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Which Is Best? Tubal or Vasectomy???

I know the tubal is best for the man and the vasectomy is best for the woman (haha), but can anyone really tell me which is the best option? My second child is due in a few months, and we need to decide what we're going to do. We haven't discussed it with the doctor yet, but I plan to next week. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Vasetomy, all the way. It's much less invasive for the man and less complications. Healing time is shorter.

I think that it is much less invasive for the man to have the vasectomy than the woman to have the tubal. It is also less expensive and an easier recovery. The man may not say that, but we had the kids they have no clue what that's all about.

Not a contest. The big "V". A woman must go under anesthesia to have a tubal, but a man goes in the office and has it done and puts ice between his legs for a weekend.

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Female versus male...the female is a hospital stay and light duty afterwards. It is invasive surgery. Male...one day...out patient surgery...light duty for a few days. Male is reversable with good results...female is not. You need to really talk to your dr and get reading material. And look into other things...IUD and such. Even set a time frame to
decide if you want more or not. *A couple of years*.

I have a tubial and now regret it. so please make sure that you don't want anymore kids. I am getting my reversed in december. I the vasectomy from what I have heard from many different men. some say that it was great they were moving the grass the same day and doing thing they would do on a daily basis and some have said that it hurts and they wish they wouldn't have done it. It tubial you will have to wait 6 weeks before they will do it. You will be too swallow and don't want any concerns so they wait until 6 weeks and it hurts really bad. Worse then giving child birth. But the great thing is that there is no scares that are visible. They go in through your belly button and on small mark in the lower area.


When we faced the same question, my OB told us that they are seeing problems with women later in life who have had tubals. Heavier, more painful periods...etc. Ask your OB about it. Just my .02

hi G.! my hubby went in for the "snip" last year. it was an office visit with local anesthetic and only cost the office visit co-pay under insurance. he spent a couple days taking things easy (not lifting heavy items or working out hard) and everything was fine. my step-daughter had her tubal within an hour of her second child and then had to recover while coping with a new baby. i would highly recommend the vasectomy! it will be much easier on the family as a whole and nicer for the budget. good luck and congrats on the new baby!

I have heard that vasectamy's can lead to prostate cancer later in life. It is less invasive than a tubal, but a bigger risk. I would go with a tubal just beacuse of the cancer risk.

Vasectomy for the male. He'll go in that morning and be up and about later that evening... And wanting a romp in the hay in a day or two. That's the way my husband was and several of my friend's spouses. It is also cheaper/less time consuming for the male. You've done the work in carrying babies in your womb... make him get snipped!

By far, the vasectomy is a better option. It is less expensive, it only takes a few minutes in a doctor's office instead of a hospital, the recovery time is short and there aren't the nasty side effects that a woman has with a tubal (heavy bleeding, painful periods, etc.) Just make sure your husband follows the doctors order carefully and doesn't do anything for the first couple of days after his procedure and he should be back to normal in few days. Vasectomy's are easier to reverse also -if for some reason you ever change your mind and want to have another child. Good luck!

I'm a G-mother now so I'm past all the decisions that you have to make.
Trust me G., go for the vasectomy.I know because I had the tubular after my third child at 26 an two years later I had to have the V-historectomy. Then ten years later I had intometreosis an had to have my overies out at 38 .Because I was told that 90 percent of woman who have there tubes tid would end up haveing the v just like me. My niece an sister inlaw both had the tubular an my daughter an daughter inlaw. Also started whith the tube an the bleeding gets so bad after about a year you can't controll it anymore. Ask your Dr what is best for you.But if your Hubby is volunteering to do it let him.
Just make sure he follows up with all his appt after .You may hve another surprise .I have known men who get it an think it is over after walking out of the office. They have to go for check up appts as you would to make sure it took.Congrats on your newest arrival soon!
Good luck !
M. H.

My ob/gyn told me about a new procedure for women that is done in the dr. office. (NO SURGERY) They insert coils into the fallopian tubes and its scars over. It takes 3 months and then you have to go back and have a sonogram to make sure that it has scarred over but they made it sound really easy and non-invasive. I am going to have it done this summer.

