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Where to buy kids clothes that offer deferred billing in Evansville, IN?

Running short on funds at the moment but my kids desperatly need some new clothes for Spring and Summer. Its not that I cant afford nice clothing, just that we have drained our emergency funds for some unforseen issues. Does anyone know any websites that offer deferred billing?? I am really looking for websites, as I do not purchase second hand clothing. Thanks

Thanks to everyone who has responded and messaged me. I greatly appreciate all of the apologies and support that I have gotton. To the one or two of you who still seem to think that you know everything, I pray for you, there were one or two of you in particular whom I feel greatly need it. Once again, thanks everyone, I appreciate the help and support!

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There are many local moms recommendations, check out the article for more details.

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What happened? I got bombarded with hatelful mothers who jump to conclusions. Thanks to all of the crap i have had to endure on her...now i am wondering if i ever should have gotton out of bed this morning....if this is how the women in this town act...i regret moving here, and will be moving back home as soon as my lease expires.

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These web sights are the same just the last one takes you closer to the one for Indianapolis IN
I use is a lot for many things.
Good Luck,

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Once Upon A Child is a great place. Sometimes you can find things with tags still on them (unused).

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These web sights are the same just the last one takes you closer to the one for Indianapolis IN
I use is a lot for many things.
Good Luck,

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I think Old Navy's website allows you to use "Bill Me Later", which means they send you a bill about 10 days after you purchase and then if you don't pay it by the due date it begins to accrue a ton of interest. But at least it gives you two to three weeks to get the funds in the bank. You might not have the extra cash right now, but if you happen to get some, you might try shopping at oldnavy.com for NEXT season's clothes. You can get items for a $2 to $3. I only WISH I had time to hit the consignment shops, where you can also find some new clothes. But I don't have time between working full-time and raising two kids. I rely heavily on what I can find on -line, typically after they have gone to bed, or if I get a break at work. But, I almost always buy for the next year and then store it in one of those huge "Hefty" ziplocs to keep dust mites out of them. Both my children are extremly allergic also. I just joined this site this week, and was really sorry to see that you got judged the way you did. I'm probably going to get judged because I said I work full-time. And that's okay. But, we do the best we can with what we have. Thank you for the sacrifices you have made to be married to a soldier, and for the support you provide him that keeps him going everyday. It must take an immense amount of courage and strength for you to face each day, and do all the typical "mommy" stuff, not knowing if today will be the day an MP will ring your door bell. Where you buy your children's clothes becomes insignificant in the larger scope of what your days must be like. My heart goes out to you, A.. I wish I knew of other websites to send you to, but it looks like there were other ones suggested that might be helpful. Good Luck!

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Have you tried discount stores like Dollar General Store or A Family dollar store? If you have somplace like that in your area they usually have pretty good deals on childrens clothes.

Check with Macy's, I think they have a differed billing option. Don't you have any option on your husband's base? At least things are cheaper without the tax even if you can't pay later.
Also, if you go to places like Once Upon a Child, they sell both new and used. Just look for the things that still have their orriginal tags attached! Especially at the Carmel one on N Meridian, they get tons of nice stuff from the Carmel moms:)
Good Luck!

hey!!! First off I might be able to help. I have a 3 yr old and really like shopping on computer.Much easier for me!!!I have bought a lot using a credit card called "Bill Me Later" I came across it a few years ago at Christmas time when I would shop online at E-Toys. You could sign up for bill me later andusually at first the payments are delayed for a while!! Alot of stores online take this including wALMART. aNOTHER THING MIGHT BE gORDMANS . wE HAVE ONE in Evansville and its very affordable name brands and great quality. I got approved for a $250.00 card right away!!Lastly, my husband is also military and we recently got a "MILITARY Star" card. Its for military and their families that work for the PX and commisarries and a special mall online and I have found a few stores that their clothes are crazy low prices!!! I hoped this helped,email me with any questions!!! ____@____.com!! Good Luck!!!

Once Upon A Child had really nice stuff at really reasonable prices. Also garage sales are a great way to find stuff. Goodwill and the Salvation Army usually have some good things.

Have you tried overstock.com? They do have deferred billing.


