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Where to Get My Change Counted...

We recently moved and have discovered a ton of change...way too much for us to put into coin rolls by ourselves. I went to our bank today to have them put it in the money counter and she told me they don't have them anymore!! Oh my! So, I need any ideas on where to have this done, somewhere possibly that does not charge a fee. I know about CoinStar, but have heard there is a fee. Can I take it to another bank even if I don't have an account there? I am just looking for suggestions so I don't spend the next year counting and rolling change!! Thanks!

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The only thing i've heard of in this dept. is the coinstar. It doen't really charge that much and it's super-easy. Sorry I can't be too much help. I think it charges 8cents per dollar.

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EECU has one and does it for free. I think coinstar is a rip off

Most banks will charge a fee for this if you do not have an account there (and sometimes even if you do.) Coinstar charges either 1% or 3%, I believe. Short of rolling it yourself, I'm not sure there are any free coin counting places any more.

Did you know at Albertsons the coin counting machines will let you take your payment in the form of a gift card? I thought that was a neat option.

Take it to Coinstar, but only one in an Albertsons store. If you go to theirs, there is an option to not be charged a fee. Instead of getting cash, you can get the full amount of your change put on a gift card. There are several options of gift cards. I don't remember all of them, but I have used it to get Starbucks and Amazon.com gift cards. I keep my Starbucks card full that way and my hubby doesn't even know how much I spend on Starbucks because I only use the loose change from around the house and put it on my card every few months :)

I took mine to Tom Thumb, they have that coin star next to customer service

We have a large can and we put all of our change in it daily. We call it the "ice cream money" because an ice cream truck used to come through our neighborhood.

Now I use it when the boy scouts are coming through selling candy bars, lemonade stands, etc.

About once every 3 months, we empty it, count it and roll it. After it is rolled, we deposit it into daughter's bank account. This activity was helpful for our daughter (now 13) with counting money.

I am the type person who will not pay someone to do what I can do if at all possible. TIME is money and I'll take the .8 on the dollar. You become a millionaire $50 at a time.....Who knows what your fee really would be at a Coinstar or place like that. I know this is a far fetched example but in the long run, fees, etc can make the difference if you buy a Mercedes or Chevy.

It sounds like a huge job but just break it down and do a little at a time OR like someone else's post, keep change in your car for the fireman's fill the boot campaign, starbucks, etc.

What bank do you use? Twice we have taken a large amount of change into our local Bank of America (yes, we do have an account)and they seal it up in a plastic bag while you watch and give you the receipt off of the plastic bag and then they send it to "where ever" change gets counted and then credit it to your account just like a deposit. There is no charge for this service.

take it to coinstar the fee is very low is .8 cents x every dollar

Our Capital One Bank in Little Elm has one - not sure if all of them do. They do charge a fee if you aren't a customer of the bank. You put the coins in the machine yourself, take it to the teller and they give you the money. Much better than rolling the coins!

The only thing i've heard of in this dept. is the coinstar. It doen't really charge that much and it's super-easy. Sorry I can't be too much help. I think it charges 8cents per dollar.

Hello B.,

A while back we had like $50 in change and ran into the same issue. So I put a plastic cup in the car and put some change in there. drive-thru, starbucks, kid's church offerings.... etc. and eventually we used all up. I just refused to pay so much money for someone to count it or take the time to wrap it up. Good luck! ~C.~

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