Where to Buy the Cheapest Meat in the Denton Area

Updated on February 09, 2009
S.B. asks from Denton, TX
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I am budgeting carefully and find that meat is where we spend a lot of our monthly budget. I have heard that there are places to buy meat more cheaply than the chain grocery stores (even Walmart!) and am wondering if anyone has a specific recommendation for me. I'm willing to drive as far as Lewisville. I'm mainly interested in ground beef and chicken, though an occasional roast would be nice. TIA!

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There is a Mexican meat market in Lewisville and Denton and their prices are awesome. Most of the time I pay $.99 per lb of boneless chicken breast. The meat is also very fresh. I speak Spanish so if you need an interpreter let me know. I like the store in Lewisville better because it is huge and they have a nice selection of Produce.



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I usually check the Kroger & Albertsons sales ads...when it goes on sale at a good price, I stock up!


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Right now the new Kroger off of Swisher is having some deals (buy one get one free) and brisket for 87 cents per pound which is amazing. Walmart always price matches usually within like a 15 mile radius. You could always take an ad from anywhere (even the mexican meat markets) and price match. The cool thing I have found with Walmart, they will price match the lower end meat from somewhere else to whatever you choose to buy at Walmart...ie: Tyson or Pilgrims Pride! Good Luck.



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I second and amen the response about Sprout's! I've actually written them and given them my best pitch for why they should come to Denton! I would give anything for a Sprout's in Denton! :) Since I would lose my cost savings by driving there, I used to have my husband go for us since he used to work in Highland Village. We haven't been doing that lately though, and I wish we would again. They have amazing sale deals. You can go to their website, and view their weekly sales ads. The best day to go is Wednesday because the sales from the previous week and upcoming week overlap on that day, and you get double the sale items.

I want to know if you get any other good leads!

Love in Christ,

Lisa :)



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I actually get some of my best deals at Sprouts in Flower Mound. I buy the boneless chicken breasts for $1.99. I stock up when it is on sale! I will say for sure that Walmart does not actually have good prices on meat. Watch the sale fliers and either take them to walmart for price matching, or just head to that store and grab what you need. ~A.~



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I watch the ads for Kroger and Albertsons, and I love Brookshire's at Teasley and 35! Check the ads for the sales and stock up, and watch the Buy1Get1 Free deals - check to see what you're paying before you stock up, because sometimes the "per pound" price goes up for those deals! I also have a friend who says that Alberstons marks their meat down as they close the butcher counter for the night, and she gets awesome deals that way... I don't seem to be able to walk in at the right time. Happy shopping!
K. :)

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