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Which Diaper Holds the Most Liquid?

I have a 14-month-old daughter who sleeps from 6:00pm 'til 6:30am. Her diaper is entirely soaked by morning and, unable to hold any more liquid, leaks and soaks her sleeper. I currently use a Huggies size 3 diaper. Does anyone have any suggestions for a diaper brand or style that will hold more overnight? Thanks!

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THE LATEST: After trying different diaper brands and other options, what worked was sticking a maxi pad or a Depends-type pad in the front of her diaper before bed. The diaper will weigh about 50 lbs in the morning, but since we've been using the pads for the last few weeks, we haven't had ONE leak! Hooray!

For those of you who asked, yes, my daughter IS incredibly active-never stops for even a minute-and only takes two 35-45 minute naps during the day. She just wears herself out by the end of the day and that's why she sleeps about 13 hours at night.

So, looks like I'll buy a pack of Pampers and of Luvs (those seemed to be the most recommended), see which works best for my daughter, and quit using the Huggies. FYI, a couple people suggested sticking a maxi pad in the diaper to absorb even more liquid, and since I had a box already, I tried it. Probably a more expensive option, but it worked! Thanks for all the suggestions - I appreciate it!

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I have a boy that has had that problem since about 13 months old. My ped suggested using the Huggies OVERNITE. He is only in a size three siaper and almost 18 months old but the huggies start at size 4. They do great for us I just have to pull and overlap the waist band. We have had dry sheets and blankets at night for quite sometime.

Good Luck.

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Yes! Add a diaper liner to her diaper which you can pick up usually anywhere you buy diapers. It looks like a thick pad.

Also, I find that Pampers are the best but of course also most expensive.

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There is a product out there called Diaper Doublers http://www.healthpursuit.com/Luvs.html I used these when one of my children was in diapers & they worked great!! No more messes in the morning! Hope you can find some!

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Hi S.,
I have a 15 month old daughter and I have been using Luv's for quite some time. I actually used Luv's a while back but didn't like the fact that they didn't 'stretch' on the sides as nicely as the others. I switched to Pampers Cruisers (which fit her perfectly and she never leaked...but they are pricy). Luv's then came out with a bear hug stretch...and they are perfect! I always thought Luv's had great leak protection...just as good as Pampers...and now with the stretchy sides they are even better! I never liked Huggies- always had leakage with them...and Luv's are, I believe, cheaper than Huggies. I will stick with Luv's! Good luck!

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I have 15 month old twins and have been in the same predicament. Mine sleep from 7p-7a. I have tried a variety of different brands, and as much as I hate to admit it, it seems that Pampers hold the most. They don't wake up with wet clothes and sheets. The other suggestion is that you could try a bigger size diaper at night- use Huggies size 4 at nighttime. Hope that helps!

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Hi, S.. I have a 17-month old son and have found that Pampers "Cruisers" work best for him. His diaper may weigh "five pds" even after 5 or so hrs of sleep, but I haven't had any trouble with leaks. Just for a point of reference, he weighs 25lb, 5oz, and wears a size 4. I switched from Pampers "Swaddlers" to "Cruisers" a few months ago and really seen a noticable difference.

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Hi S.,
I used Huggies in the beginning. I quickly found out that you pay more for those and they Do Not Work Well At All!!!!
I use pampers and love them do death. They hold a lot and do not leak. They are cheaper than Huggies too. I go to Sams and buy the big boxes. With my second child I gave Huggies a try again because I was given a bunch of dipers for a gift and well we threw them out after they soaked my son while he was sleeping. He was a newborn and they did not absorb fast enough for them not to leak...
Good luck and I would def recommend switching! You will love them!!

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I have a boy that has had that problem since about 13 months old. My ped suggested using the Huggies OVERNITE. He is only in a size three siaper and almost 18 months old but the huggies start at size 4. They do great for us I just have to pull and overlap the waist band. We have had dry sheets and blankets at night for quite sometime.