Not sure if this will work or not, but you might apply for an Amazon credit card. That way you could use that to defer your billing at least 30 days. Of course any longer and you have to pay interest which defeats the purpose. Ignore the rude comments. Kind of reminds me of an experience I had with one of the programs in Carmel. I made a statement that didnt agree with the group so the Mom's were just plain rude and condecending. Needless to say, I decided that wasnt the way I wanted to spend any of my afternoons so didnt go back.

I am sure you also thought of this too, but there are some actual full blown clothing businesses who post through ebay and will allow you to use the deferred billing through Paypal credit. Not individuals who use ebay as a hobby but are power sellers and owners of storefront as well.....

Most of the websites that sell direct that I am aware of all charge up front.

Sorry not more help, but let us know what you find.

I'm not trying to sound mean, but beggers can't be choosers. If you are haveing hard times, like lots us of are, and you kids need clothes right now, then second hand is the way to go. Childrens orchard, once upon a child and yard sales are your best bet. you can find barely used clothes at really low prices(i just sold a ton of my daughters clothes that were practically new---she wore once or twice) plus they will buy your old stuff too. even if you find some thing with deferred billing, you will probably have to pay interest and it will be more expensive in the long run.

There is a Yahoo! Group called freecycle. It is where people give away things that they don't need. My father in law had a King size mattress (in great condition) that he was just going to throw away. It went to a family that really needed it. You can put in a request for new baby clothes. Some of the stuff my son can't wear still has the tags on them! I hope this helps.

walmart has some nice stuff, 2/6 items and so does k mart. if u watch the sell ads you will see that they will often have buy one get on free on joe boxers and other brands. if u are near roses or the family dollar they have sme cute cheap stuff too. i often so layaway and pay a little each week then get them out within 2-3 months, which with the weather still being chilly now would be a good time for a summer lay away and u should be able to get them out by the time the warm days roll around. the walmart here stopped doing layaways, btu i dont know about other areas. dont think target does either. i know kmart does, u could always call around. roses does too. value city, but i heard they are closing soon, so they were having a huge 70% off sale, so that might be a good place to chexck
ALSO I sell my little girls outgrown toys, shoes clothes on some local sites*u can email if interested in the sites i go to -u can also buy/request new items for cheap* then i take the money i make and buy her new or gently used items.

You could always try freecycle too.
I don't know of any websites or stores that offer deferred billing unless you are using their credit card.

I know how it is to have tight funds and as much as you try to save someting something happends where you run out for uncontrold events. However I will never put my family or my funds in jeopardy so My kids can wear top of the line clothes. I would try an outlet store or a less expensive alternitive. If your children are small there is nothing wrong with buying second hand (most children hardly wear the clothes). I think many people will be ofended buy you thinking that you are above shopping second hand. Anything can happen at anythime and I am sure that the people that shop at second hand stores didn't think they would be doing it either but there is nothing wrong with it. I don't know if you wanted to come off the way you did but this is how I grew up and my parents did the best they could when life handed them some unsuspected turns. I currently don't shop at second hand for my childrens clothing but I will if the times call for it.

Go to Bill Me Later website. They have a lot of murchants to choose from. They not only have clothes stores but also home improvement items and toys. The stores are common stores like walmart and American Blinds. I have been using them for a couple of years with no problems. hope this helps. And don't worry about what other people think. They don't know your situation and you don't owe anyone an explanation. A.

I know what it is like to be out of funds ,so i have to say this i buy at goodwill and salvation army all the time when you can go in there and buy clothes that are almost like new for next to nothing whats wrong with that ? My children look just as nice as the other kids they are around and no one knows where there clothes come from . Then again none of my friends ask !! If they did i would not be ashamed to tell them ! We are a family that lives on a fixed income ,but i can tell you this even if our income was more i still would look for bargains whether it be used or clearance clothing . Kids grow out of there clothing way to fast to put a fortune into them !!!

I don't know of one that offers deferred billing but one that has great buys is webclothes.com! I bought a lot of cute things that really held up for their price for my little girl! Good luck!

