Hi N.,

It sounds to me like she may have a case of thrush. (A yeast infection in the mouth) Sometimes it can be painful when they eat, so my advice would be to call the doctor today so they can get her in to have a look to be sure.
Usually they give a liquid medication that will take care of it.

I hope this helps and that she feels better soon!

could be thrush. Call the peds office, talk to a nurse and see what they say.

N., Sounds like thrush. It is a yeast infection of the mouth. No big deal. You just have to get medicine for you and the baby if you're breast feeding. Be sure and boil everything that goes in the baby's mouth. If you are breadt feeding, you will need to change breast pads very often. Vinegar neutralizes yeast. It's good on nipples. J. Mom of 3

It is probably thrush.

Does it look like blisters as well, if she's having a hard time eating, its Thrush. Its a yeast infection caused from putting unsanitary things, (Pacifier, bottle nipple, fingers, nipple, toys, etc) in her mouth. My 2nd oldest always got them.

Do they bleed when you try to wipe them? If it does it might be thrush, which is totally treatable. Babies get that stuff all the time and its just a fungal infection treeated with mycostatin which you'll apply to the areas a few times a day. If you're nursing, you'llwant to treat your nipples, too. If your bottle feeding, was everything really well in hot soapy water and wash her toys really well too after she playes with them, to prevent reinfection.

Sounds like thrush...The dotor can prescribe some medicine for that. It is not uncommon.

I'm sure the white bumps are a yeast infection. My grandson and granddaughter had these. Call your doctor for meds. It will clear up.

My little girl had some of those too on her gums. I thought she was cutting teeth at 5 weeks old! LOL! The doctor told me they were just benign little cysts babies get and to not worry about it. They will go away on their own. I would still mention it to your doc since it's on a different part of the mouth but I wouldn't make a trip to the ER over it. Good luck!

Hi N., If you are breast feeding, it sounds like she may have thrush(a yeast infection), and both of you will need to be treated. My daughter & her baby went through the same thing. The baby's doctor put them both on an antibotic, because you can pass it back & forth.
I hope this helps.

This is thrush, a common ailment in babies. Both my kids had it. Nothing to be concern about. Take her to the dr and they will give you antibiotics. If you are breastfeeding, you will need to take some too.

Probably Thrush. Only reason to treat is if you or baby are uncomfortable. Everyone is suseptible (sp?) to yeast imbalance, esp. if nursing, recently finished up wiht high stress (ummm being a mommy? giving birth?!?!) had lots of antibiotics etc. Your or babies immune system can't handle keeping yeast in balance. There are several NON-medical treatments, or you can have doc prescribe an anti-fungal.
I had several bouts of mastitis and several rounds of antibiotics, and I ended up with thrush after that - I was lucky, my baby had no symptoms so she could still eat, it was ME that was in all the pain! :) Treat now, natural or prescription either way. Let it go too long and you get baby diaper rash, mommy super-nipple and possibly full breast burning pain! :) Good luck!

This sounds like it could be Thrush. It's some type of bacterial infection in the mouth. This is very common with newborn babies. My 2nd child got this once. It's a white coating on tounge & top of mouth. It sometimes starts out with just spots. Call the doctor & get a prescription to clear it up.
Take Care,

sounds like thrush! good luck and never think you are over reacting!! that is part of mother hood!

Your baby most likely has 'Thrush' It is caused by yeast most likely exoposed during passing from the vagina at birth but can be found in other places. It is very common and nothing to be alarmed about. Do show the Pediatrition next visit and he/she will reassure you, and tell you if they feel medicating is necessary. most often it just goes away.

Grandma & retired OB nurse

ok, its likely thrush, which can be common and is treatable with meds.......take her to her pediatrician

It sounds like what she has is Thrush. It's fairly common in newborns and is cleared up with antibiotics. Our son had a touch of it and was given an antibiotic and it cleared right up. It's actually (from what I remember) a kind of yeast infection of the mouth. I'd call your doctor in the morning and see if you can get in tomorrow. The sooner you start her on the meds the sooner it will clear up.

This is very possibly, Thrush. An infection in the mouth. Take her to the doctor & they will test to make sure. It is cured with antibiotics. Hope this helps.

It might be thrush. Are you breastfeeding? If so, are your nipples tender? I went through that - it's basically a yeast infection on your nipples and can result in thrush for the baby. They can prescribe something for the baby to get rid of it, but if you're breastfeeding you need to be treated too so that you don't keep passing it back and forth.

Hope that helps! :o)

She may have thrush,which will need an antibiotic.

She has Thrush. You need to get a prescription for a liquid that you will wipe all over her mouth with a piece of gauze. It will be gone in no time. Make sure you biol her bottle nipples if she is eating from a bottle until this clears up. If you are breast-feeding, you will also have to apply the liquid to your nipples. Thrush is a form of a yeast infection. Good luck!

Hello N.,
From my expierence, I would have to say that the bumps sound like thrush. I would just call you peditrician and ask them to call her in something for thrush. It is no big deal. It is kind of like a yeast infection of the mouth, she may be letting some milk just sit in her mouth and on her tounge for too long. The medicine will clear it right up! Good Luck!

It sounds like thrush. It is very common. @ of my 3 kids had it and it can actually spread through the body and they can get a yeast infection (boys and girls). Take your little one to the doc for some medicine or call them and they may call it in for you. I would probably fo to the actual doc though so you can be sure that is what it is.

It's probably thrush. You didn't say if you are breastfeeding but if you are you definitely need to get this treated or you too will have a yeast infection on your nipples. Take her to the doc and see. Good Luck!

I would take her to your peditrician to get checked out. My daughter had thrush at that age which she loving passed on to me- I was breast feeding her. Thrush looks a little like you describe. Good Luck.

I'm a grandmother of three. My newest one is 7 wks. She has the same thing. The dr. Says it's thrush, and very common. Needs a presciption, but easy to get rid of.

B. rettinger

From the description, it sounds like thrush. A simple RX of nystatin will take care of it in about a week. I hope this helps and I hope the baby feels better soon!

Thrush! is what it sounds like to me. Kind of like a yeast infection. Are you nursing? If so, are your breast red and sore?
You can call your pediatrician they will put her on an antibotic which your little one will hate.
Or you can try this rememdy of baking soda and vinegar.
For baby: take 1 TEASPOON of baking soda and dilute it in one CUP of water. before and after each feeding wipe the inside of her mouth and tongue with solution with a q-tip.
For you: take one TABLESPOON vinegar diluted in a CUP of water and wipe your breasts after each feeding.
I would make the solutions for a day then make a new one the next day.
This will clear up the thrush in a couple of days. Just know that thrush is very persistant!!
I would also eat some active yogurt to help.

Good luck

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