Good Luck.

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I'm not sure you'd be game to switching, but cloth diapers are great (better for environment and for baby's skin). You can use a doubler with them to absorb nighttime wettings. If you're in Nashville, check out the new diaper service www.smilemommy.com.

I love the service!

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My son also sleeps about 12 hours at night - and was constantly wetting through his diapers... no matter which brand or size (he is 5 mths old wearing size 5).

I began buying "Serenity" bladder control liners (in the adult "Depends" section of the store) and putting one inside his diaper right before bed - and we haven't had a wet bed since - they work like a "diaper double" pad - providing that much additional absorbtion... try it, it's cheaper than buying a whole set of different brand or size diapers just for overnights - and works even better!

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God bless your good little sleeper :-)
As for diapers, you could try "overnight" diapers, they worked for my second boy. For the first one I had to get a bit creative. Some stores carry a diaper insert - which really just is an over sized feminine pad you place in the diaper, so when I was unable to get the insert, I would use the oldfashined, bulgy feminine pads with just a strip of glue down the middle, and that worked for me.
Good Luck :-)

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S., I suggest Huggies overnight in a size 4. They look like a regular diaper, but they hold all night long. Or you can buy a regular size 4 diaper and before bed put a Diaper Doubler in them. They look like maxi pad, but without the sticky on the back. You get 30 of them for like $3 and some change. I think this will work for you. Good luck!

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I have tried them all, HUggies, Luvs, grocery store brands......I find that Pampers Baby Dry works best. My son is 19 months old and I swear his diaper weighs 10lbs in the morning! Huggies does make a nighttime pullup that seems to absorb more that used w/ my daughter also. I think you just have to try them out and see what works best for your kid.

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I know you've had a lot of response to this, but I wanted to share quickly. My students and I actually did a science fair project on this question. Pampers held twice as much as the other diapers! That's b/c they have the little beads inside of them. Personally, I use Luvs and White Cloud and we don't worry about leaks.

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I have found Luvs to be the only diaper that will keep my boys dry all night (13 hrs or so). I have recently added "diaper doublers" (looks like a sanitary napkin) to one of them. I found those at ToysRUS and at Food Lion. Luvs are also reasonably priced.
Good luck!

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I have found that Huges worked the best for my little girl.

My lil girl uses Pampers cruiser and they are wonderful.

I used the Luvs, then Huggies, then the Walmart brand which leaked all the time and tried other generics before trying WhiteClouds. I didn't want to afford the Pampers on our budget but they work well too. WhiteClouds held out longer and were alot cheaper so I have totally switched to the WhiteClouds and they rock. Plus, it seems like my daughters bottom gets less irritation. She is in size 5 now I think at age 7 mos. She drinks a ton all day and night. But you can also try cutting out liquids a few hours before bed and giving them more foods to tie them over the night. I have never used the reuseable diapers, too scared of the outcome. Plus the energy bill and laundry bill. Hope this helps. God Bless, K.

Try going with the huggies overnight in 1 size larger. I have a year old daughter and we have even used the #5 night diapers with her. She sleeps from 6-6 also.

I have the same problem. Let me know what you find out.

my son used to soak huggies too. we found that the "cheaper" luvs were awesome. we said goodbye to leaks as soon as we stopped using huggies. believe it or not.

I have a son who is 2 1/2 who had the same problem. He was sleeping about 12 hours a night and would often wake up soaked - and so would the bed. I did two things to reduce leakage. I began by stopping his fluids about an hour before he went to bed and started using Pampers Cruisers. Every size worked well for us and leaking is no longer a problem.

I am a big fan of the Pampers Cruisers. I have used them for my oldest daughter who drinks a lot during the day and another 2-3 cups after dinner. We did not have one leak. The diaper was full but not even her behind was wet because of the extra layer they have in there

I have a 16 month old son and out of all the brands we have tried, Huggies is the best. Maybe it's time for the next size up. One brand I would not recommend is Target. Our experience was a very bad one. He would constantly soak thru them and not only that they would come undone--in his pants!