Our Dr told us that vasectomy is always better. It is a much simpler, less invasive procedure. They are healed in less than a week, which beats the 6 week recovery time for the tubal. My sister had a tubal and had compications with scar tissue growth afterwards. It turned into 2 more surgerys for her. My brother in law got a vasectomy and was done in 10 minutes and he was fine after 3-4 days.

Tubal is MUCH more invasive unless you are having a c-section. The Vasectomy is done in the doctor's office. It is an outpatient procedure with little recovery time. The tubal will require more down time as it is a surgery done under sedation in the hospital and they actual cut you open.

My husband and I had a bet with our last birth... if I ended up having a c-section I'd have the tubal done while they were already in there... otherwise... 2 weeks after we got home from the hospital he'd have a vasectomy. Lucky for him I had an emergency c-section... so it wasn't any more trouble than the c-section would have been without the tubal.

My friend just had a laproscopic tubal not sure what it is called exactly, but if you are having a vaginal birth you might want to look into that version rather than the traditional in-pat. procedure.

My guy friends who've had vasectomies said it wasn't a big deal.. you swell up for a couple of days, but you can still walk drive etc.. one friend had his vasectomy then played a gig in Dallas that evening... he was a drummer. The only horror story I heard was from a friend's now ex who didn't take his antibiotics, tend to the wound or go to his followup... it got infected... but that was due to stupidity on his part.


I just had to make the same choice not to long ago. It was only a little over a month ago. I should of done the tubal when I had my daughter I had a c section. But I waited and my husband and I decided that I would go back in and have a tubal it was not bad at all the next day I was picking the kids up from school and you can not even see the scar. I did the tubal because I know I no longer want any more kids at all I am almost 36 but I know so many people that there husbands had it done and they end up with another baby on the way.... But it is is not bad at all i also read so many story's good and bad about the tubal. But all is good for me I am so happy I no longer have to worry any longer that is a woderful feeling. My sister in-law had it done as well.. She is happy as well.. I hope this helps if you have any questions about it you can email me ____@____.com since I just had it done all is fresh in my mind.... There is a samll chance your tubes couldgrow back together but not as much as the man in my case mine are only cut and burned no rings around them at all......

After I had my last child, my doctor insisted on the vasectomy rather than the tubal. The reason was for my health. The tubal is not a guarantee that a woman won't get pregnant, and if she does she can have an ectopic pregnancy that could jeopardize her life.

We opted for the vasectomy. I laugh when I read below the comments about who controls whether the kids have half-siblings. Now that I am divorced from the ex I know that my kids won't be having any half-siblings unless I choose!

Definately have your husband get the vasectomy. It is much less invasive. MUCH. However, if your pending birth is a c-section, having a tubal is an option, since you will be opened up anyway. But even if you do have a c-section, I still say vasectomy. Much less recovery time for your husband than it would be for you.

I would have to say a vasectomy because it's an easier, cheaper and outpatient procdeure with typically less potential for complications. I've heard of too many side effects from women having the tubal done so I won't do it. I always seem to fall in that catergory of the small risks. After we have a 3rd child hubby agreed to get snipped.
I do want to stress how 110% sure you need to be of doing either one. Out of every couple I know (which is many being involved in surrogacy & adoption) only ONE couple has had no regrets in their decision. Just be sure of it and follow post-op instructions (especially the hubby's) they tend to not follow orders..lol

A vasectomy is performed in a doctors office and only requires a small incision, the deferens are pulled out, snipped and either cauterized or knotted, the incision stitched and the mad goes home with a day or two of uncomfortableness. A tubal requires inpatient care in a hospital and a much larger incision and a lot longer recovery time. Plus, the vasectomy will be WAY less expensive and insurance may possibly cover it at 100%. Your costs will be way MORE if you have to go in the hospital, and then there's the risk of all those NASTY infections people are exposed to in hospitals these days....the vasectomy is a no brainer. Just promise him you'll treat him like a king while he's nursing his boys..........

