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Which Grocery Store Has the Best Pricing Overall

We usually shop at Pavilions / Vons in Long Beach, but money is tight and I am looking into shopping at another grocery store chain if the pricing is significantly better. Does anyone have a suggestion to which store has the best pricing? We have Albetsons, Stater Bros, Ralphs, and Fresh and Easy close to me.

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Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I forgot to add Trader Joes to my list- I shop there once a week. I think I am going to also try Stater Bros and Fresh and Easy more often now. Again- thank you for your advice!!

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I like Henrys. They are a great store with wholesome food and much better prices than Whole Foods, or Trader Joes, or Mothers. You can buy a cup of this or that, and not waste a whole box, or package.
Henrys I know of are in Yorba Linda, and Fullerton. There must be others.

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You didn't mention Trader Joe's, but I think they have good prices. They stock their shelves with a lot of all natural & organic products, which is important to me. I find that most of their products are cheaper than Vons.

Good luck!

I notice you live in Long Beach, and I know there are a few local stores that have great prices on a lot of things.
Now, they might not be as "nice" as the ones you have mentioned, but if money is tight, who cares were you bought it, right? They have the same products as the stores mentioned above.
They have the local store version: "Top Valu", and the warehouse version: "Valu Plus", and there are a few of each in the Long Beach area. Google them, and you'll find their addresses.
Hope this helps.


I shop at Henry's for produce, buy what ever is on sale. and TJ's for almost everything else. I do check the Albertson's ad, and I buy bulk at Costco.

i shop trader joes and sprouts. sprouts hads the best produce for the money that i have found. i plan meals around what is on sale.

Dear M.,
If you are serious about saving money and don't mind bagging your own groceries then you should shop at Winco or Food 4 Less. I save an incredible amount of money each week. You can look on line to see if one is close to you.
M. T.

I like Henrys. They are a great store with wholesome food and much better prices than Whole Foods, or Trader Joes, or Mothers. You can buy a cup of this or that, and not waste a whole box, or package.
Henrys I know of are in Yorba Linda, and Fullerton. There must be others.

I pretty much only shop at TJ's (aka Trader Joe's) and I think their prices are the best--plus they dont use preservatives and artificial stuff in most of their food. I just discovered Fresh and Easy which I think has pretty good prices as well...their meat is very well priced and they have a big selection! Good luck--I know what it's like to be on a budget!

Hello M.!!! I understand exactly what you mean. I have been a loyal Vons shopper from the time I was 14, until a few years ago when they went on strike. I have found that Stater Bros has great prices (and just happens to be across the street from me!), actually better than Vons. I never went there because of my loyalty, but because of the strike (a few years ago), and the convenience, have come to love it. One store I would stay away from is Ralphs. I have heard that they have good prices on meat (or maybe it's the quality, I'm not sure, sorry!) but I don't eat meat, so I don't know. Fresh and Easy is also a good store, but only for select items. I definitely would not "grocery shop" there. I know you didn't mention Trader Joe's as being a store that is close to you, but if you can find one that is not too far, they have great prices on a lot of things. I don't know too much about Albertson's, I have shopped there in about 13 years, when I lived up north, but I don't think you can go wrong with Stater Bros. The only thing I DON'T like about S.B is their produce prices. I have recently found that Food 4 Less (somewhere I swore I would never shop at, but have found my money stretching thin, so I decided to give it a try) has great prices on produce, and they are owned (or maybe a sister store to) by Ralphs, which is so weird, because of the high prices Ralphs has. I know you didn't mention having one of those (F4L) near you either, but I just wanted to let you know. Also, remember, that depending on what you spend the bulk of your money on (for me it's produce), some stores will be cheaper, than say a place where you can get other items cheaper. If you get any of those "throw away" ads (I think they come on Tuesday's), check out the prices before heading out. It might be a big help! I hope all of this rambling helps you in some way :)

I shop at Vons also and always have. Stater Bros does have good prices but Vons is so close I do not want to drive to Stater Bros. A few suggestions:

1. Vons.com - I run a daycare and do my grocery shoppin online for my business. I am part of a food program and it is imparative that I do not over spend. Using the website you can control how much you spend. I go through Milk, cheese, bread like crazy and every week when I online shop I can type in 2% milk and the website brings up all the milks and I can choose what is on sale. I do this on everything and it is great. Now there is a price for delivery which is under 10.00, but if you have a flexible schedule you an get it as low as 6.95. Now adays you pay that in gas driving to the store anyways.

2. .99 cent store. I decided about a year ago to go into the .99 cent store to find some small storage containers. I noticed that there were a lot of products for .99cents that I was paying sometimes 2.00 for in the grocery store. Now I would never buy produce or refrigerated foods, but for example We love to make cupcakes and they always have Duncan Hines cake mix for .99. They also have canned fruit cocktail from Del Monte, applesauce, toothpaste, handsoap, raisens, tuna, crackers etc... I just make sure I buy the brands that I am famaliar with. They also have paper plates, plastic cups, trash bags aluminum foil and trash bags. I do not see what the difference is whether I buy a box of raisens from Vons for almost 3.00 when I can buy the same brand from the .99cent store. I have been doing it for about a year and it saves us so much money. They even have paper towels for.99 cents and they are better than the cheap ones you can buy in the grocery stores.


I know ALOT of people have been going to Stater Bros. I have found alot of their prices are very reasonable. I love SB brand canned goods.

I've recently started shopping at Food4Less, and I think it's a lot cheaper. I've been going to Fresh and Easy when I only need a few things. They seem to have good prices on dairy products.
I think Trader Joes still has the best prices on fish, which we eat a lot.

Pavillions is generally more expensive. However I can't say point blank 1 store is cheaper than another. I've shopped at all of those listed. I find Fresh & Easy good for a single person, but not for family buys. They do have some great prices on marked down items, but I never buy the week's groceries there. They have a limited selection, but some good specialties. In my neighborhood, Ralphs has the best prices on milk, if you buy 2 gallons at a time. Some say Stater Bros. is good for meat. It really depends on what you buy on a regular basis. I would suggest making a list of essentials and compare prices -- write them down in a notebook. Then rotate your shopping to include different stores depending on which has the best price on specific items you need that week. When things are on sale, stock up. Use your freezer.

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