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Which Is Best? Tubal or Vasectomy???

I know the tubal is best for the man and the vasectomy is best for the woman (haha), but can anyone really tell me which is the best option? My second child is due in a few months, and we need to decide what we're going to do. We haven't discussed it with the doctor yet, but I plan to next week. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Vasetomy, all the way. It's much less invasive for the man and less complications. Healing time is shorter.

I think that it is much less invasive for the man to have the vasectomy than the woman to have the tubal. It is also less expensive and an easier recovery. The man may not say that, but we had the kids they have no clue what that's all about.

Not a contest. The big "V". A woman must go under anesthesia to have a tubal, but a man goes in the office and has it done and puts ice between his legs for a weekend.

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Female versus male...the female is a hospital stay and light duty afterwards. It is invasive surgery. Male...one day...out patient surgery...light duty for a few days. Male is reversable with good results...female is not. You need to really talk to your dr and get reading material. And look into other things...IUD and such. Even set a time frame to
decide if you want more or not. *A couple of years*.

I have a tubial and now regret it. so please make sure that you don't want anymore kids. I am getting my reversed in december. I the vasectomy from what I have heard from many different men. some say that it was great they were moving the grass the same day and doing thing they would do on a daily basis and some have said that it hurts and they wish they wouldn't have done it. It tubial you will have to wait 6 weeks before they will do it. You will be too swallow and don't want any concerns so they wait until 6 weeks and it hurts really bad. Worse then giving child birth. But the great thing is that there is no scares that are visible. They go in through your belly button and on small mark in the lower area.


When we faced the same question, my OB told us that they are seeing problems with women later in life who have had tubals. Heavier, more painful periods...etc. Ask your OB about it. Just my .02

hi G.! my hubby went in for the "snip" last year. it was an office visit with local anesthetic and only cost the office visit co-pay under insurance. he spent a couple days taking things easy (not lifting heavy items or working out hard) and everything was fine. my step-daughter had her tubal within an hour of her second child and then had to recover while coping with a new baby. i would highly recommend the vasectomy! it will be much easier on the family as a whole and nicer for the budget. good luck and congrats on the new baby!

I have heard that vasectamy's can lead to prostate cancer later in life. It is less invasive than a tubal, but a bigger risk. I would go with a tubal just beacuse of the cancer risk.

Vasectomy for the male. He'll go in that morning and be up and about later that evening... And wanting a romp in the hay in a day or two. That's the way my husband was and several of my friend's spouses. It is also cheaper/less time consuming for the male. You've done the work in carrying babies in your womb... make him get snipped!

By far, the vasectomy is a better option. It is less expensive, it only takes a few minutes in a doctor's office instead of a hospital, the recovery time is short and there aren't the nasty side effects that a woman has with a tubal (heavy bleeding, painful periods, etc.) Just make sure your husband follows the doctors order carefully and doesn't do anything for the first couple of days after his procedure and he should be back to normal in few days. Vasectomy's are easier to reverse also -if for some reason you ever change your mind and want to have another child. Good luck!

I'm a G-mother now so I'm past all the decisions that you have to make.
Trust me G., go for the vasectomy.I know because I had the tubular after my third child at 26 an two years later I had to have the V-historectomy. Then ten years later I had intometreosis an had to have my overies out at 38 .Because I was told that 90 percent of woman who have there tubes tid would end up haveing the v just like me. My niece an sister inlaw both had the tubular an my daughter an daughter inlaw. Also started whith the tube an the bleeding gets so bad after about a year you can't controll it anymore. Ask your Dr what is best for you.But if your Hubby is volunteering to do it let him.
Just make sure he follows up with all his appt after .You may hve another surprise .I have known men who get it an think it is over after walking out of the office. They have to go for check up appts as you would to make sure it took.Congrats on your newest arrival soon!
Good luck !
M. H.

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