Pampers-- my son was a huge wetter at night and we only used Pampers with him.....

I am not sure how big she is, but you might want to consider moving to a size 4. I noticed my son would leak when he started outgrowing his diaper (we use Huggies too).

We always felt that Pampers leaked less and held more liquid than Huggies - at least in the diapers. With pull-ups it's been the opposite. That's just our experience. We also used to really like Luvs, but they seem to be made differently in different regions of the US, so when we moved to the Mid-South area we had to stop using them.

Try going up a size for nightime. it worked for both my kids, who are also good sleepers. it is not a waste because you will need them later anyway. when i use cloth or the flushables, i just double up and that works also.

I have two children (thankfully we are out of this stage :) ) but anytime i used Huggies they always ended up soaked. But i know others who love them. I like the Pampers brand but found that Luvs or the Walmart Brand (Parents Choice i think) was cheaper and worked just as well. Hope this helps!

Pamper's Cruisers worked the best for me. I used them with both my kids!

I find pampers baby-dry diapers hold the most. Also, at night I tried 2 things that worked well - either go up one size in diapers, or put on 2 diapers (the outside one is usually dry in the morning so you can use it as the first diaper of the day).

I too use Huggies and I love them. At night time I use the next size up and that seems to hold more. I don't have any more wet clothes, well at least most of the time!

Pampers Cruisers. Not as much leak throughs. My son leaks sometimes, if he's gone ALOT, but generally, no.

I have found that the Huggies Nighttime Diapers are the best.
You might need to go up to size 4. Sometimes going to the next size helps also.

Everyone has alot of advice for you! Huggies Overnights work the best. I think they only come in size 4 an 5, but it won't hurt to have a little extra room. My daughter wears Pampers all day but we use the Overnights at night because I haven't found anything else that holds that much liquid, promise!!!

S. I use Luvs and most people think they are just one of the cheaper brands but I used to use pampers. One day I just run in the store in a hurry and came out with Luvs and have used them ever since. They smell great and to me they seem to be made just as good and just like pampers. I have only had one problem with them leaking and that was with a REALLY BAD stomach virus.(there would not have been a way to prevent it that time) My son is two and still has not leaked with them. Good luck

try luvs brand. my daughters both have small children and have always used them. One has 5 sons and the other has two daughters. These seem to hold through the entire night. Her youngest son sleeps from 8pm to 8-9am and always wakes up with dry sleepers. Linda

I have a 5 and 2 year old and for both kids it was LUVS for us. Huggies always leaked and just felt wet on the back of their pants, meaning I could just feel the coldness coming through. My 2 year old also has very sensitive skin, so LUVS is the only one she could use that took care of both problems. I hope this helps, maybe just buy a little pack and try them or see if you know a friend that has the same size and see if they'll let you try a couple. Take care and good luck with your little one.

pampers deffinately hold more than huggies. another idea is to do a quick change around 10:00, or whenever you go to bed. that way she'll have a fresh diaper from 10 to 6:30

Pamaper's Cruisers. I have never had an overnight leak. My son is in the same size and has slept that long before. I just secure the band around the legs after I fasten the diaper and let him go. Mind you, he had the diaper on for some time before he fell asleep, and I did not know he would be asleep for that long.

We used Overnites when my older daughter was nearing 2 and soaking through at night. I think they are Huggies brand. You can find them at Target. They worked well for us. You can also try plastic pants over her diaper at night.

I dont think any diaper would hold all that for 13 hours. I think you should change her half way through or right before you go to bed at night.

