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Which Way to Spell Baby Girls Name?

So my husband and i have picked out our little girls name we just can't seem to agree on spelling....I like Harlee Quinn and he likes Harleigh Quinn...im only 20 weeks so we has time to decide which way but I'm just courious which way others prefer? TIA I should add his Point about pronouncing it our son is Stephen (steven) James and people mess his name up.

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@BVic my son picked the name and I know I'll get crap for it but he picked it because he LOVES batman and Harley Quinn is Jokers girlfriend.
Also "Harley" is NOT a spelling we considering
@ all the negative nancys agains the name Harlee Quinn because you combine the TWO names giving it a specific meaning well when you ASSUME we will call her Harlee Quinn instead of Harlee with Quinn being her MIDDLE name....and at the poster who said my son has a beautiful name blah blah to be honest I HATE my sons name!! It mean alot to my husband and that's why it's his name, not because I liked it, trust me he would have been Mirko James if it were
Solely up to me...

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I think Harley would be fine.
I'm not fond of odd spellings for names.
I know someone who named their son Eric but spelled it Airich.
They were already tired of explaining the spelling by the time he was in kindergarten.
Harley (however you spell it) by itself is cute, but the Quinn will make her a joke through school and possibly beyond.
I suppose if she marries and becomes Mrs Davis she'll be Harley Davis, but she's going to get tired of the motorcycle reference fairly quickly.
Amanda Quinn would be nice, as would Harleigh Ann.

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My daughter's name is Harley. She gets compliments on her name left and right!!!! She is 10 and we have met no others by this name. Great choice!!!
Harlee is a good way to spell it. Harleigh would be very hard for a little girl to spell and write.

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I have seen it spelled several different ways for a girl. Harley, Harlie, Harlee, and even Harleigh. I think however you guys want to spell it is fine, it's a lovely name too.

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I'm really surprised that both you and another person said people couldn't pronounce "Stephen" properly. The problem isn't with how it's spelled, it's with people's ignorance about the fact it's a perfectly normal spelling, just as normal as "Steven."

I agree with the folks who posted that they would not name a child Harlee Quinn, whatever the spelling. It will make your daughter's life a pain and not just for the years her classmates are studying the middle ages and figure out what a "harlequin" is. When she's older, will she really want to have "Harlee Quinn" on a business card, or use it when she's at a professional conference or whatever? If you love Harlee or Harley or Harleigh, fine, but the Quinn rather reduces it to a joke or a film reference. Not a name to live with into old age, really, is it? It's cute that your son wants to name the baby but think about her when she's older, not about what he thinks is cool now.

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Neither. Your son loves Batman. Great. He's a kid. He'll love Spidey next year... Mary Jane? No way. Harlee or Harleigh is fine. Quinn is fine. Together- no matter how you look at it, you've named your child after a cartoon character.

Why not name her something that she won't have to defend for the rest of her life. My husband likes to joke that he wants to name our child "Zack Morris", but do you honestly think that would fly?

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I like the name but I would never name my child after a cartoon character.

She has to live with this name the rest of her life and she will be the one ridiculed in school about it. Then think about after high school, do you think she would get much respect if she were a lawyer, etc. it would be a cute stripper name but I would not set my child up for that one.

I am sorry if I sound brutal but I think long term on names, not cutsey, odd spelled things that would end up being an embarrassemet for my child in the long run... as in when she is elderly as well.

Childhood is hard enough on all kids with normal names, attitudes, etc. what add stress?

I would not leave something this critical up to a child to name a sibling. Let your son name the gerbil, dog or cat a cartoon character.

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I like Harley and I like Quinn, but I have to tell you that the whole name automatically makes me think of a "Harlequin", which is a type of clown from old plays (and also of Harlequin romances). Maybe that's what you're going for?

Ha, ha! Just saw your response! Yes, I forgot about "Harley Quinn" from Batman. My son is crazy over Batman too. Good luck!

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My grandpa's name is Harley.
I'd figure on the simpler spelling version just to make it easier for her to learn and for others to spell later on.
Harlee or Harlie seems much better to me than Harleigh. You'll be having to teach her the silent G rule at a very young age ;)

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I like Harlee, but not paired with Quinn because it reminds me of the romance novels.

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Your sons name is a wonderful name and I'm so glad you didn't get the chance to call your son Mirko. Yuck. Sorry honey... If you don't want opinions, don't ask for them.

I don't like Harlee or Harleigh. It does make me think of Harlequin Romance books. But do what you want. Your child has every opportunity to change it later.

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We get the Stephen thing in our family.

Personally I would not name a child Harlee Quinn. It will be brutal when they get to middle school and learn about the middle ages. It's the equivalent of naming a child Chanda Lier, or Justin DeForrest and DeForrest is his middle name.

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