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Which Hosptial Did You Deliver at in Las Vegas?

I am at the point where I am chosing a hopital in Las Vegas to deliver my baby. I have the following options under my insurance: Summerlin, Valley, UMC, St. Rose, Desert Springs, Lake Mead. What were the pros and cons of your hospital and and would you deliver there again if you had the choice.

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Hi M.
Well Mandy and i we have the same experience.
I delivery my son at valley hospital, I have prenatal classes there and a tour and my husband was with me at delivery time and my older daughter ,nurses were wonderful I like valley hospital it is a old hospital but it is nice oh!! I have my privacy.
Sunrise hospital I like the food they give you a menu to select your meals but there is not privacy and the nurses are not that nice I have my daughter there because it was an emergency otherwise I was registered at sumerling hospital.

I used to work there and believe me I don’t like how they take care babies and moms.


Hi M., I delivered my daughter at Summerlin in Feb. My other options were Valley and UMC. I took a tour of all three which I recommend to help you make your decision. I choose Summerlin because they were much cleaner looking than the other two, they also have private rooms for all mothers! My experiance was wonderful! The nurses' were all very nice and helpful. I was able to have my daughter the way I wanted to, and she stayed in the room with me execpt for daily weight checks which I went along for! I would definatly deliver at Summerlin again.

I'm not sure if Spring Valley Hospital is included with your insurance (I know that it's one of the Valley hospitals), but that's where I had my baby. It was awesome. I originally was registered at Summerlin Hospital, but I switched after hearing a ton of horror stories. Even at the tour, the nurse told us that it gets extremely crowded and that if you're giving birth during a crowded time, you might not even get a room. She said women sometimes give birth in the hallway! That totally freaked me out, and I've heard stories from people I know that hated Summerlin, so don't go there! I loved Spring Valley hospital - it was quiet and all the nurses were awesome. It wasn't busy at all so I felt like me and my baby were really taken care of. But I also felt like I had my privacy. I definitely recommend it if it's covered by your insurance! Good luck. =)

I went to St.Rose Siena. I'll never go back! Long story short, the nurses treated us like cattle. It was like I was just a number. They were all extremely insensitive and didn't respect my wishes. They even face me pitocin after I said not to, and my birth plan said not to. The postnatal area was the best out of the whole hospital, but we were constantly interrupted and many times it was totally unnecessary. I had nurses interrupting my OB to ask about my menu selections for dinner. Once out baby had to be transferred to the PICU, all hell broke loose. It's sad because I had recurrent miscarriages and our daughter was such a blessing to our family, but the experience was not at all what I wanted. I'm delivering in a valley hospital next time. The nurses there were great when I had my cerclage. I'm considering Summerlin or spring valley and I live in Henderson.

Hey M.!

Congrats!!!!! I delivered at Summerlin hospital and it was wonderful! I got my own private labor/delivery room, the nurses were so nice and sweet, but they also knew when to push their weight around for me. My nurse went and pulled the anest. from a surgery because I needed my epidural bad. He was there within 10 min.! The entire staff was wonderful, my postpardum room was private and cozy as well. I will definately deliver my second one there!

I took all the "pre-birthing" classes and took all the tours to make sure, and I never heard any "horror stories" at all. I came in at a busy time (day before my scheduled induction) and they let me stay in the triage room until one was ready for me. I think I waited a total of 1 hour for a room.

Long story made short, the nurses were wonderful, the pediatric staff was wonderful and even the food was good!

Good luck!

Hi M., I gave birth at the St. Rose. It was a great place. I loved the birthing room I was in. On the downside. The nurses kind of put me off in the beginning because I was a first time mom and didn't know when I should come in or not (So I came in often thinking it was time and keep getting "This is your first isn't it?") The emergency C-section room was not equiped to deal with my situation, and I almost lost my uteruas(sorry no spell check) because the on call doctor thought it would be the easiest way to stop my bleeding. Lucky for me my doctor was there and pulled a miracle. The nurses in my room afterwards were WONDERFUL! They always keep an eye on me didn't push too hard. I think there was one nurse named Kristy. I love her. All in all I think that was a good place as well.

I wish you luck and happiness on your first.

I delivered my first at Sunrise and had an ok experience. The nurses were nice, but not great. I delivered my second in Feb at St Rose Sienna and it was so awesome. The nurses were wonderful. They really care about you and your baby. They go the extra mile to make you happy. It was a much more pleasant birthing experience. The rooms are all private suites and are beautiful. It makes it seem a lot less like a hospital. I would only go back to St Rose.

I had a wonderful birth experience at Valley Hospital. I would give birth there again. The nurses were kind, efficient and respected my wishes. It was convenient having a couch that pulls out into a bed for my husband to sleep there as well(rather than a chair or bench). I think a negative factor for Valley hospital is that if you want to have a water birth, they are not equipped to do so. You might want to check that out though since my birth was 2 years ago.

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