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Which Formula Is BEST for My 11 Wk Old?

I currently am nursing & I don't have much time to pump during the day. I am wanting to supplement my baby with a formula for the times I need to be gone from her but I am not sure which one is best for her. There are so many brands to choose from. I used Enfamil with my 1st child & gave my lil one now some Similac. Since I am out to buy another can to have "JUST IN CASE", I am unsure of which one is closest to breast milk & would be best for her. What did you other mama's use? Thanks!

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I saw these recently posted on Environmental Working Group:


(scroll way down on this page)http://www.enviroblog.org/2009/04/infant-formula-how-to-c...

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All formula is made the same nutritionally. Therefore, all of them are basically the same. If you looked at the labels I don't think you'd see much difference. I use Similac and have no issues with it. My Drs recommend Similac, Good Start or Emfamil.

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Hello SP,

Check with your doctor, but I read once all infant formulas were required to have the same nutritional values, including Brand X formula. The question lies in how your daughter reacts to the formula.

Good Luck-

R. Magby

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We went the the target version of enfamil with both of my kids. It's the same nutrition but 1/3-1/2 of the price of the name brand.

**Edit on Oct 29: Whatever brand you choose to use make sure you get the one that is geared for your baby's age. The target brand we used had identical cans for I think it was birth to 6 or 9 months and then for the older age. The only difference between the cans was the color of the lid.

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I saw these recently posted on Environmental Working Group:


(scroll way down on this page)http://www.enviroblog.org/2009/04/infant-formula-how-to-c...

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I second Megan's opinion that using formula is a slippery slope. I fell ill a few weeks back and used formula so that I could finally take some cold medicine and get better. It completely zapped me dry. I'm currently trying to get my milk production back, but it's a lot of hard work now.

As far as which formula, we chose to go with the blue Simulac. My pediatrician recommended it (my baby was a little underweight with breastfeeding alone). She responded well to it as long as it was the right temperature (too cold and she'd make an face and spit it out). I also would recommend using the powder over the liquid kind. Simulac comes in handy 8oz pre-made bottles for when you're on the road (just soak in hot water or buy a re-usable bottle warmer), or you can get powder packs that make up a 4oz bottle by just adding water. Considering your baby's age, a 4oz. bottle is going to be plenty. Much more than that and you'll be dealing with a lot of spit up. For at home, I'd recommend the big tub of powder formula. Make up some warm water, add the formula and you're good to go.

Personally, I haven't tried any other types of formula. I trusted my pediatrician's recommendation as well as my own research. We aren't using formula full time, so I figure it's worth the expense. Heck, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Right?

I used Similac since my twins were 3 weeks old. We tried the Costco brand but it seemed to make them spit up a little more. I was eventually able to use the Costco brand when they got a little older. Thank goodness! It was so much cheaper than Similac or Enfamil. Just and FYI....Costco also sells the Similac and and Enfamil. Not sure of the price comparison. I haven't had to buy that for some time now. Good Luck!!!

Good Start is a miracle formula. Love it.

Similac and Enfamil are basically the same just different manufacturers. I am using Similac now but wish I had used Enfamil, which I used for my other 2 kids, BECAUSE Enfamil will actually send you free samples and coupons in the mail. I have not been able to get a SINGLE coupon for Similac...

Go with Enfamil :)


I used both breast and bottle for the first 3 months, and then formula only after that with both my boys (for diffrent reasons each time that had nothing to do with the use of formula in and of itself). I used Enfamil lipil, but think that most are the same nutritionally. My boys liked the smooth texture of this one. If she tends to spit up more with the formula, go to one for sensitive tummies, make sure you use a slow flow nipple to start, and burp after every once or so. Once she gets used to the bottles flow rate and the formula the spit up should become less. I always made sure to burp at least every 2 oz since they do tend to swallow more are with a bottle.

Congratulations on your new treasure! My doctor's advice is the original Similac in the blue can. Although we ended up switching to Kirkland brand formula(from Costco) which seems to have the same ingredients and a MUCH lower price. Good Luck! ;)

The closest thing to human breast milk is goat milk. It is what I fed my twin preemies because I did not ever produce milk. It is not like regular dairy and does not cause the same problems that dairy does in the body. If you choose to go with a formula, read the labels and check into what nutrients you baby needs for his or her age and weight. Good luck with your decision.


I used Nestle Good Start when supplementing with my first son, but it's nearly $30 a can!! I have twins now and use the Kirkland brand formula from Costco to supplement, which is $10 a can - much more affordable. All of the formulas are so close in ingredients, that I don't think it really matters. I spoke to a lactation consultant at Evergreen Hospital about using the Kirkland brand and she said it's pretty much Enfamil, so it's great. It really depends on you and your preferences. I would stay away from Soy-based formulas, though, as they tend to constipate.