I used Huggies overnights for my son. Whatever you do, dont buy the diaper doublers, they are supposed to make the diaper more absorbant but all they do is block the urine from getting to the diaper and they end up leaking even more!! But the Huggies overnights are great. If they dont sell them in your area I would just buy a size larger than she wears during the day. And I have also found that Pampers Cruisers worked pretty well for my son overnight if we didn't have the Huggies....Good Luck

Huggies Overnites. I get them at WalMart & Target.
ETA: He wears a 4 diaper in overnites & regular. During the day he wears Pampers Cruisers OR Target brand.

Sean sleeps from 7-7, and while his diaper is pretty heavy when he gets up, I haven't had any leaks. (Except the time my DH let him stay in the diaper another hour AND gave him milk to drink.)

:) D.

We are true belivers in huggies overnights. When my son turned 14 months, he was constantly going through his diapers. Since Huggies overnights, we have had no issues. We use pampers cruisers during the day.

I HIGHLY recommend the Huggies Overnights - and I would go to a size 4 depending on your daughter's weight. My 14 month old son is in size 4 and has been for a while. We used Huggies overnight with our daughter at that age and they worked great! Good luck.

Pampers Cruisers. I LOVED them! And they didnt leave the little gel like particles that some of the other ones do

I couldnt answer your question about which diaper, but I had the same problem with my daughter. That is, until I cut out the quantity she had right before bedtime. I always let her take her sippy to bed with her. If this is the case with your daughter, maybe you should consider giving her liquids an hour before bedtime or keepng her up a little later. Hope it helps!

The Huggies Overnight diapers are great. I've used those with both of my girls. They are sold with the regular diapers but in purple and white packaging. Hope this helps!

Huggies SUPREME worked the best for us.

i have my 24lb 17month old daughter in size 4 pampers cruisers they are great shes been in size 4 for several months she got to where she would soak though the size 3s..we went from pamper swaddlers to pamper crusiers sz3 now on size 4...hope this helps

We had the same problem...I moved up a size in the diaper. I've been using target brand diapers but used to use pampers so I went back to pampers just at night and that has made a difference. Use the cheaper diapers during the day. I did not like Huggies they did leak.

hope that helps

Hello S., My daughter is 8 months and she also has this issue. I do want to say Luvs is not a good brand for over night accidents. I tried them and they did not work at all. Pampers are very good but sometimes you will get a pack that is not so good (had to be made on mondays hehehe) Another option to the maxi pads would be to buy the cloth diapers and a larger size disposable diaper line the disposable diaper with the cloth diaper and then throw it in the wash in the morning. Get like 3 packs so you have enough (of the cloth diaper) I hope this helps you good luck with it.

Huggies makes diapers just for overnites. They start in size 3

i used to put two diapers on my son at night because he always soaked through his.

I also used huggies for my twins and experienced the same problem(only with my son). I noticed that when I stopped giving him a bottle right before bedtime it cut down on the leakage. If she needs water or milk try giving her the bottle or cup about 30 minutes before bedtime and change her no more than five minutes before you lay her down. Depending on what your nighttime schedule is you may want to try giving her the bottle or cup 45 minutes befor bed time.

LUVs has always worked well for us.

Have you tried sizing up or trying Huggies overnight diapers? My 15 month old can wear a 4 or a 5, but if I put him in a size 4 at night he'll leak. I haven't used the night diapers with him, but I did in the past for my daughter and they could definitely hold more.

I had the same problem. We switched to Huggies Overnights for night diapers. They worked like a charm.

I've found that the wal-mart brand holds better than any of the name brand's I've tried. But even they don't hold up for 13 hours

I used this method about a thousand years ago when my son was a baby and it worked, so if you can find such "old-fashioned" items as cloth diapers and plastic/rubber overpants, it may work for you as well. I'd put a heavy-duty disposable diaper on, then a thick cloth diaper, and then a pair of plastic/rubber overpants that fit snugly (but not too tightly) around the upper thigh. It was too bulky for him to walk around in, but it was fine for sleeping in, and it did keep his sleeper and the sheets and blankets dry. Good luck!

