Where to Donate Artificial Christmas Tree?

Updated on January 02, 2008
T.L. asks from Flower Mound, TX
4 answers

I have an artificial Christmas tree I hate to just throw away in bulk trash...it's still working....just a few lights are out....does anyone know of somewhere I could donate it? Or do any of you want it? It's 7 1/2 ft. with color lights...the reason we are replacing it is that we needed a slim tree to go in the location of the tree...it looks great...just not working out for our space.
T. L.

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Have you maybe tried your local church or school? I bet they could use it.



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I tried to donate our tree to CCA in November since we were getting a new one this year. I tried to drop it off and they told me that their warehouse is too full to take Christmas trees. So, I took it to the Salvation Army in Lewisville and they were very happy to take it. The lady that I talked to said that they will place it with a family that does not have a tree. The new Goodwill donation center is open in Lewisville. I would call before you tried to drop it off anywhere to make sure they have room to take it.


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GRACE (www.grace.org) could probably use it! They are a great organization that helps people get back on their feet when they suffer a financial setback.

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If you still have it I think my mother in law would be interested. Just let me know and if you do we will come get it for her. Thanks!

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