I believe all formulas are very similar in nutritional content and strictly regulated so in theory no need to spend top dollar. I used Kirkland Signature from Costco cause it was great value. Taste and desirability for your baby may be the biggest issue you need to worry about. Iron is important so make sure the one you pick has that, though I think it would be hard to find one without. If you are only giving a bottle here and there I wouldn't worry too much. I would consider the individual sachets of powder since once a can is opened you may not get through it all before it goes off. They say a month but I know many who ignore that as long as it seems like the consistency hasn't changed. However it does eventually spoil.
Good luck


I wouldn't go to formula unless you feel you HAVE to. For the first 6 weeks of my daughter's life I pumped and suplimented with formula. She was so small that she wasn't able to latch at the time. However, now she nurses exclusively. We found that Earth's Best Organic worked the best for us. EVERY formula we tried made her very stuffy, but Earth's Best she reacted the least to.

I think it's best to find which one works well with your baby. We tried Kirkland (costco's house brand) with our youngest (which is what we used exclusively with our oldest), and she couldn't really tolerate it at first. A friend of mine suggested Target's brand, and it was a perfect fit because it didn't bubble/foam up like the Enfamil/Similac/Kirkland. I then discovered that almost EVERY house brand is the same as Target's except Costco. I think Similac's manufacturer makes Kirkland.

The other post about all of them being required to have a minimal amount of nutrients is right. Our pediatrician said basically that we needed to use what our child seemed to do best with.

When our baby was about 4 months old, she began to spit up the Target formula quite a bit, so we tried the Kirkland again and put 3 drops of Little Tummys (like Mylicon)in the bottle before we shook it up to get rid of the bubbles... it was exactly what she needed! She stopped spitting up so much and didn't get gassy from the bubbles. She's now about 6 months old and doesn't need the drops anymore.

The other plus to the Target brand, is that it's manufactured by the same company as the Safeway brand, the same as the Fred Meyer brand, same as the Walgreeen's brand... so you can always get it.

Be aware that formula takes longer to digest than breast milk does so if you miss a feeding and supplement with formula you may need to pump twice (once for the planned missed feeding and again for the extended period of time after receiving formula til the next meal) so that your supply doesn't go down. It's especially important to keep breast milk supply up the first 6 months. If your lil one is sleeping a longer stretch when you first put her down to bed in the evening try pumping a couple hours after that. My Son is 10 weeks old and is sleeping a 5-6 hour stretch (from 8 pm to 1 or 2 am) so i find that pumping at 10-ish works great.

My daughter had alot of digestive issues when she was little, and I couldn't breastfeed because she just wasn't having it!! I did pump for awhile and just gave it to her by bottle, however that only does so well and eventually my milk dried up =( We went thru just about every kind of formula from Enfamil, Similac, many store brand ones. We just had to keep trying new ones (very spendy!!) until we finally found one that worked well for her digestive system and that was Nestle Goodstart. She used it until she was old enough for regular milk and she never had a problem after we switched her to that one. Hope this helps you out =)

In my experience using formula "just in case" is a slippery slope. It should be a last resort.

While pumping can be time consuming adding in one pumping per day will take less time that using formula (buying, mixing, cleaning, etc). Trying pumping on one side while nursing on the other. Early morning is usually when milk supply is highest. Use lots of pillows to support the baby so that your hands can be free.

You can do this!

We used Enfamil with our oldest and started using Enfamil with our youngest. When we told our pediatrician that we were using Enfamil, he suggested we use the Kirkland (Costco) brand. He said that infant formula is FDA regulated and when you look at the labels, they are virtually the same. And with a price of $20 for 2 cans for the Kirkland brand versus $15-$20 for 1 can of Enfamil, it was an easy decision!

We used Earth's Best.

I went with Baby's Only Organic formula by Nature's One. You can usually find it at health food stores, or order direct from their website (if you order a case there's free shipping). I learned about this formula from another mamasource mom when I found out I'd be unable to breastfeed my third child. After looking over their website and reading about the difference between their formula and some of the other brands, I felt very comfortable going with them. Not only are there no added chemicals, sugar, or high-frutose corn syrup, but my daughter responded really well to it, too. I highly recommend Baby's Only. You can check out their website and read more about it at: http://www.naturesone.com/index.php.

I would completely stay away from formula.
"Soy based infant formulas affect hormonal development in infants. Soya is the richest dietary source of phytoestrogens, a plant form of the female hormone estrogen. Infants are particularly vulnerable to estrogens and research shows the long term health effects of phytoestrogens warrants not using formula." -New Zealand Medical Journal.

If you need to supplement I recomend Enfamil. It was the only one our baby boy would go for... But, I do agree it is a slippery slope. I supplemented when my babe was about 3 months only because I felt like he wasnt getting enough milk, he was/is a big boy and seemed to never be "full". As soon as I introduced 1 bottle of formula a day it gradually became 2, then 3 and so on. My milk supply quickly diminished and before I knew it I was only able to pump 8oz or so a day and decided it was time to call it quits. My son is almost six months old now and although he is a perfectly happy/healthy baby in retrospect I really wish I would have never supplemented and continued to exclusivly breastfeed. Best of luck.

Goat's Milk is the most similar to human milk but you have to fortify it with some vitamins and oils to maker it nutritious enough for your baby. I use this recipe given by Dr. Sears http://www.askdrsears.com/html/3/t032401.asp

Good Luck!

All formula is made the same nutritionally. Therefore, all of them are basically the same. If you looked at the labels I don't think you'd see much difference. I use Similac and have no issues with it. My Drs recommend Similac, Good Start or Emfamil.

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