I had my tubal after a second csection and I am convinced it caused my recovery to be much longer. My periods had always been heavy, but after the tubal they became heavy and frequent, every 21 days instead of 28 days.

After a year, I went in for a uterine ablatation. Again, a long recovery, about a week of severe cramping and six solid weeks of bleeding, but afterwards I have been practially period free for 2 1/2 years now.

I know I cant get pregnant. Even if something happened with the tubal, the ablation would not allow an implantation. So, looking back, just like in childbirth, the pain has faded and it was well worth it. I know I dont want more kids and I am comfortable in my choice.

Vasetomy, all the way. It's much less invasive for the man and less complications. Healing time is shorter.

A vasectomy is a simpler, safer procedure done in the urologists office - a tubal is done in an OR under general anesthesia - so NOT as simple or safe. Recovery is quicker after a vasectomy too - especially if your dh is not a baby of a patient. I actually ended up having a tubal only b/c I had an emergency c-section with my last baby but dh was already scheduled for the vasectomy.

ps the vasectomy is also cheaper!!!

The good thing is that because you are due to have another child soon, the tubal can be done at the time of that child's birth. The down side that I found was that a few years after mine, I felt the urge to have another child. Tubal's can be reversed but certain factors have to be in place. A vasectomy is a outpatient procedure that most men cringe at but what we learned was that it is less stressful on the male body than a tubal is on the female body due to our hormones etc...I would really research and talk to your doctor. I wish I had really talked to my doctor because I would have let my husband have the pleasure of snip snip...

When we were finished having kids my husband decided to have a vasectomy. When i told my obgyn that that was our choice he told me "good girl" he said a large percentage of women that have the tubal end up coming back for a hysterectomy later. It is easier for the man to get the vasectomy. Besides you carried the kids for 9 months and gave birth, he needs to end it. And they are up and going the next day. Good luck!

I think that it is much less invasive for the man to have the vasectomy than the woman to have the tubal. It is also less expensive and an easier recovery. The man may not say that, but we had the kids they have no clue what that's all about.

Vasectomy is much better. It is so much easier for both the man and women because it is an invasive day surgery that only takes 3-4 days to recover from. My husband had his on a Friday and was back to work on Monday.

Men usually have positive recovery results to the vasectomy than women to the tubal<(can cause a domino affect of other problems later). I don't advise surgery in any form if it is not life threatening. I know many who use the 1st ten days after their cylce as free play time with hubby (no holds bar afterwards their guard is up (removal to avoid pregnancy). My two children are 4 yrs apart (10/6)and I am not pregnant. I don't take birth control, use condoms nor have a tubal/hubby no vasectomy.
It works for me but you know everyone has to do what works for them. Also, there are natural birth control (herbal) available -- I would research it before going with any form of surgery.

A vasectomy is better for 2 reasons. He gets a local, you would have to be put under. Second and most important, if the relationship doesn't work out.......only you control if your kids have half siblings.
I know that sounds cold, but let's face it.......only 50% of them last.

Vasectomy would be best. However in my situation, since I had C-sections with all my kids,it was easier for me to have a tubal. After the birth of my 3rd child, I had the tubal done right then and there since I was already opened up and was cheaper to do. If you are having a vaginal delivery, then definitely have your husband be snipped. All the stuff I have read about tubals below by other women, I have never heard of. So I do not know what is true. I know a lot of women who have had tubals anywhere from 1 to 15 years ago and they are all doing well. Only 1 had a hysterectomy. Good luck on your decision. Congratulations on your little girl. I have enjoyed my daughter immensely.

It is the other way around vasectomy is for the man and easier then doing the woman tubal. That is what I have always heard. G. W

Hello, I would say vasectomy. I have several friends that got their tubes tied and then began having periods for three out of the four weeks of the month (having a period for three weeks straight) and having bad cramps, eventually having to go on the pill to regulate everything! -why have tubes tied if you are gonna have to go back on the pill !!??! Anyway, I know that may not happen to everyone, but I am not willing to risk! Does not sound much fun. So, I shared info with hubby and he said he would get "snipped".
Good luck!

