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White Appliances in Kitchen Remodel

We are soon remodeling our kitchen and I'm pretty excited about that. Unfortunately, we're in a recession. :P This means our budget will be limited and I won't be able to replace the appliances, at least any time soon. Our appliances (fridge, dishwasher, microwave, oven/stove) are all white. I know white is a bit dated and most people say stainless steels in a remodel are a must. I need help figuring out a color scheme, especially with the cabinets, that will work well with the white appliances. I'm debating going with white cabinets for a fresh look and adding bold punches of color (maybe black granite countertops?) or cherry cabinets to match the wood color of the adjacent family room (not sure what countertops would work with that or how the white will look). Our flooring is flexible and can be decided after cabinets and countertops. Any suggestions or anyone with a similar style of either of those options?

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If you want to change them from white, they sell special appliance paint. It wouldn't be stainless steel, but you could have a fes more options.

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I would suggest this awesome blog -- http://www.thisyounghouse.com They have tons of great ideas!!! I'm hooked to this blog!!!

I have a white counter top...I would never do that again. As for Cabinets, I had those also. they aren't bad, but I would give it some color so as not to have the dirty spots show up so much.

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If you want to change them from white, they sell special appliance paint. It wouldn't be stainless steel, but you could have a fes more options.

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Hi A., I clean houses for a living and clean all kinds of colors and finishes. Just as a thought both white and black show lots of dirt and stains. Black can look streaky if you don't clean it just right and can look dusty frequently between cleanings. Anything white you spill on it really stands out. White is the same only in reverse. Plus white can seem to soak in a stain that can be easily taken out with a mild abrasive like soft scrub or even baking soda, but can be extra maintenance. I know you already have the white appliances, and that is what you are trying not to change, but I might not go with all white cabinets too. They can really show dirt and smudges a lot. If you have kids and pets, they really show hand and body prints well especially on the lower cabinets. I have one house with a larger dog with the black and white theme (black appliances and white cabinets and counters) and everywhere the dog leans on the cabinets, there are dirt marks and smudges. Also any lips on the cabinets seem to collect and show grease and dust more easily. If you choose lighter wood colors they don't show it as much. If you are going to do granite countertops, my suggestion is one of the browner/tannish flecked patterns. They hold up the best and don't show every fleck and speck of dust and crumbs every moment. Like I said, I clean all colors and styles and these are just my observations. Good luck with your choices. Remodeling can be fun!

My suggestion is get what you really, really want and then replace your appliances at a later date. You don't have to settle for keeping your white appliances forever. I'm replacing mine piecemeal -- last one to go is the fridge. And, while it does look out of place in my kitchen (yes, it's white) I know that I'm not going into debt just to have matching appliances.

Adding color in your countertops, walls, cabinets or flooring can make white appliances look great. It's funny how you said most people say stainless steel is in for remodels now. My father built our family home in 1956 using stainless steel appliances. Stainless steel appliances remind me of older kitchens certainly not remodels. It's just funny how things come back in vogue!

Hi A.,
Also consider maintenance aspect. Black countertops are going to show the dust and can get "filmy" (i worked in the granite industry) Have you considered painting your appliances, say black. There is a special spray paint just for this application.

I hope that helps.

I've always thought it would be fun to do a kind of "retro" farm house look in a kitchen with older appliances....bold reds, yellows and greens with white as your base color. Another option....my inlaws remodeled their kitchen and (although they did replace the refrigerator with a stainless steel look) they didn't want to have to replace the newer dishwasher and range so they actually "covered" the older appliances with stainless steel faces. I think there are even companies that will do this for you and will save you a BUNDLE while still looking like stainless steel. Good luck!

I have hestitated getting stainless appliances for my kitchen because i just feel like soon they'll be out of style and the "dated" look.

White appliances, however, are classic. So are white cabinets. A white kitchen will never go out of style. It may not be YOUR style, but I doubt it will ever be OUT of style.

Personally, I think it depends on how much space you've got. If you have a smaller kitchen white cabinets would make the space feel a lot larger. I'd go with white cabinets, granite countertop, tile or fun color painted backsplash, matching tile or hardwood floor.

Another huge trend right now is to have your island (if you have one) or your bottom cabinets be a different color from your top cabinets. How about white top cabinets and cherry bottom cabinets? Look around in magazines for a combo that you think works (you'll see this everywhere). That way you get the brightness of the white (which matches the appliances) and the richness of the cherry (which matches yoru living room).

Some people have recommended appliance paint. I do not recommend this. My experience with appliance paint is that it still wears off, looks kinda cheap, and no color is going to be stainless if that's what you want.

One other thought, a lot of cabinet companies make panels that actually cover the front of your appliances. Something to inquire about.

Good luck and let us know what you decide on!

You've gotten some great suggestions. I just wanted to respond to your idea of possibly black granite counter tops. We have them in our home and I so wish we had a different color!! They show EVERYTHING and never truly look clean. Even after I have wiped them down, you can see the marks from the cloth I've used. I agree that they would look nice with the white, but I would steer you toward a different color. Good luck with the remodel!!

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