Walmart brand! They are the best diapers ever, and they are cheaper than any of the others. We tried them all, Luvs, Huggies, Pampers, etc. and my son leaked through them all! But the Walmart Brand (not sure what they are called. They come in a bright yellow package) worked great.

Your daughter must be very active during the day...does she take a nap during the day? I have never heard of a 14 month old sleeping that long at night! But, I find that Luv's diapers hold alot of liquid. I don't know if any diaper can stand up to your challenge, but maybe. I hope it helps!

It has been awhile since we used diapers but I found huggies to be narrow and not hold as much as Luvs or Pampers. Luvs were affordable and Pampers the best over all...hope this helps.

Our daughter was, and is, also a great sleeper. We've always had great luck with Pampers Baby Dry Diapers.

My son had the same problem. Huggies makes an overnight diaper, but I think it's in a size 4 or 5. I didn't want to spend extra on expensive diapers, so I cut out liquids about 2 hours before he goes to bed. No more problems, except when he takes off his diaper in the morning ;)

Hey S.,

I have never liked Huggies. Anyways, I use Pampers Cruisers, but I buy a small pack of one size up for nighttime. My son wears size 4 during the day, but size 5 at night.

I use Huggies Overnights diapers on my 20 month old daughter. They seem to work pretty well, although they seem more stiff and hard than normal diapers. I'm not sure those come in size 3 though...I buy size 4.

My son sleeps from 8 till 8:30 and we use the Walmart brand (parents choice). He is in size 4. They work great for him, and they are a lot cheaper. He has never had a problem with rashes (they dont add any perfumes or anything to this brand).
Good luck!

We used the Huggies Overnites (purple package). I don't know if they come in the size 3 or not, we used size 5. Huggies is by far the most absorbent nitetime. Cheapest at walmart or target

White Cloud (Wal-Mart)works well for my 20 month old son, who drinks throughout the night. I've tried Luvs, Pampers, and Huggies and none of these work as good.

Just a question? Is she drinking anything before she goes to bed?

Not sure what you have decided and it has been 7 years since my youngest was that old. I think we used white clouds but he wasn't a long time sleeper my oldest was just like yours it's been 12 years for that. I think I used Huggies supreme and pampers.

Have you tried changing her before you go to bed for the night? Or would that wake her too much? Maybe if she wore a gown and you had a soft light in the hallways that you could see by you can just sneak in changaroo and sneak out. If it works than she will probably get used to it and sleep right thru it.

I'm not sure which diaper holds the most. I would like to suggest using two diapers...or inserting a cloth diaper into the disposable diaper. I'm curious though...why don't you change her during the night? I guess if she's like my son, I understand. He's eight months today and it use to be that if I changed him during the night, he would wake up and think its play time. I have not tried to change him during the night lately so I don't know what he'd do now and I don't want to take any chances. Another suggestion I have is to go ahead and start potty training.

When my now 3 year old daughter was around that age I started using Huggies Overnights (day and night) because it seemed no matter what I was using she leaked through (day or night). After I started using the "overnights" we never had leak through.

Do you think a pull-up over the diaper might work? I have never tried it but it sounds like it might work. Good luck!

We had the same problem. I cut back two ounces of formula before bed and switched to Huggies overnights. 9 out of 10 nights his clothes are dry. Hope this helps.

Huggies makes a overnight diaper but they might start at size 4 but they will still work just tight them more. I had to use them with my son and nothing came close to working like them.

Good luck

B. F.
married and working mom of 4yr old boy and 4 month old girl.

We always used Pampers.

Luvs leaked
Huggies gave my kids rashes
el Cheapo store brand leaked (or turned to paper when wet)

I had the best luck with Pampers Baby Dry diapers...and if need be, you could try the next size up so that it will hold more liquid (provided its not so big it leaks out) or try double diapering her...

I use Whole Foods' 365 diapers and they seem to be the best for my little girl who is a heavy wetter and who also sleeps about 12 hours through the night.