My OBGYN told me it is safer for the man to get a vasectomy. With a tubal, you can have a dangerous ectopic pregnancy.

Hi there!

My hubby had a Vasectomy a few years ago right before Christmas and was only "incompacitated" for about 24 hours. Most men actually "feel" fine right after the procedure and end up doing work or over doing simple things and end up having issues. But my hubby learned from the mistakes of his friends and stayed on the sofa with a bag of frozen peas and was 100% in no time flat.

Oh and my hubby is a VERY big wuss when it comes to doctors and he handled it with NO problem what so ever. He actually asked the doctor when he was going to start when the doctor was starting to get up and the MD said he was already done! Super simple procedure for a guy!!!

A Tubal however is a bit more complicated from what I understand and can take a much longer time to heal... Have you discussed this procedure with your ObGyn and what effect it might have on you physically afterwards? Recovery time etc?

Hope this helps =)
R. T.

Get him the Vas clip. Quick, easy, and painless.

Not a contest. The big "V". A woman must go under anesthesia to have a tubal, but a man goes in the office and has it done and puts ice between his legs for a weekend.

When I was pregnant with our second and last child, we asked my OB about a tubal. Her immediate resopnse was "You do realize that it is not reversable?". My husband quickly came back with the fact our age wasn't reversable either. But her comments did make us truly think about the finality of the tubal. Vasectomy's usually can be reversed.

We chose the tubal simply because I had a c-section and it was not any more invasive to do the tubal. I believe most doctors make you have to wait 6 weeks after a vaginal birth to do a tubal. Not positive on this.

The main point I wanted to make is that a tubal is not reversable while a vasectomy is. It really depends on how certain you are that you will not want any more children. I don't know anything about which procedure is best from the medical side.

Good luck with your decision.

We decided while I was pregnant with our second child that my husband would have a vasectomy, but he got cold feet afterwards. Several years later, he calls me and tells me he's giving me a vasectomy for my birthday.

It's an out-patient surgery that doesn't take long. He was off work for one day for the surgery and spent the afternoon on the couch with an ice bag and the remote control.

I had trouble with every artificial means of birth control, so we had been using condoms since the birth of our second child. The vasectomy has worked out fine. Since I had had a tubal pregnancy and emergency surgery which removed the tube before it burst and I'd given birth to two children, he/we figured that I'd done more than my share. The insurance paid for the entire procedure at that time.

I personally believe the long term effects would be easier for a man from what I have heard. My husband did not have a vasectomy, but from my friends whose husband's who have had it done, said their husband's didn't mind it at all, it just took some courage to do it. I can only speak from my experience. I had a tubal after my third child was born. Everyone said it was a piece of cake to recover. I don't think it was really bad, but it was not a piece of cake. After I had the tubal my periods were heavier and I had large clots. My sister and others I know have had the same problem. I finally had an endometrio ablation done to stop the clotting, which you should only do if you never want to have any kids ever, ever again. A vasectomy is also easier to reverse than a tubal and more likely to be successful, which may not matter to you right now, but in the case that you wanted more children or you and your husband were no longer together due to death or divorce it might matter then. If you decide for him to have a vasectomy, just be sure and have him go back to his recheck and make sure and use birth control till he's rechecked or you might have baby #3. If you decide to have the tubal I have one piece of advice. Have the tubal in the hospital after the baby is born; therefore you are recovering in general and maybe everyone will cut you some slack.

We chose a vasectomy. It took 3 visits and a 20 dollar copay and it was over. The proceedure took about 6 minutes and we couldn't be happier.

Hi G.,
Perhaps when you consult with your doctor you can asked which of the two procedures has a statistically better rate of being reversed. I know that some men after having a vasectomy decide later to have the procedure reversed. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I am not sure about tubals though. Just remember how permanent both procedures potentially are. You may wish for that now but there are situations that arise that we can't forsee.
Best Regards,

Having a Tubal when having a baby isn't the same as have the surgery outright. I had it right after my third child and the recovery wasn't all that noticable. I am not sure what happened to the ones talked about above, I've never known of anyone cramping or three week long periods afterward. The vasectomy is less of a procedure, the key is follow-up. Your husband has to be willing to get checked after so many weeks to make sure the vasectomy worked. Your OB will be able to help with any medical concerns. I am pleased with the tubal, the other plus side is I don't have to take a pregnancy test everytime I am in the xray room with one of the kids or myself. You must think what, I have 3 boys things happen.Good Luck!