A., I'm greatful to your husband. I wish him the very best and I will pray for his safe return.
Since this is a short time strain, maybe trying a check into cash wouldn't be so bad. Or charge it, if your income will be built back up, no harm in charging a couple hundred that you can pay off next month.
I think that a clothing website with payment deferment might be a little far fetched. I do tons of on-line shopping and I have not come across a website that does "bill me later" for clothes.
You may have gotten quite a few not so nice reponses, remember that you can't read the tone of e-mail. You may be using your sweet vioce, but lots of people probably heard a voice talking down to them. With that said, maybe some of the responses weren't meant to be so I mean.
My son is almost 1. I was a Nordstrom shopper and "Here we grow again" was I place I would never dream of going to. Funny kids cost alot. My Nordstroms taste now gets satisfied by Gap and Old Navy for myself. For my son, hand me downs are now very welcome. He grows out of them in a month anyway. I've been to consignment shops and to my surprise I always find things with the tags still on. Not used at all. So what a steal I get by going there.
I wish you luck in your quest for new clothes for the kids.
I also think that if money is that tight, sometimes sacrifices are needed. Laundry detergent does wonders.
I pray for your husbands safe return. There are tons of women going through the same thing as you are. Maybe reaching out to them to see what is helping them stay afloat would be better than cutting off all these other women and throwing in their face that you are facing something difficult. We all face difficult times. Yours does suck, but I think your tone was clear in this posting.
Good luck and I hope things start getting brighter for you.

I think it is nice to buy new things, I have found looking at Marshalls and TJ Max also Kohls sometimes have great deals. But I also found that kids do not get to wear out clothes before they are already in a new size so sometimes it is good to supplement with used clothing. I don't think in this day and time anybody thinks less of you for shopping at thrift shops. You get so much more for the money.

Hello A., I'm sorry of your unexpected rudeness you received from other moms. I'm glad that you received good and efficent/useful advice. I know that you didn't have a chance to fully explain in your need of desperation and in the end, YOU and you are correct make the ultimate decision on what to get your child/children on clothes. What I have found in my situation is checking out clearance and on sale items at Walmart, JCPenny's, Elder Beerman, even Toys R Us. I look for bargains that I cannot get anywhere else. I myself take charity clothes and I do inspect each clothing I get given the source. If the source whom I got the clothes from have a lot of animals or just cats, then I am VERY critical. That is perfectly fine to be finicky about clothes. I am. My daughter is immune-suppressed because she is a transplant, so a lot of medical issues with my 3yr old. So I must be cautious about where I get clothes and I thoroughly wash the clothes I am given, even new ones. So I hope you can find bargain prices and I pray that your washer and dryer continue to work. I have found I may begin to hate doing laundry but it is essential in perserving the health of my family. God bless and I pray that you were able to find some useful advice in my opinion. God bless your husband, and may God continue to keep and hold him safe in this time. We do love our troops.

ananda, I am a amry wife and you can go to the BX/PX and pay no taxes and you can put the clothes on layway there also or you can get a star card and put the cost on it and pay it off..i don't know your rank but if you need help you need to go to sale rakes like at any stores b/c you can buy good clothes brand new when they are on sale....i buy so much stuff on sale and it is all new and not second hand...yeah i know we don't like second hand all the time but if someone give you clothes and they are still good than what is wrong with it...but i do like new clothes but hey you got to do what you have to do..................

I was really surprised to read "as I do not purchase second hand clothing" also. My husband owns his own business and makes A LOT of money, and you'll find me shopping at Goodwill all the time! I love it! I love that I can go in there and spend $4 on a pair of pants, and the remaining $75 that I saved can be used towards investing in our retirement. I don't care if you make $25,000 a year or $250,000 a year, every dollar you save can be invested toward your financial freedom. In other words, don't let pride get in the way of saving some money by buying used clothes. Every dollar you save can be used towards something else.

Sears has some items that are pretty inexpensive, like the TKS shorts for 2/$10... I have to buy those or Old Navy because my son is so skinny and those two brands are the only ones that fit.

If you have a Sears card then you'll have a month, give or take, to pay before you're acruing interest.

I've found some nice close at resale shops, and been gifted clothes that are like new or still have the tags on them.

Definitely check out Freecycle, you can specify NWT only but there's really nothing wrong with used clothes. That's what your washing machine is for! ;)

I don't know how old your children are, but I have a 2 year old and a 9 month old. My husband and I both have great jobs and aren't hurting for money, so this suggestion isn't just for low income families. We sometimes buy clothes for our childrn at Thrift Shops and Consignment shops. We don't find everything at these kinds of places, but they are very helpful. Also I LOVE the Children's Place and they usually have clothing at very reasonable prices.

Once Upon A Child is a great place. Sometimes you can find things with tags still on them (unused).

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