Make sure the little ruffle around the legs is completely out around the legs...

In my experience with my two little ones....2 and 9 months....when they start leaking through their diapers, it is time to move up to the next size. Those pound suggestions on the packages are not hard and fast. It all depends on your child's body shape and how the diaper's fit. When they start consistently leaking, I know it is time to move up a size. We use Luvs because they are the cheapest per diaper that actually work and don't irritate my kids' skin.

Our preschool teacher once mentioned to us that she used to put a small washcloth inside the diaper to help with her son who slept well into the night...I remember trying it and it working...odd fix but it worked!

maybe you need to move up a size in diapers. or try huggies overnights. i've heard they work pretty good.

Hi S.,

Although you have quite a few responses, I have one to share. I have tried just about every brand of diaper for my twins, and I've found that Huggies Supremes work well. Rather than looking for a new brand of diaper, I would suggest trying what another mom suggested - decrease the amount of liquid that your little girl has, starting at about 4:00 if she goes to sleep at 6:30. Check to see if she is drinking a lot because she is really thirsty, or just because it is there.

Good luck on drier nights!

We've used Huggies Overnites, which are great. We've also used diapers one size larger at night, which seems to work just as well.

My son is 7 now but during the night I used Huggies Overnights. Not sure if they still make them or not. In my opinion Huggies is the best brand. Luvs and pampers do not hold fluids well at all. That has been 4 years ago so they may be better now.

I know that you have had alot of responses but I went thru the same thing with my son. I found that pampers worked the best for him and I had to buy them up a size than what they said for his weight. I tried almost every different brand you could think of and the Pampers baby dry were the only ones that would work for him. You also have to take into consideration that every child is built different and what works for some people doesnt work for others. But I would try to buy what ever brand you want to try and buy them a size up from what you normally buy. Hope this helps!

Congrats on having a great sleeper! My 14 month old sleeps the same- 8pm-7:30 am. I use Luvs in size 3. They work the best as any I've ever tried. She does leak through occasionally, but As long as I put her in a completely dry one right as I'm putting her to bed, she won't leak. They hold ALOT!

I have two boys that are out of diapers now, Thank Goodness! But, I remember those mornings where I had to pick them up out of a pool of pee! I found that more expensive is not always better when buying diapers. Pampers or just plain old LUVS worked best for us! I hope this helps!

I used to use the huggies overnites for my girls around that age, i can't remember what size they start at but they do the trick. You could also just buy a size up from her normal size for her to sleep in at night that works pretty good too.

I would try the overnight diapers (although I'm not sure what size they start in). I never even knew they had such a thing when my son was having problems wetting through everything overnight. My friends use them for their kids, and swear by them! Good luck!

my husband and i don't use anything but pampers-i believe they're called stay-dri. they come in the green pack and the ones that have the flex fit are the best. we put our son in those and they don't leak at all during the night.


You may want to try a night time pullup/overnight item. They are not diapers, but like a pullup and may absorb more than a regular diaper.

V. J.

what would happen if you changed her diaper before you went to bed at night? Would she wake up? My daughter was a heavy wetter and I just used a larger size diaper. You also might try a smaller diaper and a larger one both if the first option won't work. Good luck.

Not many of the ladies mentioned them, but with my second son, I have used the Parent Choice brand (Walmart). I have never had a problem with them. I love them. They work and they are cheap to boot. I get a huge box for $13. Can't beat it!

I have always used Pampers swaddlers and Pampers cruisers and had great luck. However, occasionally my son would leak through his diaper during the long overnight hours. I found great success by putting him in a diaper one size larger for bedtime. And what a difference it made! Hope this helps.

I use LUVS and they work wonderfully--little cheaper than Huggies too!! If she is still soaking through then try and get "Overnight diapers in a small size and only use them at night or put her Huggies on underneath the bigger size Overnight diapers if that will work?? Good Luck!!--K.

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