Tubal is good if you can arrange to have it done right after you have your child. That way you don't have to make another hospital trip...especially since you will have a new born to deal with.
But on the other hand a vasectomy is quicker and is done on an outpatient basis. But then again we all know how most men are about their toys...LOL.

Dear G.:
I had my tubes tied when my 2nd daughter was almost one. We knew at that time that having 2 kids was perfect for us. My hubbie was always a bit of a chicken so I knew that it would be up to me! It was a simple, painless procedure and it only took 30 minutes. Of course, you will have to go under for it first. There was a tiny scar around my belly button and another tiny hidden scar right at the top of my hairline down there, but I was feeling great right afterwards. There was some light bleeding for around 2 weeks, but after that it was just fine. I would highly recommend the tubal to anyone! On the other hand, I have heard some extreme horror stories about some friends' husbands and their vasectomies - but I'm sure you'll hear both sides! Hope it goes well, whichever procedure you opt for!

First ? You need to ask yourself...Are you sure you are finish having Children? A little about myself. Had 4 children, tubes tied divorced after 14yrs ( he left me) I remarried after 3yrs. To wonderful man. Had tubes untied..thousands of dollarr and a very complicated surg. c-section scar. We were going to have a baby..but to make things short..we decided not too because we got custody of two of my newborn grand children and adopted them. So he had a vecectomy cause we had newborns in home already. Simple and short. big surg. for you. And a snip and cut for him. easier to reverse for him and less female problems for you. Everyone i know started having female problems after tubes tied. Heavy Bleeding and cramps. The doctors say no but..experience is where you get your info from. I have been remarried for 22yrs and happy. But somethimes feel cheated from having a baby from my second marriage. This does not happen to everyone, But the important thing is every person i have told not to do the tubal has regreted it for different reasons. It is easier for the male. And the main ? for the make is Does the plumbing all work the same? The answer is YES, it does you can email me if you like ( ____@____.com

My husband and I researched it before we made a decision and found that it's a much safer procedure for the man to have a vasectomy. The list of possible complications for the tubal was much longer than the list for the men so my husband decided to have a vasectomy instead of taking a greater risk with the tubal. He was sore for a couple of days after the procedure but then he felt fine.

I say the vasectomy, i tell my husband that after the next one it is his turn to take one for the team! lol. but seriously a very dear friend is a labor and delivery nurse and she has told me time and time again that the procedure is much safer for the men, and if you ever decided to have more his can potentially be reversed. good luck.

my hubby had a V and i've had a tubal (long story LOL). his was a quick and easy in office procedure. he was recovered in a week or two at most. my tubal was an actual surgery that required a few weeks of recovery. it was a month before the gas feeling went away. which is better? if you have any inkling that you might want another child in the future, then a V is the answer. they can be reversed easier and cheaper than a tubal. (personal experience speaking!) but once you know you are done, why not make the personal choice and get a tubal? your choice, your body, right? it was my choice at the end of the day and i have no regrets!

I had a tubal after a vaginal delivery and my Dr. did it within two hrs of delivery. Since we are finished having children and I knew my dh would not take care of it, I felt this was a good option. On the down side, recovery was very painful. It is a personal decision for each couple.

I vote for the vastectomy. The vastectomy is an in-office procedure done in about an hour I believe and the man is back to himself with a couple of days. The tubal is a more invasive surgery and more complicated to recover from, not to mention the cost to your family. It takes about 6 weeks to recover from a tubal to my understanding.

My husband also refused the vastectomy for the longest time and I flat out refused to undergo yet another major surgery with two children in the home to look after I am a SAHM so having any kind of down time due to illness is not an option. He finally agreed to have it when he talked to his dad, my dad, and our BIL. I am so glad that he got it done now there are no more worries or scares.

BTW, you should not have any unprotective action until the physician clears your husband of being active :0) I had a friend whose husband did not go back for a recheck and well, they had yet another child even after the surgery. So be sure hubbie does go back to be 100% sure.

J. S.

I had a tubal after my c-section and I couldn't tell the prodecure had been done at all. If you are having a c-section by chance, I would recommend that route since you will already be in recovery mode. There's no reason your husband should have to go through a procedure if you will already be there. Now, if you are doing a vaginal delivery you will most likely have to do a tubal at a later date. If that is the case, then you and your husband have to decide who will have it done and spend a few days in recovery. Bottom line, I'm glad I had it done.

My Dr. told me of a fairly new procedure that doesn't involve a surgical procedure for women. It is a sort of "plug" (for lack of a better word!) for the fallopian tubes. They are inserted in his office using a thin needle and there is no scarring. I'm only 14 weeks along so we haven't gone into great detail about it, but it's worth talking to your Dr. about. My husband refuses to have a vasectomy since his brother had severe complications with his, so it is apparently up to me!

If you are having a c section go with the tubal, I did and no problems ever! Also you cant tell the difference. If you are having vaginal send your hubby to his doc for a vasectomy, if he agrees of course! :) Mine would NEVER do it he's lucky I had c sections and it was really easy that way.

I say vase b/c it is not as major of an ordeal like it is for a woman. A tubal is full surgery. But my husband and i opted for neither. I had a 10 year iud. You just never know what the future holds or what we will want. I think you should put off both especially with so many other options ourt there. Aything could happen to you, your husband or you children. It sounds horrible but i know people that have regrets. Even a simple regret as a divorce and wanting another child.

Hi G.,

If you are having a C-Section, then get the tubal at the same time. They are in there and it won't be a different recovery time. If not, then have your husband get a vasectomy. This surgery is far less invasive and much safer, plus the recovery time is much shorter.

If you are having a c section then its best to have a tubal while they are already in there.

If your dr can do it easily while you are numb from a epidural/vaginal birth then do it then as well. otherwise have the man do it because its easier for him to di it than for you to have a tubal at a seperate time from child birth. They have to cut you open and he does not have to be cut open so there are more risks for you to have a tubal than for him.

Hope that helps.
A. J

I am guessing that you are for sure, for sure done with family planning. While either surgery has the potential to be reversed, it's not 100%, so be sure you are done!

I agree with Sarah in the fact that it's your body. However, the vasectomy is a much simpler procedure than the tubal and the man is up and back to work the next day or so. Now, you should talk with your OB because my OB said if I really wanted a tubal I "can have it done in the office." He is a great doc and I know he knows what he is talking about - so you may have other options outside of the typical hospital tubal.

For us, we opted for Mirena. We are done with our family, but there is no surgery involved, I have no periods, no cramping, no issues - I LOVE IT! I also don't have to think about it again for 5 years! It was the best option for us and I am thankful my doctor suggested it.

Best wishes!

I responded to a similar question not too long ago. The link is listed above.


First I would see what is cheaper through your insurance.
My husband's vacectomy was a $35.00 Speciality doctor co-pay. vs several hundred dollars for me to have my tubes tied.

Also, I am not sure if you are having a c section or v-delivery but my doctor would not tie tubes after a vd because she says it's to swollen and gives the patient a higher chance of etopic or failed results.

Just MY opinion, go with the vacectomy and schedule it a couple of weeks after you deliver, get home and settled. Then you both will be out of commission. My husband always amazes me, can't remember anything to save his life however, always remembers when my 6 wk post check is.

My husband was okay with going in for the procedue, he felt my body had been through enough. We however were blessed after he finally got in and got it done, two weeks after the procedure I was already six weeks pregnant. So don't put it off :) and make sure he goes back for the follow ups, I've heard a lot of men don't. With four kids now all conceived on some sort of birth control (pill, depo, IUD, and Nuvaring) I want my husband to go back monthly to make sure he is sterile :)

Good luck with your decision, and Congrats on your new little blessing.

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